L File Extensions

Browse file types with extensions beginning with L.

Extension File Type Popularity
.LLex Source File
.LLeft Audio Channel File
.LGame of Life File
.L01EnCase Logical Evidence File
.L2RLineage II Replay File
.L3BLEGO 3D Model File
.L3DBlack & White Graphics File
.L3DWStudio Store Visualizer External Library File
.L4DCinema 4D Layout File
.L6TLine 6 Tone File
.LALossless Audio File
.LALibtool Archive
.LABWordPerfect Label Definition File
.LABYLaby Level File
.LACCDBMicrosoft Access Lock File
.LANGMinecraft Language Localization File
.LANGGtkSourceView Language Definition File
.LANGSkype Language File
.LASLIDAR Data Exchange File
.LASSOLasso Database-driven Webpage
.LASTLOGINMinecraft User Credential File
.LATEXLaTeX Document
.LAVDNA Sequence Alignment File
.LAYDVD Studio Pro Layout File
.LAYTecplot Layout File
.LAYRhino 3D Layer State File
.LAYMAME Layout File
.LAY6Sprint Layout 6 PCB Layout File
.LAYOUTLayOut Document
.LAYOUTCode::Blocks Workspace Layout File
.LAYOUTDESIGNERQuickBooks Layout Designer File
.LBLens Blur Project File
.LBCCloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Link
.LBFLG Backup File
.LBIDreamweaver Library Item
.LBLNow Contact Label Template
.LBLNiceLabel Template File
.LBLdBASE Label File
.LBMDeluxe Paint Bitmap Image
.LBRLU Library Archive
.LBRNLightBurn Project
.LBSOmnis Library
.LBTFoxPro Label Memo
.LBUCloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings File
.LBXFoxPro Label File
.LCBLiving Cookbook Backup File
.LCCCapture One Lens Cast Correction File
.LCDCDSpace Emulated Disk Image
.LCDABBYY Language File
.LCFArchiCAD Library Container File
.LCKProgram Lock File
.LCMLipikar Custom Map File
.LCNLicense File
.LDLinker Script
.LD2Lingoes Dictionary File
.LDABAKLegistant Encrypted Backup File
.LDATADonkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Loose Data
.LDBMicrosoft Access Lock File
.LDBMax Payne Level File
.LDBMinecraft Level File
.LDFSQL Server Transaction Log File
.LDFLingoes Dictionary Source File
.LDFLaserDisc FLAC-compressed File
.LDIFLDAP Data Interchange Format File
.LDMVolumeViz Multi-Resolution Volume File
.LDRLDraw Model File
.LDSBinutils LD Linker Script
.LDSLaserDisc Sample
.LDTEulumdat Formatted Luminaire Data File
.LDWVirtual Villagers Saved Game File
.LDWLittle Draw Image
.LEFLEN Exchange Format File
.LEGALDaveTech Legal Document
.LEMONLemonShare.net Download
.LEMONSonic 3 A.I.R. Script
.LENIMAGINE Lens Flare File
.LESSLESS Style Sheet
.LETTERUndeliverable Mail File
.LEVLevelogger Software Data File
.LEXAdobe Linguistic Library Data File
.LEXSpelling Dictionary File
.LFSoftwareKey System License File
.LFOAlchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets File
.LFPACKAGELumaFusion Project Package
.LFSSamsung Phone params.lfs File
.LG1Message Queuing Message State File
.LG2Message Queuing Message State File
.LGCSimpleK Database File
.LGCWordPerfect DTD Compiler Logic File
.LGHHMI Historical Log File
.LGIMultimedia Logic File
.LGLLeechGet Download List
.LGLLarge Graph Layout Edge File
.LGOLogo Instructions File
.LGPFinal Fantasy Media Archive
.LGTLet's Go! Theme File
.LH3DLive Home 3D Project
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.LHRQuicken Financial Life for Mac File
.LHSLiterate Haskell Script
.LHZDLive Home 3D Compressed Project
.LI3DLive Interior 3D Document
.LIAP-CAD ASCII Library file
.LIBGeneric Data Library
.LIBFinale Library
.LIB4DCinema 4D Preset Library
.LIBPKGAltium Designer Integrated Library Package
.LIBRARY-MSWindows Library Description File
.LIBZIPCamtasia Studio Zipped Library File
.LICSoftware License File
.LICLic Project
.LICENSESoftware License File
.LICENSEKEYiPartition License Key File
.LICENSESVisual Studio Licensed Classes File
.LICXVisual Studio License File
