R File Extensions

Browse file types with extensions beginning with R.

Extension File Type Popularity
.RRez Source Code File
.RR Script File
.RREBOL Script
.RRatfor Source Code File
.RRight Audio Channel File
.R0WinRAR Compressed Archive
.R00WinRAR Compressed Archive
.R01WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
.R02WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
.R03WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
.R04WinRAR Split Archive Part 4
.R1WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 1
.R1MRealOne Streaming Media File
.R2WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 2
.R21WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
.R30WinRAR Split Archive Part 30
.R3DREDCODE Video File
.R3DRISA-3D Model File
.R3PROJRPG Maker 2003 Project
.R5A7ev3n Ransomware Encrypted File
.RARealAudio File
.RADVRAD Lights File
.RADCitrix Rapid Application Delivery File
.RADRadiance Scene File
.RADReality Adlib Tracker Module
.RADRadar ViewPoint Radar Data
.RADIUMKEY2Radium 2 License File
.RADQNeed for Madness Game Archive
.RAFFuji RAW Image File
.RALWinRail Track Design File
.RAMReal Audio Metadata File
.RAPRaptor Flowchart File
.RAPScarab Ransomware Encrypted File
.RARWinRAR Compressed Archive
.RASSun Raster Graphic
.RASRemedy Archive System File
.RASIRofi Configuration File
.RASKINLICENSERaskin License File
.RASKINPLACERaskin Place Layout File
.RASUNSOFTRasunsoft Game Replay File
.RATPICS Rating File
.RATDVDRatDVD Disk Image
.RAVRave Reports Project File
.RAVIRadiometric Video File
.RAWRaw Image Data File
.RAWDolphin Wii and Gamecube Emulator Game Save File
.RAWRaw Audio Data
.RAXReal Music Store Audio File
.RAYSynopsys Light Ray Data File
.RAYRayshade Image
.RBRuby Source Code
.RBReal Studio Project
.RB4Resume Builder 4 File
.RB4RobotWorks Parameters File
.RBCRetrospect Backup Catalog File
.RBCRembo-C Script
.RBFWindows Installer Rollback File
.RBFStellar Insta Backup Image
.RBFRetrospect Backup File
.RBFRedatam Binary File
.RBJXRK Compiled Redcode Object File
.RBKWindows 95 Registry Backup File
.RBMReal Studio Menu File
.RBPReal Studio Project File
.RBSRebirth Song File
.RBSWindows Installer Rollback Script
.RBSMP3 Ringtone File
.RBWRuby Script
.RBWReal Studio Window File
.RBXRembo-C Compiled Script
.RBXLRoblox Location File
.RBXLXRoblox XML Place File
.RBXMRoblox Model
.RBXMXRoblox Model
.RBXSRoblox Script
.RBZSketchUp Plugin
.RCResource Script
.RC1Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File
.RC2Visual Studio Resources File
.RC2Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File
.RCCRecap Compressed Structured Scan Data File
.RCDpcAnywhere Recorded Session File
.RCDKaiOS Audio
.RCDArcade File
.RCFSonicWALL VPN Configuration File
.RCGRecog Character Recognition Set
.RCLEasy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project
.RCLRecolored Project File
.RCMAutodesk Reality Capture Mesh
.RCOPlayStation Portable Resource File
.RCPROJECTiMovie '08 Project
.RCPROJECTApple Reality Composer Project
.RCRECLogMeIn Remote Control Session Recording
.RCRYPTEDRyuk Ransomware Encrypted File
.RCSRandomControl Scene File
.RCTVisual Studio Resource Template
.RCTDRabbitCT Dataset
.RCURealWorld Layered Cursor Image
.RCUTWebinaria Recording Cut
.RCVRoofCon Viewer Project File
.RCVBIOS Recovery File
.RCXREDCINE-X Project File
.RCYReCycle 1.x Document
.RDAR Data File
.RDAAnno 2070 Data File
.RDATAR Workspace File
.RDBN64 ROM Database
.RDBRetrospect Backup Set
.RDBWavelet Video Images File
.RDCIDRISI Raster Documentation File
.RDFResource Description Framework File
.RDFReport Definition File
.RDFArcGIS Report Document File
.RDFRelux Project File
.RDFPowerProducer Disc Image
.RDFReDIF Template
