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P File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.PPascal Source Code
.PLightWave Plug-in
.P01GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.P10Certificate Request File
.P12Personal Information Exchange File
.P21Express STEP Data Model File
.P2GPower2Go Project File
.P2IPower2Go Disc Image
.P2MPhotoWorks Appearance File
.P2PFolderShare Placeholder File
.P2ZCompressed Poser Pose File
.P3Primavera P3 Project File
.P3DPanda3D Multifile
.P3DPeak3D 3D Graphics File
.P3LAdobe Photoshop Light Preset File
.P3TPlayStation 3 Theme File
.P5DPlanner 5D Project
.P6464-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module
.P65PageMaker 6.5 Document
.P7BPKCS #7 Certificate File
.P7CPKCS #7 Certificate File
.P7MDigitally Encrypted Message
.P7RCertificate Request Response File
.P7SDigitally Signed Email Message
.P7XPacked Digital Signature File
.P96Win96 Database File
.P97Win97 Database File
.PAPrint Artist Project
.PABPersonal Address Book
.PACProxy Auto-Config File
.PACPAC Subtitles File
.PACKAGELinux Autopackage File
.PACKAGEElectronic Arts Game Package File
.PADACT! Database Pointer File
.PAEPowerArchiver Encrypted Archive
.PAFPersonal Ancestral File
.PAF.EXEPortableApps.com Program File
.PAGESPages Document
.PAGES-TEFPages iCloud Document
.PAKPAK (Packed) File
.PAKVideo Game Package
.PANPanorama Database File
.PANDOPando File
.PANDORAPandora Android App Executable
.PANOCamera Panoramic Picture
.PAPAGame Save Backup File
.PAQHewlett-Packard Software Restore File
.PAQ6PAQ6 Data Archive
.PAQ7PAQ7 Data Archive
.PARParchive Index File
.PAR2Parchive 2 Index File
.PARTPartially Downloaded File
.PARTIALInternet Explorer Partially Downloaded File
.PARTIMGPartimage File
.PASPascal Source File
.PASDelphi Unit Source File
.PASSWORDWALLET4PasswordWallet 4 Data File
.PATAutoCAD Hatch Pattern File
.PATDiskStation Manager Installation File
.PATCorelDRAW Pattern File
.PATPattern File
.PATCHPatch File
.PAWPaw Document
.PAWPawaa File
.PBPureBasic Source File
.PBDEaseUS Todo Backup File
.PBFPowerBackup Data File
.PBGPixel Bender Graph File
.PBIPC BSD Installer Package
.PBIXPower BI Desktop File
.PBJPixel Bender Bytecode File
.PBJPowerBackup Job File
.PBKDial-Up Phone Book File
.PBKPixel Bender Kernel File
.PBMPortable Bitmap Image
.PBNPortable Bridge Notation File
.PBPPSP Firmware Update File
.PBX5SCRIPTPersonal Backup Script
.PBXBTREEXcode Auto-Complete File
.PBXPROJXcode Project Data File
.PBXUSERXcode Project User Data File
.PCPersonal Composer File
.PC3AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File
.PC6PowerCADD 6 Drawing File
.PC7PowerCADD 7 Drawing File
.PCAPerfect Clarity Audio File
.PCAPPacket Capture Data
.PCAPNGPcap-NG Packet Capture File
.PCASTiTunes Podcast File
.PCBPrinted Circuit Board Design File
.PCCMass Effect Package
.PCDPure Component Data File
.PCDKodak Photo CD Image File
.PCGKorg Instrument Bank File
.PCHPrecompiled Header File
.PCKSystem Center Configuration Manager Package File
.PCKPerfect World Data File
.PCLPrinter Command Language Document
.PCPWindows Installer Patch Creation Properties File
.PCRPCMark Vantage Benchmark File
.PCSAVMass Effect 2 Saved Game
.PCTPicture File
.PCTLKaspersky Parental Control Settings File
.PCXPaintbrush Bitmap Image File
.PDFlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document
.PD4Clone Manager Primer File
.PD4Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.PD5Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.PDADJPhotoDirector Preset File
.PDASPDAStore Data Store File
.PDBTanida Demo Builder File
.PDBProtein Data Bank File
.PDBPalm Desktop Database File
.PDBProgram Database
.PDCLizard Safeguard Secure PDF File
.PDDAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.PDEProcessing Development Environment Source Code File
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.PDFIGPDF Index Generator Project File
