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Y-Cruncher Data

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What is a YCD file?

A YCD file is a data file created by Y-Cruncher, a program that computes digits of Pi. It contains a subset of the digits of Pi, stored in a decimal or hexadecimal format. YCD files are typically quite large in size and stored together in large sets, because they are created by users seeking to break the world record for the most digits of Pi ever computed.

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Pi is a mathematical constant that describes the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. While most people shorten this constant to the number 3.14 or 3.14159, it is actually a never-ending number that contains an infinite number of digits, extending to an infinite number of decimal places.

Y-Cruncher is a program that allows users to compute Pi (and other mathematical constants) out to trillions of digits. Primarily, IT administrators and other technically-minded users use Y-Cruncher to test system infrastructure, by making their system calculate Pi as far out as it can, as fast as it can. As of this writing, Google employee Emma Haruka Iwao has the record for the number of Pi digits calculated using Y-Cruncher, at 100 trillion digits using Google Cloud.

The Pi digits that Y-Cruncher calculates are saved within YCD files. Various programs, including Y-Cruncher's internal Digit Viewer, can read these files to show the digits they contain. Typically, YCD files use sequentially-numbered filenames, which denote roughly where the digits that they contain fall within Pi.

How to open a YCD file

You can use the Y-Cruncher Digit Viewer to view the digits of Pi that a YCD file contains. The Digit Viewer is packaged with Y-Cruncher and available as a standalone program.

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Programs that open YCD files

Rockstar Games Clip Dictionary

Developer Rockstar Games
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A YCD file may also be an animation file used by a Rockstar Games video game, such as Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption 2. It contains compressed and encrypted data used to animate an in-game object. YCD files can be exported to the .XML format using CodeWalker.

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Since Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games has been saving in-game animation data as clip dictionary files. Typically, these files use the .ycd extension. Each YCD file contains multiple animation clips, which a game uses to animate an in-game object. Each clip may be comprised of multiple related animations (e.g. a single clip that uses both a face and arm animation).

How to open a YCD file

There is no easy way to open or edit a YCD file. Determined modders can use the GTA V modding tool CodeWalker to convert a YCD file to XML format. They can then edit the XML file, use CodeWalker to convert the XML file back to a YCD file, and repackage the YCD file into the game it came from.

Programs that open or reference YCD files

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