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File Type 1Game Boy Sound File

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CategoryAudio Files

What is a GBS file?

A GBS file is a song ripped from a Game Boy game cartridge or ROM. It contains music that was originally intended to be played on a Game Boy as part of a Game Boy game. GBS files can be played in many PC-based media players, allowing gamers to play Game Boy music on their computers.

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Nostalgic gamers download GBS files so they can re-listen to the songs used in their favorite Game Boy video games. Online repositories like Zophar's Music Domain store GBS files for most Game Boy games, including popular and lesser-known titles.

How do I open a GBS file?

You can open a GBS file and play the music it contains in a variety of media players, including VideoLAN VLC media player (cross-platform), Audacious (Windows, Linux), and Nullsoft Winamp (Windows). To play a GBS file in Winamp, you must install the NEZPlug++, Meridian, or Chimpamp plug-ins.

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Programs that open GBS files

Updated 5/4/2021

File Type 2Generic Build Support Metadata File

DeveloperRandy Marques Consultancy
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CategoryDeveloper Files

.GBS File Association 2

File created by Generic Build Support (GBS), a build automation system that helps users develop software projects; contains data referenced by the GBS application that specifies different functions within the application, such as where files are exported or the general settings for system generation.

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In the GBS application, there are a variety of GBS files located in different directories. One example of a GBS file is target.gbs. This file is used to associate file extensions with builders, such as compilers and linkers, for a specific target. It is located in the GBS_SYSGEN_PATH/target directory. Another example is steps.gbs, which is located in the GBS_SYS_PATH directory. This file defines the conditions and order for generating or auditing SubSystems.

NOTE: Other examples of GBS files include audit.gbs, export.gbs, flags.gbs, incs.gbs, owners.gbs, sca.gbs, scope.gbs, switch.gbs, sys.gbs, system.gbs, and tool.gbs.

Programs that open GBS files

Updated 7/25/2014

File Type 3Gerber Bottom Solder Mask Data File

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CategoryData Files

.GBS File Association 3

Data file created by CAD Printed Circuit Board (PCB) programs like Altium Designer; contains bottom-side solder mask data for boards with multiple layers; includes information about all the pads that need soldering to prevent solder bridging of traces and pads during production; similar to the .GTS file extension.

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The name of the GBS file is derived from the name of your PCB. Therefore, if your PCB is called "MyProject," the file will be called MyProject.gbs.

Gerber format files, like GBS, are stored in RS-274X format and act similar to .PDF files. They're an exported version of the PCB layout and are meant to be viewed and referenced but not edited. They're utilized by PCB manufacturing machines to designate electrical connections between components with pads and tracks.

NOTE: The GBS format was originally developed by Gerber Systems but is now maintained by Ucamco.

Programs that open GBS files

Updated 7/20/2017

File Type 4OtterUI Scene

DeveloperAonyx Software
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CategoryGame Files

.GBS File Association 4

A GBS file is a video game menu or other animated scene created using OtterUI, an open-source game UI library. It contains references to the assets used to create a scene, as well as code used to show and animate those assets. GBS files are used in the video games Skullgirls, developed by Lab Zero Games, and Them's Fightin' Herds, developed by Mane6.

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Screenshot of a .gbs file in OtterUI Editor
GBS file open in OtterUI Editor

OtterUI is a video game UI development toolkit that allows developers to create navigable menus and other animated scenes. These scenes are saved in GBS files, which a game then references and loads to show scenes to players.

When using OtterUI to create a set of menus or scenes for their video game, developers first create a new project (.GGP file) in OtterUI Editor, a GUI editor that comes bundled with OtterUI. Then, developers begin adding and editing scenes by right-clicking in OtterUI Editor's Project window and selecting Add. Each scene created within OtterUI Editor is associated with a project file.

How do I open a GBS file?

You can open a GBS file in OtterUI Editor (Windows) by opening the OtterUI project (GGP file) the GBS file is associated with. Typically, GGP files are stored in the C:/Program Files (x86)/Aonyx Software/OtterUI Editor directory.

Programs that open GBS files

Updated 12/14/2020

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