B File Extensions

Browse file types with extensions beginning with B.

Extension File Type Popularity
.BGrand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File
.BBASIC Source File
.BBrainf*ck Source Code File
.B00BlindWrite CD Data Segment File
.B01BlindWrite CD Data Segment File
.B02BlindWrite CD Data Segment File
.B1B1 Compressed Archive
.B2ABtoa Encoded File
.B3DBlitz3D Entity Model File
.B4SWinamp Playlist File
.B5IBlindWrite 5 Disk Image
.B5TBlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File
.B64Base64 MIME-Encoded File
.B6IBlindWrite 6 Disc Image
.B6TBlindWrite 6 Track Information File
.B6ZB6Z Archive
.B83TI-83 Premium CE Bundle Image
.B84TI-84 Plus CE Bundle Image
.BAScifer External Header Archive
.BA0TaxAct 2020 1040 Tax Return Backup File
.BA2Bethesda Softworks Archive
.BA6TaxAct 2016 Tax Return Backup File
.BA7TaxAct 2017 Tax Return Backup File
.BA8TaxAct 2018 Tax Return Backup File
.BA9TaxAct 2019 Tax Return Backup File
.BABYLONBabylon.js Scene
.BACBackup File
.BACKUPAndroid Backup File
.BACKUP1Split Android Backup File
.BACKUPDBTime Machine Backup Folder
.BACKUPINFOAromaBackup Metadata
.BACPACCompressed Microsoft SQL Database
.BADExchange Badmail File
.BAFLBurnAware File List
.BAKBackup File
.BAKBookmarks Backup File
.BAKACT! Backup File
.BAKMicrosoft SQL Server Database Backup
.BAKVEGAS Video Project Backup
.BAKHolo Launcher Backup
.BAKFinale Backup File
.BAKMobileTrans Backup File
.BAKTerraria Backup File
.BAK1Starbound Backup File
.BAK2Backup File
.BAK2Starbound Backup File
.BAK3Backup File
.BAK3Starbound Backup File
.BAKXFinale Backup File
.BAK~AbiWord Auto-Saved Document
.BANDGarageBand Project File
.BANKFMOD Audio Bank File
.BAPBlaze Audio Wave Information File
.BARAge of Empires 3 Data File
.BARXnViewMP Custom Toolbars
.BARAge of Mythology Data File
.BARBrew MP Binary Application Resource File
.BARSBinary Sound Archive File
.BASBASIC Source Code File
.BASERPROJDNA Baser Project File
.BASEXBaseX Data File
.BASHRCBash Non-Interactive Login Shell File
.BASH_HISTORYBash History File
.BASH_PROFILEBash Interactive Login Shell File
.BATDOS Batch File
.BAUApache OpenOffice AutoText File
.BAVAVG AntiVirus The Bat! Plugin File
.BAYCasio RAW Image
.BBBlitz Source Code File
.BB3BlasterBall 3 Level File Support
.BBBBlackBerry Mobile Phone Backup File
.BBCDBobCAD-CAM Document
.BBDOCBuildbox Document
.BBFWApple Baseband Firmware Update
.BBKEYMAPBlockbench Keymap
.BBLBibTeX Generated Bibliography File
.BBLMBBEdit Language Module
.BBMODELBlockbench 3D Model
.BBPROJECTBBEdit Project File
.BBPROJECTDBBEdit Project Document
.BBSBulletin Board System Text
.BBSETTINGSBlockbench Settings
.BBTHEMEBlockbench Theme
.BCBitComet Partially Downloaded File
.BCAdobe Bridge Cache File
.BCOpenTerrainGenerator Biome Configuration
.BC!BitComet Incomplete File
.BC3FIEBDC-3 Database File
.BC5BRansomware Encrypted File
.BCABCArchive Encrypted Archive
.BCCCalendar Creator File
.BCDWindows Boot Configuration Data File
.BCDRealView Debugger Board Chip Definition File
.BCFBusiness Card Designer Pro File