.LIDKodak EasyShare Album File
.LIFLeica Image File
.LIFLEGO Digital Designer Assets File
.LIFTurboTax Information Archive
.LIFELight Notebook File
.LIGHTINGLIBRARYPainter Lighting Presets Library
.LIGHTKEYFXTLightkey Fixture File
.LIGHTKEYPROJLightkey Project
.LILITHLilith Ransomware Encrypted File
.LILOCKEDLilocked Ransomware Encrypted File
.LILYPCSX2 LilyPad Configuration File
.LINAutoCAD Linetype File
.LINX-Plane Painted Line File
.LINValve Leak Pointfile
.LINBridge Base Online Hands File
.LINEALinea Sketch Drawing
.LINKiPod Link File
.LINQLINQPad Query File
.LINXiPod Links Folder
.LIPBethesda Softworks Lip Sync File
.LIPClip Studio Paint File
.LIPReal Virtuality Lip Sync File
.LISSQR Output File
.LISVAX Program Listing
.LISPLisp Source Code File
.LISTJAR Index File
.LISTAPT List File
.LITeBook File
.LITLiterate Haskell Script
.LITLit Source Code File
.LITARLitar Virus Encrypted File
.LITEMATICMinecraft Litematica Schematic
.LITEMODMinecraft LiteLoader Mod File
.LIVECODELiveCode Stack File
.LIVEREGSymantec Antivirus Session File
.LIVEUPDATESymantec LiveUpdate File
.LIXLogos Library System File
.LIXExtendSim Simulation Software Library
.LIZDLive Interior 3D Compressed Document
.LJPLossless JPEG Image
.LK12LIKO-12 Disk File
.LLList & Label Preview File
.LLLLVM Intermediate Representation
.LLBLabVIEW Library File
.LLDLogo! Soft Comfort LAD File
.LLMLinden Lab Mesh File
.LLSPLEGO Education Spike Project
.LLXLabVIEW VI Library Backup File
.LMLanguage Model File
.LMALogo! UDF File
.LMBAKEGodot Engine LightMap Bake Binary
.LMCMobility Client Configuration File
.LMFQuartus II Library Mapping File
.LMKSothink Logo Maker Image
.LMNRLuminar 2018 Project File
.LMPQuake Engine Lump File
.LMSLenMus Score File
.LMURPG Maker Map File
.LMXLandmark Exchange File
.LND3D Landscape File
.LNGLanguage Application Support File
.LNGAcrobat Language Plug-in
.LNGWinamp Language File
.LNGMAME Language File
.LNGAVG Language File
.LNKWindows Shortcut
.LNK42Windows 93 Desktop Shortcut
.LNSTAdobe InDesign Line Presets File
.LNTPC-lint/FlexeLint Configuration File
.LNTLaego Note Taker File
.LNTLiveNote Case File
.LNXAtari Lynx ROM
.LNXCommodore 64 Lynx Archive
.LOInterleaf Compiled Lisp File
.LOADERSGTK+ Loaders File
.LOADTESTVisual Studio Load Test File
.LOCGPS Location File
.LOCTrackMania Locator File
.LOCALIZEDmacOS Directory Localization File
.LOCALSTORAGEWebKit Local Storage Data File
.LOCKLock File
.LOCKMinecraft World Lock File
.LOCKEDRansomware Encrypted File
.LOCKERNordLocker Encrypted Archive
.LOCKYLocky Ransomware Encrypted File
.LOCPACKSnowdrop Localization Package
.LODHeroes of Might and Magic 3 Graphics File
.LOFAudacity File List
.LOGLog File
.LOGAntiVir Report Log File
.LOG1Windows Registry Hive Log File
.LOG2Windows Registry Hive Log 2 File
.LOGICLogic Pro Project File
.LOGICLYLogicly Circuit File
.LOGICXLogic Pro Project
.LOGONVISTALogonStudio Windows Vista Logon Screen
.LOGONXPLogonStudio Windows XP Logon Screen
.LOLLOLCODE Source Code FIle
.LOOKSpeedGrade Look File
.LOOKLIBRARYPainter Looks Library
.LOOVSmadav Virus Definitions File
.LOPMasterCook Layout File
.LOVELÖVE Game Package
.LPLightscape Preparation File
.LP2iLEAP Word Processing Document
.LP7LP7 Digitally Signed File
.LPBLaserTank Replay File
.LPDLookout Protocol Driver File
.LPDLPD Daemon Print Permissions File
.LPDBLibrarian Pro Database File
.LPDFLocalized PDF File
.LPKArcGIS Layer Package
.LPKTecplot Layout Package
.LPKGLiferay Application
.LPKGAppspace Language Pack
.LPMDLPMD Molecular Data File
.LPPLabelPrint Project File
.LPROJLocalized Project Folder
.LPSBryce Leaf Shape File
.LQMLG QuickMemo Note
.LQQWLQQW Ransomware Encrypted File
.LQRSQ Compressed LBR Archive
.LQTLiquid Audio File
.LRCLyrics File
.LRCATAdobe Lightroom Classic Catalog
