.FZB File Extension

File Type 1

Fritzing Bin File

Developer Fritzing
3.8  |  6 Votes
Category CAD Files
Format XML

What is an FZB file?

An FZB file is a parts bin used by Fritzing, an electronic circuit prototyping and design application. It contains XML-formatted information about a selection of Fritzing parts, which are described in .FZP files. FZB files are stored in Fritzing's bins directory.

More Information

Fritzing allows printed circuit board (PCB) enthusiasts to create Arduino and other PCB circuit layouts. These layouts contain a variety of parts, which users store in Fritzing part bins.

By default, Fritzing includes several parts bins, which are accessed from the Parts window that appears on Fritzing's right-hand side. The program's two primary bins are CORE and MINE. CORE contains Fritzing's standard circuit parts; MINE includes parts a user has created. If a user imports a new part (saved as an .FZPZ file), that part appears in the CONTIB bin. Users can create and import any number of additional bins, allowing them to organize their parts as they see fit.

Each Fritzing bin is saved as an FZB file. The FZB file contains information about the parts the bin includes, such as the parts' names and module IDs. It also contains a reference to the .PNG image used as the bin's icon.

Users can export Fritzing bins. When they do, the bins are saved as .FZBZ files. FZBZ files, and not FZB files, are used to import bins into Fritzing.

How to open an FZB file

Because FZB files are XML files, you can open them in any text or source code editor, such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code (cross-platform), GitHub Atom (cross-platform), Microsoft Notepad (Windows), or Apple TextEdit (Mac).

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Programs that open or reference FZB files

Updated May 20, 2021
File Type 2

Casio FZ-1 Sound Bank Dump

Developer Jeff McClintock
2.3  |  4 Votes
Category Audio Files
Format Binary

What is an FZB file?

An FZB file is a sound bank dumped from a Casio FZ series electronic keyboard. It contains a collection of up to 64 voices (sounds). Musicians can dump FZB files from their keyboards using the FZDUMP utility.

More Information
Screenshot of a .fzb file in FMJ-Software Awave Studio
FZB file open in FMJ-Software Awave Studio

The Casio FZ-1, FZ-10M, and FZ-20M are electronic keyboards that were released in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These keyboards can contain up to 64 synthesized sounds, organized into up to eight sound banks. Sound banks can contain overlapping sounds (e.g. sound A can be included in sound bank 1 and sound bank 2).

Musicians who want to work with FZ series sound banks on their computers can use FZDUMP to export those banks as FZB files. They can then open their FZB files, and play and edit the sounds the file contains, in various FZ audio utilities.

NOTE: FZDUMP can also dump individual sounds (.FZV files) and entire sound collections (.FZF files).

How to open an FZB file

If you want to play the sounds an FZB file contains, you can open it in FMJ-Software Awave Studio (Windows). If you want to edit the sounds an FZB file contains, or add additional sounds to the bank, you can open it in Casio FZ Librarian (Windows).

To transfer an FZB file to a Casio FZ series keyboard, you must connect the keyboard to your PC and use the FZDUMP utility (Windows) to transfer the file.

How to convert an FZB file

Casio FZ Librarian and FMJ-Software Awave Studio can convert the sounds FZB files contain to other formats. Casio FZ Librarian can convert sounds to the .WAV format. FMJ-Software Awave Studio can convert sounds to many formats, including:

  • .AAC - Advanced Audio Coding
  • .AIFF - Audio Interchange File Format
  • .AMR - Adaptive Multi-rate Codec
  • .FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec
  • .IFF - Interchange File Format
  • .M4A - MPEG-4 Audio
  • .MP3 - MP3 Audio
  • .OGG - Ogg Vorbis Audio
  • .OPUS - Opus Audio
  • .WAV - WAVE Audio

Programs that open FZB files

Updated June 21, 2022
File Type 3

Form•Z Project Backup File

Developer AutoDesSys
1.5  |  2 Votes
Category Backup Files
Format N/A

What is an FZB file?

Backup file created by form•Z, a 3D solids and surfaces modeling application; stores a backup of a form•Z .FMZ project file; used for archival purposes and for restoring the project from backup.

More Information

NOTE: Form•Z also creates auto-save files with the .FZA extension that can be used for restoring a project if a backup file is older than the last auto-save.

Programs that open FZB files

Updated February 20, 2012

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