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File Type 1Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File

DeveloperRockstar Games
4.3 (1052 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

What is a B file?

A B file is a saved game file created by Grand Theft Auto III (GTA3), an automotive-based action game. It saves gameplay information so the game can be resumed from the save point at a later time. B files are used by multiple editions of GTA3, including Vice City and San Andreas.

More Information

GTA3 saved games are stored in a subdirectory of the My Documents folder by default. For example, GTA3: San Andreas saves "B" files in the following directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\

Common B Filenames

GTASAsf2.b - Name of a GTA3 saved game in the second game slot. GTA3 B files follow the naming convention of game title, "sf", and game slot number.

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Programs that open B files

Updated 3/22/2018

File Type 2BuRg3r Definition File

DeveloperThe BuRg3r Team
4.2 (200 Votes)
CategoryDeveloper Files

.B File Association 2

Source code file written in BuRg3r, a programming language used for creating games that run with Fluffy Smoke Entertainment's BuRg3r game engine; acts as a header file and is similar to a .H file in C and C++; contains variable declarations and can be included in .BUR BuRg3r source files.

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NOTE: The BuRg3r Team was formerly known as Fluffy Smoke Entertainment.

Programs that open B files

Updated 1/3/2014

File Type 3BASIC Source File

4.0 (153 Votes)
CategoryDeveloper Files

.B File Association 3

Programming file containing source code written in the BASIC programming language; may contains BASIC program or may include functions referenced by other BASIC project files.

More Information

BASIC source files also use the .BAS extension.

Programs that open B files

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Updated 10/5/2016

File Type 4Brainf*ck Source Code File

DeveloperUrban Müller
3.5 (2 Votes)
CategoryText Files

.B File Association 4

A B file is a source code file written in the Brainf*ck programming language. It contains a program that is meant to be compiled using a Brainf*ck compiler. B files contain only the characters <, >, +, -, ., ,, [, and ], as well as development comments.

More Information

In 1992, Urban Müller created the Brainf*ck programming language. When creating Brainf*ck, Müller's goal was to create a language that could be compiled using the smallest-possible compiler. As such, the language includes only eight commands, each of which is implemented using a single character. These characters include:

  • <
  • >
  • +
  • -
  • .
  • ,
  • [
  • ]

While the Brainf*ck language is quite impractical, some other developers have latched onto the esoteric language and its structure. When these developers create Brainf*ck programs, they typically save them in B files. An example Brainf*ck program, saved within a B file, might look like this:


NOTE: Brainf*ck source code is also saved using the .BF extension.

How do I open a B file?

Because B files are plain text files, you can open and examine them using any text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad (Windows), Apple TextEdit (Mac), or Github Atom (cross-platform). If you want to run the Brainf*ck program a B file contains, you can do so using a Brainf*ck development environment or interpreter, such as Brainf*ck Interpreter (Web, Android).

Programs that open B files

Updated 2/10/2021

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