.LRCAT-DATAAdobe Lightroom Classic Catalog Data
.LRDATAAdobe Lightroom Data File
.LRDBAdobe Lightroom Database
.LRECInter-Tel Web Conference Recording
.LRFSony Portable Reader File
.LRFLeague of Legends Replay File
.LRFMicrosoft Linker Response File
.LRGxRes Bitmap Image
.LRLIBAdobe Lightroom CC Library File
.LRLIBRARYAdobe Lightroom Library
.LRMEncarta Class Server Learning Resource File
.LRMODULEAdobe Lightroom Module
.LRPLUGINAdobe Lightroom Classic Plug-in
.LRPREVIEWAdobe Lightroom Preview File
.LRSLibrie Reader Source File
.LRSCheck Point License Request File
.LRSMCOLAdobe Lightroom Smart Collection Settings File
.LRTEMPLATEAdobe Lightroom Template
.LRTOOLKITAdobe Lightroom Toolkit
.LRVLow-resolution Video File
.LRWEBENGINEAdobe Lightroom Web Gallery File
.LRXSony Portable Reader File
.LSLightWave LScript File
.LS3Band-in-a-Box Third-Party Styles File
.LS3Magic Bullet Looks Package
.LSADomino Designer Agent File
.LSCLogo! Soft Comfort File
.LSDRPG Maker Game Save File
.LSDLingvo Dictionary File
.LSFLogos Library System File
.LSFStreaming Media Format
.LSLLightScribe Label
.LSLLiveSplit Layout
.LSNFinale Lesson File
.LSOLogic Audio Project
.LSPLisp Program Source Code File
.LSPLANsurveyor Poll List
.LSPROJVisual Studio LightSwitch Project
.LSPROJLens Studio Project
.LSPROJLivestream Studio Project
.LSRLANsurveyor Report
.LSSLiveSplit Splits
.LSTData List
.LSTFoxPro Documenting Wizard List
.LSTGRUB Boot List File
.LSTLightScribe Label Template
.LSTNow Contact List Template
.LSULANsurveyor Map
.LSWRPG Maker Saved Game File
.LSXStreaming Media Shortcut
.LT2Poser Light Set File
.LTBLithTech Binary File
.LTFLaser App Temp Form File
.LTFFrogans Shortcut File
.LTGLaserTank Graphics File
.LTLLuminaire Data File
.LTRLetter File
.LTXLaTeX Document
.LTXS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Properties File
.LTXDLight Text Editor Document
.LTZCompressed Poser Light Set File
.LUALua Source File
.LUACCompiled Lua Script
.LUCCompiled Lua Source File
.LUCYBlack Rose Lucy Ransomware Encrypted File
.LUDLingvo User Dictionary File
.LUENorton LiveUpdate Log File
.LUFLipikar Uniform Format File
.LUMINARLuminar 4 Catalog Database
.LUTRadioRA Essentials Project Database
.LUTXRadioRA 2 Essentials Project Database
.LUXBLux Map File
.LVALogitech Video Effects Avatar File
.LVFLogitech Video Effects File
.LVFDVR LVF Video File
.LVILazesoft Backup Disk Image
.LVIVTLvivtotoro Encrypted Game File
.LVIXLightworks Video Index File
.LVLGame Level File
.LVLAndroid Motion Video Thumbnail File
.LVLXExtendable Level File
.LVMLabVIEW Measurement File
.LVPAvaya Voice Player Audio File
.LVWLivewire Document
.LW4Lightwright File
.LWDLightworks Data File
.LWFNAdobe Type 1 Mac Font File
.LWOLightWave 3D Object File
.LWPLotus Word Pro Document
.LWSLightWave 3D Scene File
.LWTPLimeWire Theme Pack
.LWVLinguistically Enhanced Sound File
.LWXLightwright Database File
.LX01EnCase Logical Evidence File
.LXAMicrosoft Speech Lexicon File
.LXCPLCARS x32 Color Profile
.LXEModo Environment Preset File
.LXFLEGO Digital Designer Model File
.LXFLEN Exchange Format File
.LXFHarris/Leitch Video File
.LXFMLLEGO Digital Designer XML File
.LXKLexicon Link-up File
.LXOModo 3D Image
.LXSOPTLiquid XML Studio Project Options File
.LXSPROJLiquid XML Studio Project File
.LYLilyPond File
.LYCbestIMAGE Compressed Design File
.LYRArcView Layer File
.LYRbestIMAGE Design File
.LYTAdminsoft Document Layout File
.LYTXcalibur Layout File
.LYTTurboTax Install Log File
.LYTvanBacsco's Karaoke Player Skin File
.LYXLyX Document
.LZLzip Compressed File
.LZ4LZ4 Compressed File
.LZCNeed for Speed Game Data Archive
.LZHLZH Compressed File
.LZMSlax Module
.LZMALZMA Compressed File
.LZOLZO Compressed File
.LZPLazPaint Image
.LZXAmiga LZX Compressed Archive