I File Extensions

Browse file types with extensions beginning with I.

Extension File Type Popularity
.IVisual Studio Intermediate File
.IINTERCAL Source File
.I00DVD Shrink Part 1 File
.I01DVD Shrink Part 2 File
.I02DVD Shrink Part 3 File
.I3DHoudini Image 3D File
.I3PACKPoint Blank Game Data
.I5ZIUCLID 5 Import/Export File
.I6Inform 6 Source Code File
.I6TInform 6 Template
.I7Inform 7 Source Code File
.I7XInform 7 Extension Source Code File
.I7XPInform 7 Extension Project
.IAAINTUS Audio Archive
.IADACTIONiAd Producer Plugin Action Template
.IADCLASSiAd Producer Plugin Class Description File
.IADCOMPONENTiAd Producer Plugin Component File
.IADPAGEiAd Producer Plugin Page Template
.IADPLUGiAd Producer Plugin
.IADPROJiAd Producer Project
.IADSTYLEiAd Producer Plugin Style Template
.IAFOutlook Internet Account File
.IAMInventor Assembly
.IASIntermodulation Analysis System File
.IAVATARiClone Avatar
.IBInterBase Database
.IB2IncrediBots 2 Saved Challenge File
.IB3IncrediBots 3 Saved Challenge File
.IBAiBooks Author Document
.IBALectra Clothing Design Pieces File
.IBADRIsoBuster Address File
.IBATEMPLATEiBooks Author Document Template
.IBBImgBurn Project File
.IBCDInstantBingoCard Document
.IBCHIncrediBots Challenge File
.IBDMySQL InnoDB Table
.IBDATIsoBuster Data File
.IBGImgBurn Graph File
.IBKIncrediMail Account Backup File
.IBOOKSMulti-Touch iBook
.IBPIsoBuster Managed Image Information
.IBPLUGINInterface Builder Plug-in
.IBQIsoBuster Managed Image
.IBREIncrediBots Replay File
.IBROIncrediBots Robot File
.IBTTexture and Model File
.IC1Low Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.IC2Medium Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.IC3High Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.IC3DIC3D Scene File
.ICACitrix ICA File
.ICAImage Object Content Architecture File
.ICALiCalendar File
.ICALENDARiCalendar File
.ICALEVENTiCal Event File
.ICALTODOiCal To Do File
.ICAPInCopy Package File
.ICBTarga ICB Bitmap Image
.ICBUCalendar Backup File
.ICCICC Profile
.ICDInstallable Client Driver File
.ICDSafeDisc Encrypted Program
.ICDIronCAD 2D Drawing File
.ICDBIcaros Thumbnail Database
.ICEICE Compressed Archive
.ICFZoom Router Configuration File
.ICGImage Comparer Gallery File
.ICHATiChat Saved Chat Log
.ICLWindows Icon Library File
.ICLAN24clan Inject Settings
.ICMImage Color Matching Profile
.ICMAInCopy Assignment File
.ICMLInCopy Document
.ICMODInner Core Minecraft PE Mod File
.ICMTInCopy Template
.ICNWindows Icon File
.ICNSmacOS Icon Resource
.ICOIcon File
.ICONIcon Image
.ICONPACKAGEIconPackager Theme File
.ICONSETMac OS X Icon Set Folder
.ICONTAINERCandyBar iContainer File
.ICPRIconUtils Project File
.ICRImage Comparer Results File
.ICSCalendar File
.ICSIronCAD 3D Scene
.ICSIC Recorder Sound File
.ICSTInCopy Document Preset File
.ICURSORFXiCursor Effect File
.IDLotus Notes User ID File
.ID2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File
.ID3TAGMP3 Skype Recorder Temporary File
.IDAPAdobe InDesign Assignment Package
.IDBVisual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.IDBIDA Database File
.IDCInternet Database Connector File
.IDCLInventor Desktop Content Library File
.IDDXStatic Default File
.IDEInventor iFeature
.IDEGTA Item Definition File
.IDEAAdobe Ideas Document
.IDEAIntelliJ IDEA Settings Directory
.IDEATresor IDEA Encrypted File
.IDFMIDI Instrument Definition File
.IDIEVA Controller Event Log
.IDLInterface Definition Language File
.IDLKAdobe InDesign Lock File
.IDMLAdobe InDesign Markup Language File
.IDMSAdobe InDesign Snippet
