# File Extensions

Browse file types with extensions beginning with a number or special character.

Extension File Type Popularity
.!BTBitTorrent Incomplete Download File
.!QBqBittorrent Partial Download File
.!SYNCBitTorrent Partially Synced File
.!UTuTorrent Incomplete Download
.##Encrypt Easy Encrypted File
.###NewSoftwares Temporary File
.$$$Temporary File
.$01DOS Pipe File
.$DBdBASE Temporary File
.$ERGroupWise Database
.0Hacha Split File Segment
.0M3 DS Real Saved Game
.0Android CA Digital Certificate
.0Shared Library Link File
.0Incomplete Mario Kart Wii Course
.00The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 File
.000Windows CE Installation Data File
.000Virtual CD Disc Image File
.000DoubleSpace Compressed File
.000Indexing Service Data File
.001Split Archive Part 1
.001Norton Ghost Disk Backup
.001Snes9x Slot 2 Saved State
.001Multimedia Fusion Backup File
.001Fax File
.002Split Archive Part 2
.003Split Archive Part 3
.004Split Archive Part 4
.007James Bond 007: Nightfire Game Asset File
.0ADSAVE0 A.D. Game Save File
.0CC0CC-FamiTracker Module
.0FOPWWE 2K Entrance or Victory Animation File
.0XEF-Secure Renamed Virus File
.1Unix Section 1 Manual Page
.113Iomega Disk Backup
.123Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.123PCB123 Circuit Board Design
.123CAutodesk 123C Drawing
.123DAutodesk 123D Drawing
.123DX123D Design Model File
.12MLotus 1-2-3 SmartMaster File
.17T2017 StudioTax Return File
.1PETurboTax Form File
.1PHTurboTax File
.1SCBio-Rad Quantity One Gel Image
.1STReadme File
.1TE1tracker Music Engine
.1TI1tracker Instrument
.1TM1tracker Module
.2Unix Section 2 Manual Page
.208ASUS Notebook BIOS 208 Update File
.256Descent 2 Color Palette
.264Ripped Video Data File
.264IP/CCTV Video File
.2BPPocket PC Bitmap Image File
.2CHSuper Audio CD Two-Channel Audio
.2DVersaCAD 2D Drawing File
.2FAS2FAS Token Backup
.2FSPuppy Linux Save State File
.2MGApple IIGS Disk Image
.2SFNintendo DS Sound File
.2SFLIBNintendo DS Audio Library File
.3Unix Section 3 Manual Page
.323H.323 Internet Telephony File
.32XSega 32X ROM
.360360desktop Panorama File
.386Windows Virtual Device Driver
.3DSurvex 3D Cavern File
.3DStereo CAD-3D Image File
.3D2Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File
.3D4Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File
.3DA3D Assembly File
.3DCiGO 3D Building File
.3DCRacerMate 3D Course File
.3DCRoboCell Cell Setup File
.3DC3DCT 3D Image
.3DC3DCrafter Scene File
.3DDArcGlobe Document
.3DF3D Format
.3DLLightConverse 3D Model File
.3DLiGO Landmark File
.3DL3D Lookup Table File
.3DLSierra LandDesigner 3D File
.3DMRhino 3D Model
.3DMARK-RESULT3DMark Results File
.3DMDEF3DMark Definition File
.3DMFQuickDraw 3D Metafile
.3DMK123D Make Project File
.3DONScrutinize 3D Mesh File
.3DP123D Catch Photo Scene Data File
.3DP3DMark2011 SE Project File
.3DR3DMark Results File
.3DR3D Rad Project File
.3DS3D Studio Scene
.3DSNintendo 3DS ROM
.3DSXNintendo 3DS Homebrew Launcher File
.3DT3D Topicscape File
.3DV3D VRML World
.3DW3D World Studio Environment
.3DWStudio Store Visualizer 3D Environment File
.3DXRhino 3D Model File
.3DXMLDassault Systemes 3D XML File
.3DZEasy 3D Creator Project
.3DZNintendo 3DS ROM
.3FRHasselblad 3F RAW Image
.3FSPuppy Linux Save State File
.3G23GPP2 Multimedia File
.3GA3GPP Audio File
.3GM3D Groove Model
.3GP3GPP Multimedia File
.3GP23GPP Multimedia File