.RDGRDCman Config File
.RDIRohos Disk Image File
.RDLMicroStation Redline File
.RDLCVisual Studio Client Report Definition File
.RDLXPower View Project File
.RDOXerox Rawster Document Object File
.RDOCRuby Document
.RDOC_OPTIONSRuby Document Options File
.RDPRemote Desktop Configuration File
.RDRRemote Desktop Manager Report Settings File
.RDSRay Dream Studio Scene File
.RDWReal-DRAW Project File
.RDXReflex Data File
.READMEReadme File
.REALAero Experience
.REALITYReality 3D Scene Format
.REALMRealm Database
.REBREBOL Script File
.REBReimbursement Tracker Data File
.RECTopfield PVR Recording
.RECeJuice Me Up Recipe File
.RECfsck Data Recovery File
.RECORDGarageBand Records Audio File
.REDCADViewer Redline Markup File
.REDRed Source Code File
.REDIFReDIF Template
.REDIRSpotify Executable Redirect File
.REFMicrosoft Train Simulator Reference File
.REFIDRISI Raster Image Reference File
.REFRESHVisual Studio Refresh File
.REGRegistry File
.REGRegistration Information File
.REGLNKRegistry Editor Shortcut File
.REGTRANS-MSRegistry Transaction Log File
.RELRelocatable Module File
.RELNorton Internet Security Log File
.RELOCWindows EXE Relocation Section File
.RELSOpen Office XML Relationships File
.REMBlackBerry Encrypted Data File
.REPGrand Theft Auto Replay File
.REPStarCraft Replay File
.REPX-Plane Replay File
.REPLAYRocket League Replay File
.REPLAYFortnite Replay File
.REPPRepp Ransomware Encrypted File
.REQSSL Certificate Request File
.REQCanon SD Card Version Request File
.RESC++ Complied Resource Script
.RESWindows Resource File
.RESValve Resource File
.RESGodot Engine Resource File
.RESJSONWindows JavaScript Resources File
.RESMONCFGResource Monitor Configuration File
.RESOURCESVisual Studio Resource File
.RESSUnity 3D Model Archive
.RESWWindows Resources File
.RESX.NET Managed Resources File
.RETBusinessObjects Template
.RETRORetroForth Source Code File
.REVLiveCode Plugin
.REVRAR Recovery Volume Set
.REXReCycle Loop File
.REXRexx Source File
.REXXRexx Source File
.REZLithtech Game Engine Resource File
.REZEscape Velocity Plug-in File
.REZFirstClass Resource File
.RF1Retirement Forecast File
.RFARevit Family File
.RFABattlefield 1942 Game Package
.RFBRoboForm Bookmark File
.RFCRoboForm Contact File
.RFCRavenfield Content File
.RFDRecogniform Form Designer File
.RFDEmperor: Battle for Dune Data File
.RFGS_PCRed Faction: Guerilla Saved Game File
.RFLReason ReFill Sound Bank
.RFLRavenfield Map
.RFLWEdge Reflow Data File
.RFMrFactor Modification File
.RFNRoboForm Safenote File
.RFORoboForm Option File
.RFPRoboForm Passcard File
.RFQRoboForm SearchCard File
.RFTRevit Family Template File
.RFTRoboForm Identity File
.RFTRevisable Form Text Document
.RFURemote Firmware Update
.RFWRockchip Firmware File
.RGBRGB Bitmap
.RGBQ0 Image File
.RGDRaft Saved Game File
.RGEEntourage File Archive
.RGNGarmin Regional Map File
.RGORepliGo File
.RGPRealArcade Game Package
.RGRIDRepGrid File
.RGRPPro Tools Region Group File
.RGSRegistry Script
.RGSS2ARPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
.RGSS3ARPG Maker VX Ace RGSS Encrypted Archive
.RGSSADRPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
.RGTRelic Entertainment Game Texture File
.RHISTORYR History File
.RHPRhino Plug-in
.RHRScript Rehearser Script File
.RHTMLRuby HTML Web Page
.RICNXT Image File
.RIDLRIDL Type Library File
.RIFPainter Raster Image File
.RIFFPainter Raster Image
.RIGvRigger Design File
.RIGAntibody Model Rig File
.RIMBioWare Resource Image File
.RIPHit'n'Mix Audio Mashup File
.RISResearch Information Systems Citation File
.RISERISE Editor Model File
.RIXColoRIX Image
.RJSRuby Javascript File
.RJSRealJukebox Skin File
.RKWinRK File Archive
.RKGMario Kart Wii Time Trial Ghost