.IDPKAdobe InDesign Package for GoLive File
.IDPPAdobe InDesign Preflight Profile
.IDTWindows Installer Database Text Archive File
.IDVInventor Design View
.IDWInventor Drawing
.IDXVobSub Subtitles Index File
.IDXIndex File
.IDXHMI Historical Log Index File
.IDXOutlook Express Mailbox Index File
.IDXNavigation POI File
.IDX0Runescape Cache Index File
.IDX255Runescape Cache File
.IECIEChooser HTML File
.IEPDInformation Exchange Package Documentation
.IESIES Photometric Data File
.IFProcedimientos-Uno IFWin Project File
.IFCIndustry Foundation Classes File
.IFCXMLIndustry Foundation Classes XML File
.IFCZIPCompessed IFC File
.IFDInForm Document
.IFFInterchange File Format
.IFICTIONiFiction Metadata File
.IFL3ds Max Image File List
.IFMInformed Form Data Document
.IFODVD-Video Disc Information File
.IFPGTA Animation File
.IFPInstallForge Project
.IFSInfoSlips Package
.IFWINTUS Firmware File
.IGBIntrinsic Graphics Binary File
.IGCAnime List Builder Input File
.IGGSuiteProfiler Color Map File
.IGIIndigo Image File
.IGMIndigo Renderer Material File
.IGMAINTUS Graph Mask Archive
.IGMESHIndigo Renderer Mesh File
.IGNRoboHelp Ignore List File
.IGPIgor Published Music Notation File
.IGPIntel Graphics Profile
.IGQIndigo Queue File
.IGRIgor Engraver File
.IGRQuest3D Channel Group Layout File
.IGSIGES Drawing
.IGSIndigo Renderer Scene File
.IGTiGrafx Document Template
.IGXiGrafx Document
.IGZIntrinsic Alchemy Asset
.IHWIN-HEH Timeline Workspace
.IHXIN-HEH Timeline Database
.IIIconWorkshop Extended Information File
.IIFIntuit Interchange Format File
.IILCleanSweep Installation Log
.IIMiMacro Macro File
.IIPInstall Creator Pro Project File
.IIPThinAnywhere Configuration File
.IIQPhase One RAW Image
.IITInstall Creator Project File
.IIXTranslation Memory Index File
.IKCryENGINE IK Animation File
.IKFINTUS Keyboard File
.IKMPIK Multimedia Preset FIle
.ILBMInterleaved Bitmap Image
.ILDOCQuickSilver Document
.ILGInstallScript Log File
.ILKIncremental Linking File
.ILOI-LIVE-ON Presentation
.IMIndexed Mesh
.IM4MIMG4 Manifest
.IM4PIMG4 Payload File
.IMASage ACT! Email Message
.IMADisk Image
.IMAGEApple Disk Image
.IMAGESqueak Virtual Image
.IMAGEOpenQwaq Image
.IMAGELISTWhere's My ... ? Image List
.IMAGEPORTFOLIOLIBRARYPainter Image Portfolio Library
.IMAZINGiMazing iPhone Backup
.IMAZINGAPPiMazing App Data Backup
.IMDGIS Image Metadata File
.IMDMicrosoft VisioModeler File
.IMDImageDisk Disk Image File
.IMEWindows Input Method Editor File
.IMFId Music File
.IMFImago Orpheus Module
.IMGDisc Image Data File
.IMGMacintosh Disk Image
.IMGGrand Theft Auto Data File
.IMGGarmin Map File
.IMGFloppy Disk Image
.IMG2iPhone Firmware Image
.IMG3iPhone IMG3 File
.IMGAAleph One Image File
.IMIMagellan Map File
.IMIIncrediMail Image
.IMJJFIF Bitmap Image
.IMLIntelliJ IDEA Module
.IMLACT! Internet Mail Message
.IMMiMindMap Map File
.IMOVIEEVENTiMovie Event File
.IMOVIELIBRARYiMovie Library File
.IMOVIEPROJiMovie Project File
.IMPAudition Impulse File
.IMPImagine Project
.IMPImprov Spreadsheet
.IMPORTGodot Engine Import Settings File
.IMRImpromptu Report File
.IMTMy Time Data File
.IMTXiMindMap Template File
.IMXiMindMap Map File
.IMYiMelody Ringtone File
.IMZWinImage Compressed Disk Image
.INInput File
.INAutoconf Input File
.INSpyware File
.INCInclude File
.INCTotal Commander Settings File
.INCAInCopy CS3 Assignment File
.INCDInCopy Document
.INCPInCopy CS3 Package File
.INCTInCopy Template
.INCXInCopy CS3 Interchange File
.INDMemory Stick Formatting File
.INDAdobe InDesign Document
.INDBAdobe InDesign Book File
.INDDAdobe InDesign Document
