CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Version2024(as of 5/21/2024)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Main Features

  • Vector and raster graphics non-destructive editing capabilities
  • Support for over one hundred file formats
  • More than 100 realistic brushes
  • Guidebook, tips and techniques, and video tutorials
  • Perspective tools for drawing objects and illustrating scenes on a shared perspective plane
  • Corel Cloud saving, editing, and collaborating capabilities via the CorelDRAW web app for subscribers
  • Customizable design space
  • Typography and font management tools

Software Overview

Screenshot of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024
Screenshot of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a collection of graphics software programs developed by Corel for Windows and macOS. The programs provide many tools for creating and editing illustrations, logos, brochures, flyers, designs, and other graphics-related artwork.

The following applications comprise CorelDRAW Graphics Suite:

  • CorelDRAW - A vector illustration and page layout program
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT - An image-editing application for digital photos
  • Corel Font Manager - A utility for managing fonts
  • Corel CAPTURE (Windows only) - A single-click screen capture utility
  • (subscribers only) - A vector illustration and graphic design app for the web or iPad that allows collaborative file review and designing on the go

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite applications can create and edit both vector and raster graphics. The apps include an extensive royalty-free graphics library of clip art, fonts, vehicle templates, and other digital images available for editing. The programs support more than one hundred different file formats, including many bitmap and vector illustration file types, CAD drawings, Microsoft Word documents (.DOC and .DOCX files), camera RAW files, and files generated from Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as .PSD and .AI files.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite apps allow you to set up your workspace how you want it, even to look like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator if you are transitioning from those applications. CorelDRAW also includes extensive educational tools and documentation for users at various experience levels. The built-in guidebook introduces each application’s workspace and provides in-depth tutorials and insights from industry experts. The software also includes hours of video tutorials.


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a compelling choice whether you are a casual user retouching photos or a graphics professional creating web and print designs. It offers a wide selection of graphics editing tools and effects and supports many popular image and camera RAW file formats. Also, you can purchase CorelDRAW Graphics Suite instead of subscribing, making the software an attractive option for users who want to avoid software subscriptions, such as Adobe Creative Cloud.

Primary File Type

cdr icon.CDRCorelDRAW File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.CDRCorelDRAW File
.AIAdobe Illustrator Artwork
.ARWSony Alpha Raw Digital Camera Image
.BMPBitmap Image
.CALCALS Raster Graphic
.CALSCALS Raster Graphic File
.CDRTCorelDRAW Template
.CDXCorelDRAW Compressed File
.CGMComputer Graphics Metafile
.CLKCorel R.A.V.E Project File
.CMMCorel Multimedia Manager Album
.CMXCorel Presentation Exchange Image
.CPXCorel CMX Compressed File
.CR2Canon Raw 2 Image
.CRWCanon Raw CIFF Image File
.CSLCorel Symbol Library
.CTScitex Continuous Tone Image
.CURWindows Cursor Image
.CWFCorelDRAW Workspace File
.DCRKodak Digital Camera RAW Image
.DESCorel Designer File
.DNGDigital Negative Image
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document (Legacy)
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Document
.DSFDesigner File
.DWGAutoCAD Drawing
.DXFDrawing Exchange Format File
.EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile
.EPSEncapsulated PostScript File
.FH7FreeHand 7 Drawing File
.FH8FreeHand 8 Drawing File
.FLTGraphics Filter
.FMVFrame Vector Metafile
.FPXFlashPix Bitmap Image File
.GEMGEM Metafile
.GEMVentura Publisher Document
.GIFGraphical Interchange Format File
.HGLHP Graphics Language File
.HPGLHP Graphics Language Plotter File
.HTMLHypertext Markup Language File
.ICCICC Profile
.ICMImage Color Matching Profile
.ICOIcon File
.JP2JPEG 2000 Core Image
.KDCKodak Photo-Enhancer File
.MACMacPaint Image
.METPresentation Manager Metafile
.MOSLeaf Camera RAW Image
.MRWMinolta Raw Image
.NAPNAP Metafile
.NEFNikon Electronic Format RAW Image
.NRWNikon Raw Image
.ORFOlympus RAW File
.PATCorelDRAW Pattern File
.PCTPicture File
.PCXPaintbrush Bitmap Image File
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.PEFPentax Electronic File
.PICTPicture File
.PIXAlias PIX Image
.PLTHPGL Plot File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PNTMacPaint File
.PP4Picture Publisher Bitmap File
.PP5Picture Publisher 5 Image File
.PPFPicture Publisher Image File
.PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation (Legacy)
.PPTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
.PSPostScript File
.PSDAdobe Photoshop Document
.PSPPaintShop Pro Image
.PSPBRUSHPaintShop Pro Brush File
.PSPIMAGEPaintShop Pro Image
.PUBPublisher Document
.RAFFujifilm RAW Image
.RAWRaw Image Data
.RIFPainter Raster Image
.RW2Panasonic RAW Image
.SCTScitex Continuous Tone Image
.SHWCorel Presentation
.SR2Sony RAW Image
.SRFSony RAW Image
.SRWSamsung RAW Image
.SVGScalable Vector Graphic
.SVGZCompressed SVG File
.SWFShockwave Flash Movie
.TGATarga Graphic
.THMGeneric Thumbnail Image
.TIFTagged Image File
.TRAYCorel CONNECT Tray File
.VSDMicrosoft Visio Drawing (Legacy)
.WIWavelet Image
.WMFWindows Metafile
.WPDWordPerfect Document
.WPGWordPerfect Graphic
.XCFGIMP Image File
.XPMX11 Pixmap Graphic

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ABKAutomatic Backup File
.ARTArt Document
.CDTCorelDRAW Template (Legacy)
.DRWDrawing File
.EPSFEncapsulated PostScript Format File
.INKPantone Reference File
.J2KJPEG 2000 Image
.JPFJPEG 2000 Image
.JPXJPEG 2000 Image File
.PFBPrinter Font Binary File
.PRNPrint to File
.RTFRich Text Format File
.TIFFTagged Image File Format
.TTFTrueType Font
.TXTPlain Text File
.WVLWavelet Image
Updated 5/21/2024