.BCIBelarc Advisor Report File
.BCKVMX Backup File
.BCKPAd-Aware Quarantined File
.BCLIllumina Base Call File
.BCLAN3DS Binary CTR Layout Animation
.BCLARABinary Clara Game Data File
.BCMBusiness Contact Manager File
.BCMFree Pascal Character Set Unit File
.BCMMicrosoft Works Communications Script Backup
.BCMAdobe Bridge Cache File
.BCMXBusiness Contact Manager Customization
.BCPBorland C++ Makefile
.BCPBusiness Card Designer Plus File
.BCPBlackMagic Custom Palette
.BCPBatch Compiler Preset File
.BCPMario Kart Wii Binary Camera Parameter
.BCRESNintendo 3DS Game Model
.BCSBatch Compiler Specification File
.BCSTMBCSTM Audio Stream File
.BCTAdobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache File
.BDAEGameloft Game Data File
.BDBMicrosoft Works Database Backup File
.BDCBabylon Dictionary File
.BDCWest Point Bridge Designer Design File
.BDDCARA Sound Radiation Data File
.BDFGlyph Bitmap Distribution Format
.BDFBinary Data File
.BDFBulk Data Input File
.BDFBSDiff Patch File
.BDFMIDAS BDF Disk Image File
.BDICChrome Dictionary File
.BDLCoCreate Bundle File
.BDMAVCHD Information File
.BDMVBlu-ray Disc Movie Information File
.BDOCBinary DigiDoc Signature File
.BDPExchange Diagnostic Message
.BDRExchange Non-Delivery Report Body File
.BDRPublisher Borders File
.BDSPROJBorland Developer Studio Project
.BDT2BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 2 Document
.BDT3BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 3 Document
.BEABezel Engine Archive
.BEAMCompiled Erlang File
.BEANBean Rich Text Document
.BEDUCSC BED Annotation Track File
.BETBETA Source File
.BFBirdfont Project File
.BFCryoBF Game Data File
.BFUbisoft BigFile Game Data Archive
.BFBrainf*ck Source Code File
.BFABlowfish Encrypted File
.BFCWindows Briefcase File
.BFEBcrypt Encrypted File
.BFFBackup File Format
.BFGBig Fish Games Application File
.BFIBrute Force & Ignorance Video
.BFMTerminal Reality Model File
.BFMAWii U Game Manual
.BFRESWii U Model File
.BFSFlatOut Game Data File
.BFSARBFSAR Sound Archive
.BFSTMBFSTM Audio Stream
.BFXBitware Fax Document
.BGIBgInfo Configuration File
.BGLFlight Simulator Scenery File
.BGLBabylon Glossary File
.BGTGraphics Accounts Data File
.BGZBlood Frontier Map File
.BHBlakHole Archive
.BHOBehold Organize File
.BHXBinHex Encoded File
.BIBBibTeX Bibliography Database
.BIBBibliography Document
.BIBTEXBibTeX Bibliography Database
.BICCivilization 3 Scenario File
.BICNeverwinter Nights Character File
.BIDULEBidule Layout File
.BIFBioWare Infinity Engine File
.BIFBoot Information File
.BIFBifrost Mesh Cache
.BIFVentana Whole Slide Image
.BIFGet Backup Project File
.BIFXGet Backup Project
.BIGElectronic Arts Game Data File
.BIKBink Video File
.BIKVideo Game Movie File
.BIK2Bink Video 2 File
.BIMBytessence InstallMaker Document
.BIMXBIM Explorer File
.BINBinary Disc Image
.BINBinary Video File
.BINMacbinary Encoded File
.BINGeneric Binary File
.BINSega Genesis Game ROM
.BINUnix Executable File
.BINNintendo DS Binary File
.BINGeneric Binary Executable File
.BINRouter Firmware File
.BINGOG.com Game Data File