.PDIInstantCopy Disc Image
.PDMVB Project Information File
.PDMPowerDesigner Database File
.PDMProntoDoc for Word Mobile Display Document Template
.PDNpaint.net Image File
.PDOPepakura Designer File
.PDPPalo Alto Software Plan Component File
.PDPCOMPPdplayer Composition File
.PDRWindows Port Driver
.PDSPowerDirector Script File
.PDSPlanetary Data System File
.PDXProduct Data eXchange File
.PDXAdobe Acrobat Index File
.PE4Photo Explorer Thumbnail Archive
.PE4PhotoImpact Image Archive
.PEAPEA File Archive
.PEAKSteinberg Peak File
.PEFPentax Electronic File
.PEKAdobe Peak Waveform File
.PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail Certificate
.PENLogitech io2 Drawing
.PEPTurboProject Project File
.PESBrother PE Embroidery Format
.PETPuppy Linux Install Package
.PEXMerak Peep Data File
.PEXProBoard Executable File
.PEZPrezi Desktop Presentation
.PFPrivate File
.PFAPrinter Font ASCII File
.PFBPrinter Font Binary File
.PFCAOL Personal File Cabinet
.PFILERights Management Protected File
.PFLPDFill Project File
.PFMPrinter Font Metrics File
.PFOPrivate Folder
.PFRPortable Font Resource File
.PFXPKCS #12 Certificate File
.PGDPGP Disk Image
.PGFProgressive Graphics File
.PGIVideo Recording File
.PGMPortable Gray Map Image
.PGNPortable Game Notation File
.PGPAutoCAD Program Parameters File
.PGPPGP Security Key
.PGSPageStream Document
.PHPerl Header File
.PHARPHP Archive
.PHBMotorola Phone Book File
.PHDPhotoDirector Project File
.PHJPhCNC Project File
.PHLKindle Popular Highlights File
.PHMPro Home Manager Data File
.PHNAlgodoo Phun Phunlet
.PHOGerber Photoplot File
.PHOTOLIBRARYiPhoto Photo Library
.PHOTOSHOWRoxio PhotoShow Project
.PHPPHP Source Code File
.PHY3ds Max Physique File
.PI2Portrait Innovations Photo
.PICHoudini Raster Image
.PICGeneric Picture File
.PICNCHoudini 3D Compositing Image
.PICTPicture File
.PICTCLIPPINGPicture Clipping File
.PIEGlovePIE Controller Script
.PIGMPackaged Indigo Renderer Material File
.PIGSPackaged Indigo Renderer Scene File
.PIKAPika Software Builder Project File
.PIMPro Tools Controller Plug-in Mappings File
.PIOPro Tools I/O Settings File
.PIPOffice Personalized Settings File
.PIPDPIPE-FLO Demo Project File
.PIPEPIPE-FLO Project File
.PISKELPiskel Sprite
.PIVPivot Stickfigure Animation
.PIXPCI Geomatics Database File
.PIXADEXPixadex Icon
.PIZZipped File
.PJ2xPlan Document
.PJMxPlan Model
.PJSTestComplete Project Suite File
.PJTDidger Project File
.PJXFoxPro Project
.PKAudition Peak File
.PK2Silkroad Online Game Data File
.PK3Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
.PK4Doom 3 Engine Game Data File
.PKAPacket Tracer Activity File
.PKBOracle Package Body File
.PKFAudition Peak File
.PKGPlayStation Store Downloaded Package
.PKGMac OS X Installer Package
.PKGSymbian Package File
.PKG.TAR.XZArch Linux Package File
.PKGDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.PKGUNDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.PKHOracle Package File
.PKPASSPassbook Pass File
.PKSOracle Package Spec File
.PKTPacket Tracer Network Simulation Model
.PKXDecrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File
.PLPerl Script
.PLUnix Color Plot File
.PLProlog Source Code File
.PL03D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan
.PL1PL/I Source Code
.PL13D Home Architect Floor Plan
.PL23D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan
.PLAiriver iQuickList File
.PLAArchiCAD Project Archive
.PLASansa Playlist File
.PLANNERGnome Planner File
.PLAYERTerraria Mobile Player File
.PLAYGROUNDXcode Playground File
.PLAYMISSIONMissionPlayer Game File
.PLCPL/B Source File
.PLEMessenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File
.PLIPL/I Source Code File
.PLISTMac OS X Property List File
.PLNArchiCAD Project File
.PLNFlight Simulator Flight Plan
.PLPPhoto Locker Picture
.PLPROJAdobe Prelude Project File
.PLRTerraria Player File