.RKPRockchip MP4 Player Game
.RKTRacket Source Code File
.RLR.viewer List File
.RLThe 7th Guest Audio Data File
.RL2Voyeur Game Video File
.RLERun Length Encoded Bitmap
.RLEGolly Simulation Pattern File
.RLE.GZGolly Compressed Simulation Pattern File
.RLFArcGIS Report Layout File
.RLIRealWorld Graphics Layered Image
.RLLMicrosoft Resource Library
.RLSSymbian Localization File
.RMRealMedia File
.RMARhapsody DRM License Data File
.RMBAKRegistry Mechanic Backup File
.RMDRED Metadata File
.RMDR Markdown File
.RMDReference Manager Data File
.RMDRealPlayer Media File
.RMFAdobe Rights Management Document
.RMFHammer Rich Map Format
.RMGBRootsMagic Backup File
.RMGCRootsMagic Data File
.RMHRights-Managed HTML Document
.RMJReal Media Jukebox Audio File
.RMLRedline Markup Language File
.RMLElixir Report Template File
.RMLFTG Configuration File
.RMMRAM Meta File
.RMPRealPlayer Metadata Package File
.RMPMagellan Raster Map File
.RMRResumeMaker File
.RMSSecure Real Media File
.RMSJava Application Settings File
.RMSKINRainmeter Skin File
.RMTRouter Firmware File
.RMTRaster Music Tracker Song File
.RMUFAlpha Five Runtime License File
.RMVBRealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
.RMXRealJukebox Format
.RMXReference Manager Index File
.RNCRELAX NG Compact Syntax File
.RNCRNC ProPack Archive
.RNDPGP Random Seed File
.RNDRandom Hash Data File
.RNGNokia Composer Ringtone
.RNQRenque Model File
.RNSReason Song File
.RNXRealPlayer Settings File
.ROADTRIPRoad Trip Planner File
.ROCARIB office Compressed Archive
.ROCKRockbox Plug-in
.RODActuate Report Object Design File
.RODRIB office Database File
.RODAncestry Genealogical Database File
.RODLRemObjects Definition Language File
.RODXAncestry Genealogical Database File
.RODZAncestry Genealogical Database File
.ROFLLeague of Legends Replay File
.ROGRoger 2 Input Data File
.ROIReport Object Instance
.ROIShark Sales System Data File
.ROLAd Lib Synthesized Instrument
.ROMN64 Game ROM File
.ROMRead Only Memory Image
.ROMKilling Floor Map File
.ROQId Software Game Video
.ROSBattleScribe Roster Editor File
.ROTHomeworld 2 Graphics File
.ROTESTRemObjects SDK Test File
.ROTESTRESULTRemObjects SDK Test Results File
.ROUGerber Route File
.ROVReport Object Variable
.ROXRoxio Project File
.ROXActuate Report Object Executable File
.ROXIORoxio Project
.ROZaSc TimeTables Schedule File
.RPAxure RP Project File
.RPRealPix Clip
.RP9RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive
.RPARIB Project Archive File
.RPARen'Py Archive
.RPBRadmin Phonebook File
.RPCRich Page Content Document
.RPDRoleplay Designer Data File
.RPDRIB Project Database File
.RPEOPC Router Configuration 4 Project
.RPFRich Pixel Format File
.RPFGrand Theft Auto Data File
.RPGMVMRPG Maker MV Encrypted M4A File
.RPGMVORPG Maker MV Encrypted OGG File
.RPGMVPRPG Maker MV Encrypted PNG File
.RPGSAVERPG Maker MV Save File
.RPIRender Plug-in
.RPJReal Pac Batch Job File
.RPKRadLight Media Player Skin
.RPKGHitman Game Patch Archive
.RPLToribash Replay File
.RPLDolby Cinema Print Master File
.RPLSpecial Force Replay
.RPLEscape Video File
.RPLIBAxure RP Widget Library File
.RPLNInDesign Required Plug-in File
.RPMRed Hat Package Manager File
.RPMRealPlayer Plug-in
.RPMNEWRed Hat Package New Default Configuration
.RPMSAVERed Hat Package Saved Configuration
.RPMSGOutlook Restricted Permission Message
.RPPREAPER Project File
.RPPRJAxure RP Shared Project File
.RPRESR Presentation File
.RPROJR Project
.RPS3ds Max Render Preset Settings
.RPTCrystal Reports File
.RPTGeneric Report
.RPTAccountEdge Report
.RPTRRafflePrinter Document
.RPTRCrystal Reports Read-Only File
.RPVRealPlayer Visualization File
.RPXReport XML File
.RPXWii U Game
.RPYPython Script