.BINAtari 2600 Game ROM
.BINPCSX PlayStation BIOS Image
.BINBlackBerry IT Policy File
.BINNintendo Wii Data File
.BINARYPC Building Simulator Save File
.BINARYCOOKIESSafari Cookies File
.BIOMudbox Bio 3D File
.BIOFallout 2 Character Biography File
.BIONIXBioniX Wallpaper Playlist File
.BIPCharacter Studio Biped File
.BIPDharma Ransomware Encrypted File
.BIQCivilization 3 Scenario File
.BITXilinx Bitstream File
.BITFinalCrypt Encrypted Data File
.BITMP3 Audio File
.BITPIMBitPim Configuration File
.BITSBOARDBitsboard Board File
.BIXCivilization 3 Scenario File
.BIXKodicom Video File
.BIZBroderbund Business Card File
.BJOTabRite Tablature File
.BKSmart Switch Backup File
.BKFrameMaker Book File
.BK1Autodesk Backup File
.BK1Windows Indexing Service File
.BK2Bink Video 2 File
.BK2Windows Indexing Service Data File
.BKCBackup4all Backup Catalog
.BKFWindows Backup Utility File
.BKKBookBuddi eBook File
.BKMKYummy FTP Bookmark File
.BKPBackup File
.BKPZapback Backup File
.BKSNTBackup Settings File
.BKSMicrosoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File
.BKUPBackup File
.BKYMIT App Inventor Blocks XML File
.BKZFileFort Backup File
.BKZBaKoMa TeX Installation Module
.BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
.BLBBlob Data File
.BLBDreamworks Resource File
.BLBInteractive Fiction Package Game File
.BLDEnvisioneer Building Project File
.BLDSkyscraper Simulator Building Script
.BLENDBlender 3D Data File
.BLEND1Blender Document Backup File
.BLEND2Blender Document Backup 2 File
.BLFCLFS Base Log File
.BLFMasterWorks Working File
.BLGWindows Binary Performance Log File
.BLGBibTeX Log File
.BLIThomson Speedtouch Firmware File
.BLIBCLARABinary Clara Library
.BLKAutoCAD Block Template File
.BLKABBYY FineReader Area Template
.BLKBLK360 Data File
.BLKRTBlock Artist Image File
.BLNGolden Software Blanking File
.BLOBValve Steam Archive
.BLOGTHISWindows Live Writer Data File
.BLORBInteractive Fiction Package Game File
.BLOWERBlower Ransomware Encrypted File
.BLPBlizzard Texture File
.BLPSpeedy Eggbert Game Data File
.BLSBlockland Saved Game File
.BLTAIM Buddy List
.BLUEBUTTONVA Blue Button Data File
.BLUEJBlueJ Package File
.BLWAdobe Photoshop Black and White Presets File
.BLZN-Gage Mobile Video Game File
.BLZTeamViewer Blizz Session File
.BM2Subspace Bitmap File
.BM2Boardmaker Interactive Board File
.BM3Sony Ericsson Backup File
.BMCBitmap Cache File
.BMCBolide Movie Creator Project File
.BMDMU Online Game Data File
.BMDGameCube 3D Model File
.BMEBeatMania 7-Key Song File
.BMFBinary Material File
.BMFFloorPlan File
.BMGNintendo Message File
.BMI3ds Max Plug-in
.BMKPowerDVD MovieMark File
.BMKHelp Bookmarks
.BMKNokia Device Bookmark File
.BMKBillMinder Backup File
.BMLBean Markup Language File
.BMLBraille 2000 Braille File
.BMMLBraille Music Markup Language File
.BMMLBalsamiq Mockups Markup Language File
.BMPBitmap Image
.BMQRe-Volt Mipmap File
.BMSBeatMania Song File
.BMSBIOWRAP Multi-Layer Security File
.BMSQuickBMS Script
.BMVTeeny Weeny Games Video File
.BMXSiemens Mobile Animations File
.BMZPortal Bonus Map Zip File