.INDESIGNPLUGINAdobe InDesign Plug-in
.INDKAdobe Shortcut Set File
.INDLAdobe InDesign Library
.INDPAdobe InDesign CS3 Package File
.INDSAdobe InDesign Snippet File
.INDTAdobe InDesign Template
.INETLOCInternet Location
.INFSetup Information File
.INFInform Source Code File
.INFINITEMACDISKInfinite Mac Disk Image
.INFOZoomBrowser Image Index File
.INFOGeneric Information File
.INFODrupal Module Information File
.INFOMinecraft Forge Information File
.INFOTexinfo Document
.INFOPATHXMLMicrosoft InfoPath Form
.INFORMInform Project
.INF_LOCWindows Driver Information Cache File
.INGMasterCook Ingredients File
.INIWindows Initialization File
.INIGravis UltraSound Bank Setup File
.INISymbian OS Configuration File
.INIFinale Preferences File
.INJBInDesign Job Bag File
.INKMimio Notebook
.INKInker Image
.INKPantone Reference File
.INKInkML Image
.INKPocket PC Handwritten Note
.INLC++ Inline File
.INLKAdobe InDesign Lock File
.INLXAdobe InDesign Interchange Library
.INMFaxMaster Document
.INMSAdobe InDesign Menu Set File
.INOArduino Sketch
.INPgretl Script File
.INPAbaqus Input File
.INPMAME Replay File
.INPSony Camcorder Image Management File
.INPUrdu InPage Document
.INPROGRESSTime Machine Backup Progress File
.INSInternet Settings File
.INSLaTeX Installer Script
.INSAdlib Tracker Instrument File
.INSInternet Naming Service File
.INSSample Cell II Instrument Definition File
.INSInspiration File
.INSEnsoniq Instrument
.INSAGT Game Instruction File
.INSInternet Explorer Installation Settings
.INSPInsta360 Panoramic Image
.INSTALLLOG.NET Assembly Installation Log
.INSTALLSTATE.NET Assembly Uninstaller File
.INSVInsta360 Panoramic Video
.INTSGI Integer Image
.INTSony Camcorder Image Management File
.INTUnreal International Localization File
.INTFallout Compiled Script
.INTIntellivision Game ROM File
.INTERNETCONNECTApple Internet Connect Document
.INVINVedit File
.INVSphinx Object Inventory
.INVInvivo Image
.INXAdobe InDesign Interchange File
.INXCompiled Script
.INXInkscape Extension Descriptor File
.IOBrickLink Studio LEGO Model
.IOBITAdvanced SystemCare Rollback File
.IONFile Description File
.IPIconPackager Theme File
.IPInteractive Physics Project
.IPAiOS Application
.IPALIASiPhoto Alias File
.IPCCiPhone Carrier Bundle
.IPCHIntellisense Precompiled Header File
.IPDBlackBerry Backup File
.IPFSMS Installer Script
.IPFiMPACT Project File
.IPFInterchangeable Preservation File
.IPFPCAN-Explorer Panel File
.IPFOS/2 Help File
.IPGiPod Game File
.IPHOTOiPhoto Library File
.IPHOTOPROJECTiPhoto Print Project
.IPICKiPick Football Image
.IPJInventor Project
.IPJProFicient SPC Manufacturing Intelligence Project File
.IPKItsy Package
.IPKwebOS TV Application
.IPKInteractive Package
.IPLGTA Item Placement File
.IPLBiPhoto Library Archive Document
.IPMETAApple iPhoto Metadata File
.IPNInventor Presentation
.IPODRockbox Firmware File
.IPPInline Guard Macro File
.IPRInstallShield Professional Project File
.IPRIntelliJ IDEA Project File
.IPRiProcrastinate Data File
.IPROJECTiClone Project File
.IPSInternal Patching System Patch File
.IPSiOS Analytics Data
.IPSPlayStation 2 In-Game Video
.IPSPOTiPhoto Spot File
.IPSWiPod and iPhone Software Update File
.IPTInventor Part
.IPTHEMEIconPackager Raw Theme File
.IPUPlayStation 2 In-Game Video
.IPVibis Paint Artwork
.IPYNBJupyter Notebook
.IQ4IQ4E Controller Strategy File
.IQMOLIQmol Archive
.IQPIntelliQuilter Pattern
.IQYInternet Query
.IRFlipper Infrared Control File
.IRCPSpeedGrade IRIDAS Composite File
.IRFCCTV DVR H.264 Video File
.IROCKintelliRock Sensor Data File