.PLRrFactor Player File
.PLSMultimedia Playlist File
.PLSMYOB Accounting Data File
.PLSKMessenger Plus! Live Skin Pack
.PLTTecplot Binary Data File
.PLTHPGL Plot File
.PLTAutoCAD Plotter Document
.PLUGINAdobe Photoshop Plug-in
.PLUGINMac OS X Plugin
.PLW32-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module
.PLWPicoLog Data File
.PLXPerl Executable File
.PLX32-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module
.PLX6464-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module
.PLYPolygon Model File
.PLYFinale Playback File
.PMPerl Module
.PMATRIXPriority Matrix Project File
.PMCPerformance Monitor Counter File
.PMDMikuMikuDance Model File
.PMDPageMaker Document
.PMDPoser Binary Morph File
.PMDXPlanMaker Spreadsheet
.PMFESRI Published Map File
.PMFPSP Movie File
.PMFPartition Image File
.PMGAdobe Photoshop Photomerge Panoramic Composition File
.PMJPegasus Mail Configuration File
.PMLProcess Monitor Log File
.PMMPegasus Mail Mailbox File
.PMMMikuMikuDance PolygonMovieMaker File
.PMOBroderbund Print Meta Object File
.PMPAutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File
.PMRAvid Persisent Media Record File
.PMTPageMaker Template File
.PMVXPlanMaker Spreadsheet Template
.PMXMikuMikuDance Model File
.PMXPrintMaster Project File
.PNPowernoodle File (Discontinued)
.PNAPhatNoise Audio File
.PNFPrecompiled INF File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PNHProject ROME Plug-in Archive
.PNMPortable Any Map Image
.PNPROJProgrammer's Notepad Project File
.PNSPNG Stereo Image
.PNZPanorama Database Set
.POPortable Object
.PODPerl POD File
.PODOpenProj Project File
.PODTerminal Reality Game Data File
.POIMagellan Maestro Point of Interest File
.POLWindows Policy File
.POLICYJava Policy Implementation File
.POPSHAPEPopChar Character Shape File
.PORSPSS Portable File
.POTPortable Object File
.POTPowerPoint Template
.POTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
.POTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
.POVPOV-Ray Raytracing Format
.PP2Poser Prop File
.PP2PingPlotter Data File
.PPAPowerPoint Add-in
.PPAMPowerPoint 2007 Add-In
.PPCMobile Data Studio Project File
.PPDPostScript Printer Description File
.PPFTransit NXT Pack Project File
.PPFEdgecam Pathtrace Part File
.PPFPicture Publisher Image File
.PPJPremiere 6 Project File
.PPKPuTTY Private Key File
.PPMPortable Pixmap Image File
.PPPCyberLink PowerProducer Project
.PPPSerif PagePlus Document
.PPRProject Planner Reader File
.PPSPowerPoint Slide Show
.PPSMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
.PPSXPowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
.PPTPowerPoint Presentation
.PPTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.PPTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.PPXSerif PagePlus Template File
.PPZCompressed Poser Prop File
.PQHEROPuzzle Quest Saved Game
.PRSource Insight Project
.PRCPalm Resource Code File
.PRCMobipocket eBook File
.PRDXPresentations Document
.PREFPreferences File
.PREFABUnity Prefab File
.PREFPANEMac OS X System Preference Pane
.PRELPremiere Elements Project File
.PRFWindows System File
.PRFOutlook Profile File
.PRFDirector Preferences File
.PRFPSETPremiere Pro Effect Preset File
.PRGProgram File
.PRGRAPID Program File
.PRGPC-DMIS Part Program File
.PRGVisual FoxPro Program File
.PRIQt Project Include File
.PRIPackage Resource Index File
.PRIMITIVES_PROCESSEDWorld of Tanks 3D Model File
.PRJAIMMS Project File
.PRJProject File
.PRKThrillville Park File
.PRMParameter File
.PRNPrint to File
.PROProPresenter Export File
.PROQt Project File
.PROKiCad Project
.PROTurboFloorPlan 3D Design File
.PROAdobe Proto Design File
.PRO4ProPresenter 4 Document
.PRO4PLProPresenter Playlist File
.PRO4PLXProPresenter Playlist Bundle
.PRO4XProPresenter 4 Bundle File
.PRO5PLProPresenter Playlist File
.PRO5PLXProPresenter 5 Playlist Bundle
.PRO5TEMPLATEProPresenter 5 Template
