.EXML File Extension

File Type 1

No Man's Sky Decompiled Settings File

Developer monkeyman192
3.8  |  11 Votes
Category Game Files
Format XML

What is an EXML file?

An EXML file is an XML file that contains settings for No Man's Sky, an exploration and survival video game. No Man's Sky modders create and use EXML files to modify the game's gameplay, using NMS Modding Station. You can open and edit an EXML file in any text editor.

More Information

No Man's Sky stores all its game assets in .PAK files. Enterprising No Man's Sky modders have created programs that allow them to extract, convert, and edit these files. One such program is NMS Modding Station.

NMS Modding Station converts many of No Man Sky's PAK files into .MBIN files. These are binary files that contain No Man Sky's general gameplay settings, as well as settings used to generate items and determine how in-game objects behave. To edit these settings, modders must first convert the binary MBIN files into plain text EXML files. Then, modders can edit No Man's Sky's settings using any text editor.

After editing EXML files, modders convert the files back into PAK files and repack them in No Man's Sky, to apply their edits to the game's settings.

How to open an EXML file

You can open an EXML file and edit the No Man's Sky settings it contains in any text or source code editor, such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code (cross-platform).

After you've finished editing the settings your EXML file contains, you can use NMS Modding Station (Windows) to convert your EXML file back into a PAK file and install it as a No Man's Sky mod.

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Programs that open EXML files

Updated August 27, 2021
File Type 2

Smart Switch Backup Encrypted XML File

Developer Samsung
2.9  |  10 Votes
Category Backup Files
Format XML

An EXML file may also be an encrypted XML file created by Samsung Smart Switch, a backup app for Samsung Galaxy phones. It contains a portion of a Samsung Galaxy backup, such as a record of a user's settings or call log. EXML files can be converted to normal .XML files using Wondershare MobileTrans.

More Information

Samsung Smart Switch is the official backup app used to transfer a user's contacts, photos, settings, call history, and other data from one Samsung Galaxy phone to another. When creating a backup, Smart Switch creates several encrypted files, each of which contains a portion of the user's phone data. Smart Switch then stores the encrypted files in a Smart Switch/​Backup folder on the user's phone or PC.

Some of the files that a Smart Switch backup contains are EXML files. These files are XML files that have been encrypted, typically using an encryption key based on the user's PIN. EXML files contain a record of a user's settings, backup file lists, and call logs. Because they are encrypted, EXML files cannot be opened in a text editor like normal XML files. To view the data an EXML file contains, you must first decrypt the file.

How to open an EXML file

You can use Wondershare MobileTrans (Windows, Mac) to decrypt your EXML files. To do so, open MobileTrans and point it at the folder that contains your EXML files. You may have to specify that your backup is a Kies backup file, as MobileTrans does not yet officially recognize Smart Switch's Galaxy backup format.

Then, run MobileTrans's transfer process. After you do, your Smart Switch/​Backup folder should contain a new DecryptData sub-folder, which contains a decrypted version of your EXML file. You can open the decrypted version of your EXML file in any text editor, as you would any other XML file.

You can also use Samsung Smart Switch (Android, Windows, Mac) to transfer the data your EXML file contains to a Galaxy smartphone, as part of the normal Galaxy backup and restore process.

Programs that open or reference EXML files

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