.BMZCompressed Bitmap Image
.BNABarna Word Processor Document
.BNDDB2 CLI Bind File
.BNDLGame Data Bundle File
.BNGThe Bingo Maker Card File
.BNKTest Drive Unlimited Data Package
.BNKAdlib Instrument Bank
.BNKSpotify Playlist File
.BNKExamView Question Bank File
.BNLTalking Reading Pen Audio File
.BNPSony Camcorder Video Data File
.BNRNintendo Wii Banner File
.BNSPortal Bonus Map Script
.BNVIBBinary NX Vibration File
.BNZThe Bingo Maker Card Template File
.BO2Minecraft BO2 Object File
.BO3Minecraft BO3 Object File
.BO4OpenTerrainGenerator Custom Structure
.BO4DATAOpenTerrainGenerator Binary Custom Structure
.BOCEasyWord Big Document
.BOKTestGen Testbank File
.BOKProStores Dynamic Webpage
.BOMMac OS X Bill of Materials File
.BONKBonk Audio File
.BOOBooasm Compressed Archive
.BOOKFrameMaker Book File
.BOOKiBooks Author Document
.BOOKBookSmart Book File
.BOOKBudget In Brief Book File
.BOOKEXPORTBookSmart Backup Book File
.BOOKTEMPLATEiBooks Author Document Template
.BOOKTEMPLATEBookSmart Template
.BOOTInstallShield Boot File
.BOOTSKINStardock Bootskin File
.BOSBuild Options Specification File
.BOXE-mail Mailbox
.BOXKodicom Video
.BOXMicrosoft Store Download File
.BPBoomplay Music File
.BP2AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.BP3AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.BPAStorageSync Backup Archive
.BPBPowerDesigner Business Process Backup File
.BPDBusiness Plan Pro Document
.BPDBinary Printer Description File
.BPDXAcrobat Batch PDX File
.BPDXBusiness Plan Pro Document
.BPFBaan ERP Document
.BPGBorland Project Group
.BPHYSBlender Cache File
.BPJBoxsim Simulation Project
.BPKNero SecurDisc Public Key File
.BPLAutoCAD Batch Plot File
.BPLBorland Package Library
.BPLBore Plan Log
.BPLXBore Plan XML File
.BPMTrados AutoSuggest Dictionary File
.BPMBizagi Process Modeler
.BPMPowerDesigner Business Process Model
.BPMCBizagi Process Modeler Collaboration
.BPNArchiCAD Project Backup File
.BPRBorland C++Builder Project File
.BPSBPS Patch File
.BPSBPS Virus File
.BPWBitser Password File
.BPWBitmap World File
.BQYBrio Query File
.BRBrotli Compressed File
.BR3Bryce 3 Scene File
.BR4Bryce 4 Scene File
.BR5Bryce 5 Scene File
.BR6Bryce 6 Scene File
.BR7Bryce 7 Scene File
.BRAINPersonalBrain Mind Map File
.BRDEAGLE Circuit Board
.BRDCadence Allegro PCB Design File
.BRDKiCad PCB Design File
.BREFFWii Effect Controls File
.BREFTWii Effects File
.BREPBRep 3D Model File
.BRFBraille Ready Format File
.BRFMount & Blade Game Data Archive
.BRFNANintendo Wii Font File
.BRFNTWii Game Font File
.BRGProjectWise User Settings File
.BRGAge of Mythology Model File
.BRIBryce Plug-in File
.BRIDGECACHEAdobe Bridge Cache Export File
.BRKDraw Bricks Structure
.BRKBrick Hill Brick File
.BRLMicroBraille File
.BRMBryce Plug-in File
.BRMDLWii BRMDL Model File
.BRNBrainStorm Data File
.BRNCube Graphics File
.BROCreataCard Brochure Project
.BROBroadleaf Tree Model
.BRODesign & Print Page Design File
.BROBryce Plug-in
.BROWSERASP.NET Browser Definition File
.BRRSNES Sample File
.BRRESWii BRRES Resource Package