.PRO6PLXProPresenter 6 Playlist Bundle
.PROFILECitrix Application Profile
.PROFILEBash Shell Profile
.PROFIMAILProfiMail Settings File
.PROPAndroid Build Properties File
.PROPDESCProperty Description
.PROPERTIESJava Properties File
.PROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.PROTOProtocol Buffer File
.PROVISIONPROFILEApple Provision Profile
.PRPROJPremiere Pro Project
.PRSHarvard Graphics Presentation
.PRTSolid Edge Part File
.PRTUnigraphics Part File
.PRTCreo Parametric Part File
.PRTLPremiere Pro Title File
.PRVVue Preview File
.PRWArtlantis Shader Preview File
.PRXPrimavera P3 Compressed Project File
.PRXWindows Media Profile File
.PSPostScript File
.PS1Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File
.PS1XMLWindows PowerShell Display Configuration File
.PSAPhotoshop Album Catalog File
.PSAUnreal Engine Skeletal Animation File
.PSARPSP Update File
.PSBPhotoshop Large Document Format
.PSCPapyrus Script
.PSC1Windows PowerShell Console File
.PSDAdobe Photoshop Document
.PSDXPhotoshop Touch Document
.PSEPhotoshop Elements Photo Project
.PSFPortable Sound File
.PSFPhotoshop Proof Settings File
.PSFPhotoStudio File
.PSGPage Segment File
.PSHPhotodex Slide Show
.PSIPrimalScript Online Help Shortcut
.PSKUnreal Engine Skeletal Mesh File
.PSMProtracker Studio Module
.PSMSolid Edge Sheet Metal File
.PSM1Windows PowerShell Script Module File
.PSPPaintShop Pro Image File
.PSPPhotoshop Preferences File
.PSPPL/SQL Server Page
.PSPBRUSHPaintShop Pro Brush File
.PSPDPhotoSuite 5 Project File
.PSPIMAGEPaintShop Pro Image
.PSPROJThe Print Shop Project File
.PSRPowersoft Report File
.PSSPlayStation 2 Game Video File
.PSSGEGO Engine Textures File
.PSTOutlook Personal Information Store File
.PSVPipe System Viewer File
.PSVPlayStation 2 Save File
.PSWPassword Depot 3-5 File
.PSWPocket Word Document
.PSWWindows Password Reset Disk File
.PSW6Password Depot 6 File
.PSWXPassword Depot Portable File
.PSZCompressed PostScript File
.PTBPower Tab File
.PTBSage 50 Backup File
.PTEXPtex Texture File
.PTFPSP Theme File
.PTFPro Tools 7 Session File
.PTFScrapbook Flair Template
.PTGArtRage Painting
.PTH4D Path Document
.PTLRational Rose Petal File
.PTMPolyTracker Module
.PTMMapPoint Map File
.PTNPaperPort Thumbnail File
.PTRFlash Intro Project File
.PTSPro Tools Session
.PTTPro Tools Session Template
.PTTMapPoint Map Template
.PTXPro Tools Session File
.PTXE-Transcript File
.PTXTPro Tools Session Template
.PTZE-Transcript Bundle File
.PUPlantUML File
.PUBPublic Key File
.PUBPublisher Document
.PUBLICATIONTwixl Publisher Publication
.PUPPlayStation 3 Update File
.PUPPuppy Linux DotPup Installer Package
.PUZAcross Lite Crossword Puzzle
.PVDPolygen3D Vector Descriptor
.PVHDParagon Virtual Hard Drive
.PVKPrivate Key File
.PVMParallels Virtual Machine
.PVRPOWERVR Texture File
.PVSParallels Desktop Configuration File
.PVWPronto for Windows Data View File
.PWAPassword Agent File
.PWCPictureTaker File
.PWDPocket Word Document
.PWFCounter-Strike PODBot Waypoint File
.PWIPocket Word Document
.PWLWindows Password List
.PWNPawn Source Code File
.PWTAutoCAD Publish To Web Template
.PWVPassword Vault Archive
.PXPixel Image File
.PXBPixelmator Brush File
.PXDPyrex Definition File
.PXDPixlr Layered Image
.PXFTransit XV Pack Project File
.PXIPlexTools Disc Image
.PXJRecordNow Project
.PXLPocket Excel File
.PXMPixelmator Image File
.PXPCounter-Strike PODBot Experience File
.PXRPixar Image File
.PXVPixbend Media File
.PYPython Script
.PYCPython Compiled File
.PYDPython Dynamic Module
.PYOPython Optimized Code
.PYWPython GUI Source File
.PYXPyrex Source Code File
.PYXELPyxel Image Document
.PZ2Poser Pose File
.PZ3Poser Scene File
.PZAPhotoSuite Album File
.PZFGraphPad Prism Project
.PZFXGraphPad Prism XML Project
.PZPPhotoSuite Project File
.PZSPhotoSuite Slide Show File
.PZZCompressed Poser Scene File

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