.3GPA3GPP Multimedia File
.3GPP3GPP Media File
.3GPP23GPP2 Multimedia File
.3GXLuma3DS 3GX Plug-in
.3METurboTax Form File
.3MF3D Manufacturing File
.3MM3D Movie Maker Movie Project
.3P23GPP Multimedia File
.3PETurboTax Form
.3WXYZprinting Sliced Model File
.4Unix Section 4 Manual Page
.411Mavica Thumbnail Image
.477MNS Shape Definition Companion File
.4DB4th Dimension Database Structure File
.4DD4th Dimension Database Data File
.4DL4th Dimension Database Log File
.4DV4D View Ultrasound File
.4FSPuppy Linux Save State File
.4MP4-MP3 Database File
.4THForth Language File
.4UIForeUI Plot File
.4XM4X Movie
.5Unix Section 5 Manual Page
.555Black & White Weather Settings File
.5VW5View Packet Capture File
.5XBLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Bundle
.5XELine 6 POD HD500X Edit Preset File
.5XSLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Setlist File
.6Unix Section 6 Manual Page
.602Text602 Document
.60DCCTV Video Clip
.669UNIS Composer 669 Module
.68KSEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics ROM File
.6CMSix Channel Module
.7Unix Section 7 Manual Page
.73BTI-73 Backup File
.73CTI-73 Constant File
.73ITI-73 Screenshot File
.73KTI-73 Application
.73LTI-73 Data List File
.73PTI-73 Program
.73UTI-73 Explorer Operating System File
.787AVTECH CCTV Video File
.7Z7-Zip Compressed File
.7Z.0017-Zip Split Archive Part 1 File
.7Z.0027-Zip Split Archive Part 2 File
.8Unix Section 8 Manual Page
.83PTI-83 Calculator File
.86F86Box Floppy Disk Image
.890Cavena Subtitles File
.89KTI-89 Application
.89UTI-89 Titanium Operating System File
.89ZTI-89 Program
.8BAPhotoshop Plug-in
.8BCPhotoshop 5.0 Plug-in
.8BEPhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.8BFFilter Factory Image Filter
.8BFPhotoshop Filter Plug-in
.8BIPhotoshop Plug-in
.8BI8Photoshop Plug-in
.8BLPhotoshop Plug-in
.8BSPhotoshop 5.0 Selection Plug-in
.8BXPhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.8BYPhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.8CATI-84 Plus C Image Var Format
.8CITI-84 Plus C Pic Vars Image
.8CKTI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Application File
.8CMEight Channel Module
.8CUTI-84 Plus C Operating System File
.8LDOverlord 2 Language File
.8LIPhotoshop Scripting Plug-in
.8MEDAmiga OctaMED Music File
.8PBSAdobe Photoshop Macintosh File
.8ST8start Launcher File
.8SVXAmiga 8-Bit Sound File
.8XGTI-83/84 Plus Group File
.8XITI-83/84 Plus Picture File
.8XKTI-83 Plus Application Upgrade File
.8XPTI-83 Plus Calculator File
.8XSTI-83/84 Plus String File
.8XUTI-83 and TI-84 Plus Operating System File
.8XVTI-83/84 Plus Variable File
.9.PNGNinePatchDrawable Image
.@@@MS-DOS 2.0 to 3.2x Backup Control File
.@EXNational Geographic Maps Map
.^^^Pervasive.SQL Database File
._DOCRenamed Microsoft Word Document
._DOCXRenamed Microsoft Word Document
._EMLWindows Live Mail Email File
._NWSWindows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy File
._PLAYMUSICIDGoogle Play Music ID File
._SYS.LFOAdware File
._XLSRenamed Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
._XLSXRenamed Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.__AFile Splitter & Joiner Encrypted File
.__BFile Splitter & Joiner Encrypted Archive File
.{PBCorel WordPerfect Document Index File
.~Yandex Partially Downloaded File
.~CWCircuit Wizard Backup File
.~HMHostMonitor TestList Backup File