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What is an OZOCODE file?

An OZOCODE file is a program created by OzoBlockly, an online, block-based code editor. It contains XML-formatted code used to load a program in OzoBlockly. The programs OZOCODE files contain are meant to be installed on Ozobots, which are small robots that can pair with your computer.

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Screenshot of a .ozocode file in OzoBlockly
OZOCODE file open in OzoBlockly

Ozobot is a STEAM education platform that teachers use to teach block-based coding to students. The Ozobot platform includes an online code editor, called OzoBlockly, that students use to create programs for Ozobots, which are miniature, nearly-spherical robots that can perform a variety of simple functions.

If a student downloads a program they have created in OzoBlockly to their computer, the program is saved as an OZOCODE file. When opened in a text editor, OZOCODE files appear as .XML files that define what blocks a student's program includes, as well as the order in which the blocks are listed. To install the program an OZOCODE file contains on an Ozobot, you must open the program in OzoBlockly and pair your Ozobot with your computer.

How do I open an OZOCODE file?

While you can open an OZOCODE file in any text editor, they are meant to be opened in OzoBlockly (Web). To open an OZOCODE file in OzoBlockly:

  1. Select the Programs icon found on the right side of OzoBlockly.
  2. Select Open Program.
  3. Select Open from File.
  4. Navigate to and open your OZOCODE file.

The program your OZOCODE file contains will then appear in OzoBlockly.

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Programs that open OZOCODE files

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Updated 3/8/2021

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