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File Type 1CryoBF Game Data File

DeveloperCryo Interactive Entertainment
3.6 (240 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

What is a BF file?

Game data archive format used by games developed by Cryo Interactive Entertainment; contains game data, such as objects, maps, sounds, and music in a single archive.

More Information

Microïds acquired Cryo Interactive in 2008, but several Microïds games still use the CryoBF format. The following games use BF files to store game data:

  • Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy
  • Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure
  • Destination: Treasure Island
  • Return to Mysterious Island
  • Return to Mysterious Island 2: Minas Fate
  • The Secret of the Nautilus
  • Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
BF files are referenced by the games above and are not meant to be opened manually. However, the contents of a BF file can be extracted using an unpacking program like Unpakke.

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Programs that open BF files

Updated 3/16/2011

File Type 2Ubisoft BigFile Game Data Archive

2.0 (3 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

.BF File Association 2

A BF file is a game data archive saved in the BigFile format, which is used by games developed by Ubisoft that use the LyN or Jade engine. It contains the majority of the data for the game, which may include objects, skins, maps, sounds, movies, and music.

More Information

Some games that utilize the LyN or Jade engines are The Adventures of Tintin: The Game, Rabbids Go Home, From Dust, Just Dance 2, ZombiU, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

How do I open a BF file?

BF files are not meant to be manually opened. Instead, they are referenced by the game to load gameplay content.

However, users looking to modify the content in BF game archives can use custom scripts with QuickBMS to extract the contents in a BF archive.

Programs that open BF files

Updated 1/7/2021

File Type 3Brainf*ck Source Code File

DeveloperUrban Müller
2.0 (3 Votes)
CategoryText Files

.BF File Association 3

A BF file is a source code file written in the Brainf*ck programming language. It contains a program that is meant to be compiled using a Brainf*ck compiler. BF files contain only the characters <, >, +, -, ., ,, [, and ], as well as development comments.

More Information

In 1992, Urban Müller created the Brainf*ck programming language. When creating Brainf*ck, Müller's goal was to create a language that could be compiled using the smallest-possible compiler. As such, the language includes only eight commands, each of which is implemented using a single character. These characters include:

  • <
  • >
  • +
  • -
  • .
  • ,
  • [
  • ]

While the Brainf*ck language is quite impractical, some other developers have latched onto the esoteric language and its structure. When these developers create Brainf*ck programs, they typically save them in BF files. An example Brainf*ck program, saved within a BF file, might look like this:


NOTE: Brainf*ck source code is also saved using the .B extension.

How do I open a BF file?

Because BF files are plain text files, you can open and examine them using any text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad (Windows), Apple TextEdit (Mac), or Github Atom (cross-platform). If you want to run the Brainf*ck program a BF file contains, you can do so using a Brainf*ck development environment or interpreter, such as Brainf*ck Interpreter (Web, Android).

Programs that open BF files

Updated 2/10/2021

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