.IROSAdobe Save For Web Settings File
.IRPInfraRecorder Project
.IRPInternet Researcher Project File
.IRRIrrlicht 3D Scene
.IRRBrewer Lamp File
.IRRMESHIrrlicht Static Mesh File
.IRSAdobe Save For Web Settings
.IRXBrewer Irradiation File
.IS1M3 Sakura Real-Time Save 1 File
.IS1Synergy/DE Data Index File
.IS2Thermal Image Data File
.ISAIndie Studios Sound Archive
.ISALEiSale Auction
.ISALLICiSale License File
.ISCXilinx Device Configuration File
.ISDFlexera InstallShield Dialog Box File
.ISDATAIcon Services Data
.ISEInstallShield Express Project File
.ISEXilinx ISE Project
.ISFInspiration Flowchart Document
.ISFInk Serialized Format
.ISHISH Compressed Archive
.ISH1Animation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish Document
.ISH2Animation-ish FlipBook-ish Document
.ISH3Animation-ish Advanced-ish Document
.ISMIIS Smooth Streaming Manifest File
.ISMInstallShield Project File
.ISMAIIS Smooth Streaming Audio File
.ISMCSmooth Streaming Client Manifest File
.ISMCLIPiStopMotion Animation Clip
.ISMVIIS Smooth Streaming Video File
.ISNInstaller Source File
.ISODisc Image File
.ISOArbortext IsoDraw Document
.ISOPlayStation 2 ROM File
.ISOWii / GameCube ROM
.ISOPlayStation Portable ROM
.ISOZCompressed Arbortext IsoDraw Illustration
.ISPIIS Internet Service Provider Settings
.ISPCImage Surfer Pro Collection File
.ISPDLabSolutions IR Data
.ISPXiStudio Publisher Document
.ISRGoMoku Game File
.ISSInstallShield Silent Response File
.ISSInno Setup Script
.ISSFunCom ISS Audio File
.ISTInstallShield Project Template File
.ISTInspiration Template
.ISUInstallShield Uninstaller Script
.ISXSimulationX Project
.ISZZipped ISO Disk Image
.ITImpulse Tracker Module
.ITAIconTweaker Theme Archive
.ITAVTech InnoTab Application File
.ITCiTunes Cover Flow Data File
.ITC2iTunes Cover Flow Data File 2
.ITDBiTunes Database File
.ITEiTunes Extras File
.ITEMDATA-MSWindows 8 Start Screen Item Data File
.ITFImage Tuner File
.ITHMBiPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File
.ITIImpulse Tracker Instrument
.ITIInterActual Skin File
.ITKScummVM Game Data File
.ITLiTunes Library File
.ITLPiTunes LP Album File
.ITLSiTunes Live Stream URL
.ITMiThink Model File
.ITMSiTunes Music Store Link File
.ITMSPiTunes Store Package
.ITNTomTom Navigator Itinerary File
.ITPCiTunes Podcast Link
.ITRIcy Tower Replay File
.ITSInternet Document Set
.ITSImpulse Tracker Sample
.ITTIconTweaker Theme File
.ITWInTouch With Database
.ITXFileNet eForms Designer Template
.IUPFritz Update File
.IUSInfoTMIC Firmware Update File
.IVOpen Inventor Scene Graph File
.IV2INorton Ghost Incremental Virtual Volume Image
.IVASurveillance Video File
.IVADementia.4207 Virus File
.IVCInteliSea Vessel Configuration File
.IVDBitdefender Incremental Virus Definitions File
.IVEOpenSceneGraph Binary File
.IVFIndeo Video Format File
.IVRInternet Video Recording
.IVRImage Worlds File
.IVSInitialization Vector File
.IVSInternet Streaming Video
.IVTBeyond 20/20 Table File
.IVTInternational Volleyball 2006 Data File
.IVUELive Picture IVUE Image
.IWChain Engineering Database File
.IWIdleWild Module
.IWAiWork Archive File
.IWBIWBasic Source Code File
.IWDCall of Duty Game Data File
.IWDGTiWeb Widget File
.IWIInfinity Ward Texture File
.IWMiWriteMusic Data File
.IWSIntelliJ IDEA Web Page
.IWSInstallWatch Scan File
.IWXDATAiWorx Data File
.IWZInstallShield Express 2 Project File
.IXdtSearch Index File
.IX2WordPerfect Address Book File
.IXAUlead Disc Image format
.IXBUlead Disc Image
.IZEIZArc Archive
.IZZIsadora Media Control Project
.IZZYIsadora Project