.BRSRoboHelp Browse Sequence File
.BRSARWii BRSAR Audio Archive
.BRSEQBinary Revolution Sequence Format File
.BRSTMBRSTM Audio Stream File
.BRTBryce Textures File
.BRTEXWii BRTEX Texture File
.BRUSHCATEGORYPainter Brush Category
.BRUSHLIBRARYPainter Brush Library
.BRUSHVARIANTPainter Brush Variant
.BRVBrick Rigs Vehicle File
.BRWCalyx Point Borrower File
.BRXBREW Application Resource File
.BRXBeam Report Document
.BSPrintfox Bitmap Image
.BSBaldur's Gate Player Character Script
.BS1VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File
.BS2BASIC Stamp 2 Code File
.BS4Mikogo Session Video Recording
.BS7Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin
.BSABethesda Softworks Archive
.BSBBioShock Saved Game File
.BSCVisual Studio Source Browser Information File
.BSDESIGNBootstrap Studio Website Design
.BSDIFFBSDiff Patch File
.BSDLBoundary Scan Description Language File
.BSFBlu-ray AVC Video File
.BSGBesiege Machine File
.BSHBeanShell Script
.BSKNero SecurDisc Private Key File
.BSKBryce Skies File
.BSPQuake or Source Engine Game Map
.BSPMario Kart Wii Binary Settings and Physics File
.BSSResident Evil Background Images File
.BSTBibTeX Style Document
.BSVImBatch Task List
.BSWStruWalker 3D Model
.BSWXBIMReview 3D Model
.BSXCBimSens Component Configuration File
.BSXPBimSens Project Configuration File
.BTBinary Terrain File
.BT!BitSpirit Incomplete Download File
.BTAPPuTorrent App
.BTDBusiness-in-a-Box Document
.BTFNationsBank Check Images
.BTINintendo Texture File
.BTIFNationsBank Check Image File
.BTMBizTalk Map File
.BTM4DOS Batch File
.BTNAutoPlay Media Studio Button File
.BTOBryce Tree File
.BTOABinary-to-ASCII Encoded File
.BTRBtrieve Database File
.BTSEARCHBitTorrent Search Engine File
.BTWBarTender Label
.BUSamsung CCTV Video File
.BUDBinary Printer Description File
.BUFBuffer File
.BUILDPATHEclipse Build Path File
.BUILDSETTINGTwixl Publisher Builder Build Setting
.BULI4 Bullseye Data File
.BUNCakewalk Bundle File
.BUNDLEMac OS X Application Bundle
.BUNDLEGame Data Bundle File
.BUPDVD IFO Backup File
.BUPBackup File
.BUPMcAfee Quarantined File
.BUSOMSI Bus Configuration File
.BUSVirtualBus Board Parameters File
.BVDBitdefender Vault File
.BVHBiovision Hierarchy Animation File
.BVPVodaHost BlueVoda Project File
.BVRBlue Iris Video
.BVSBVS Solitaire Collection Saved Game
.BWBlack and White SGI Image File
.BWABlindWrite Disk Information File
.BWAVBinary Wave Audio File
.BWFBroadcast Wave File
.BWGBrainWave Generator Audio File
.BWIBlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image
.BWSBlindWrite Sub Code File
.BWTBlindWrite 4 Track Information FIle
.BWWBagpipe Player File
.BXLAccelerated Designs PCB Library File
.BXTBalabolka Text Document
.BXXBS Contact Parameter File
.BYTESBinary Text Asset Data File
.BYUBrigham Young University Movie File
.BZBzip Compressed File
.BZ2Bzip2 Compressed File
.BZAIZArc BGA Archive
.BZABWCompressed AbiWord Document
.BZIPBzip Compressed Archive
.BZPLUGAfterShot Pro Plugin Bundle
.BZWBZFlag World File
.BZZBuzzBundle Project

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