GNU Emacs

Version27(as of 11/30/2020)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
LicenseOpen Source
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Rating:3.5  |  28 Votes

Main Features

  • Open source, cross-platform text editor
  • Highly extensible
  • Helpful tutorials and manuals

Software Overview

Screenshot of GNU Emacs 27.1
Screenshot of GNU Emacs 27.1

GNU Emacs is an open source text editor for Linux, Windows, and macOS platforms. It allows you to edit plain text files, test programs, manage files, and even play games, such as Tetris.

Emacs is a simple text editor that is often used for editing source code, shells, directory listings, web pages, and email messages. The program operates through keystroke commands to help you edit and automate tasks for quicker and more efficient work. Besides editing text, Emacs functions as an IDE, giving you tools for compiling, running, and testing programs. Emacs can also function as a file manager, allowing you to organize, edit, and delete files. The program enables you to play games, such as Tetris and Towers of Hanoi, within the program.

One of the most prominent features of Emacs is that it gives you the ability to customize the program to your needs. It allows you to save macros to automate your repetitive tasks. You can also alter and extend almost any feature within the program through the Emacs Lisp (Elisp) language. You can modify Emacs functions and customize the appearance, such as fonts and color schemes. Emacs also provides helpful tutorials that will help you get acclimated to its commands and capabilities.

GNU Emacs is a popular text editor among Unix users and is similar to vi text editors, such as gVim. If you have programming knowledge and want to customize your text editor for quicker and more efficient work, GNU Emacs may be a good fit for you.

Primary File Type

file  icon.ELEmacs Lisp Code File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ELEmacs Lisp Code File
.1Unix Section 1 Manual Page
.AStatic Library
.ASMAssembly Language Source Code File
.CC/C++ Source Code File
.CCC++ Source Code File
.CELCelestia Script File
.CFGWesnoth Markup Language File
.CONFUnix Configuration File
.ELCEmacs Compiled Lisp File
.ERRError Log File
.EXEuphoria Source Code
.EXWEuphoria Source code File
.HC/C++/Objective-C Header File
.HSHaskell Script
.INCInclude File
.INFOTexinfo Document
.JAVAJava Source Code File
.JSONJavaScript Object Notation File
.LLex Source File
.LHSLiterate Haskell Script
.LPDLPD Daemon Print Permissions File
.LUALua Source File
.MMercury Source Code File
.MANUnix Manual
.MDMachine Description File
.MDMarkdown Documentation File
.MENUQuake 3 Engine Menu File
.MLML Source Code File
.MPSMathematical Programming System File
.OPTSLinux Configuration Options File
.ORGEmacs Org Text Document
.PROPERTIESJava Properties File
.PROPERTIESMinecraft Properties File
.PYPython Script
.SSource Code File
.TRITriangle Mesh File
.TXTPlain Text File
.UTF8Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.CONFGeneric Configuration File
.INFOGeneric Information File
.JAVJava Source File
Updated 11/30/2020