.RPYTouhou Project Replay File
.RPYRen'Py Script
.RPYBRen'Py Bytecode File
.RPYCRen'Py Compiled Script
.RRAvRigger Rigging Gear File
.RRDReduced Resolution Dataset File
.RRIRealWorld Image
.RRRRegistry Mechanic Backup File
.RRRRhapzodé Resource Repository
.RRTRhapzode Resource Template
.RSRapidSketch Document
.RSRust Source Code File
.RSSun Raster Graphic
.RSWindows Rating System File
.RS2RailSim2 Saved Layout File
.RSARSA Certificate File
.RSAMinecraft JAR Codesign File
.RSBRed Storm Bitmap File
.RSCSymbian Application Compiled Resource File
.RSCOLLECTIONRetroShare Collection
.RSDRealSQLDatabase File
.RSDRadSound Audio File
.RSDRosetta Stone Data File
.RSDFRapidShare Download File
.RSDKRetro SDK Archive
.RSFRecovery State File
.RSFRiky's Soft Document
.RSGRaySupreme Graph
.RSMWinWay Resume Deluxe Resume File
.RSMRouterSim Network Visualizer File
.RSMARIS Report Script Model File
.RSNReason Project File
.RSONXT Brick Audio File
.RSOARIS Report Script Object File
.RSPRSLogix PLC Program File
.RSPC# Compiler Response File
.RSRPoser Model Preview File
.RSRCMacintosh Resource File
.RSSRich Site Summary
.RSSSymbian Application Resource File
.RSSRAM Structural System Model File
.RSTreStructuredText File
.RSTIDRISI Raster Image
.RSVRSView32 Project File
.RSWR&R SQL Report Writer Report File
.RSXRED Metadata XML File
.RTRealText Streaming Text File
.RTARoboHelp RTA Data File
.RTATrueRTA Project File
.RTCLive Meeting Connection File
.RTDRobot Structural Analysis Design File
.RTDRagTime Document
.RTERTE Encoded File
.RTENavigation Route
.RTERevit Project Template
.RTFRich Text Format File
.RTFDRich Text Format Directory File
.RTIReal Tracker Instrument
.RTIRaster Music Tracker Instrument File
.RTLRaster Transfer Language File
.RTMLabVIEW Run-Time Menu File
.RTMReal Tracker Module
.RTONPopCap Games Data File
.RTPGromacs Residue Topology Parameter File
.RTPTurboTax Update File
.RTSRoyal TS Remote Connection File
.RTSRealPlayer Streaming Media
.RTSReal Tracker Sample
.RTSQuickTime Real-Time Streaming Format
.RTSTNAudials Station File
.RTTEXRobinson Technologies Texture File
.RTTTLRing Tone Transfer Language File
.RTWSHRadiotracker Wishlist File
.RTXRich Text Document
.RUJava Russian Font Properties File
.RUELRevo Uninstaller Pro Log
.RUFSamsung DVD and Blu-ray Player Firmware File
.RULInstallShield Rules File
.RULESETVisual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set File
.RUMBink Video Subtitle File
.RUNLinux Executable File
.RUNRune Map File
.RUNRunscanner Scan File
.RUPAFRevo Uninstaller Pro Activation File
.RVRealVideo File
.RVDATARPG Maker VX Data File
.RVDATA2RPG Maker VX Ace Data File
.RVFRichView Format File
.RVGRVG X-ray Image
.RVIDSnapz Pro X Recorded Video File
.RVLmuvee Reveal X Project File
.RVLAdobe Revel Library File
.RVPSharp Blu-ray Player Firmware File
.RVPROJRPG Maker VX Project File
.RVPROJ2RPG Maker VX Ace Project File
.RVTRevit Project File
.RVXReal Protected Video File
.RVZCompressed Wii / GameCube ROM
.RW2Panasonic RAW Image
.RW3RapidWeaver 3 Site File
.RWDNRG Raw Wind Data File
.RWDMicrosoft Flight Simulator Rewards File
.RWLLeica RAW Image
.RWLIBRARYPaperless Receipt Library
.RWPRapidWeaver Package
.RWPLUGINRapidWeaver Plugin
.RWSRetina Wireless Scanner File
.RWSRenderWare Stream File
.RWSRimWorld Game Save File
.RWSNIPPETRapidWeaver Snippet File
.RWSTYLERapidWeaver Style File
.RWSWRapidWeaver Site File
.RWTReadWriteThink Printing Press Draft
.RWTReadWriteThink Timeline
.RWTHEMERapidWeaver Theme
.RWZOutlook Rules Wizard File
.RWZRawzor Compressed Image
.RX2REX2 Audio File
.RXCRoxio Certificate File
.RXELego Mindstorms NXT Executable Program
.RXTRetrospect Backup Extension
.RYKRyuk Ransomware Encrypted File
.RZRzip Compressed File
.RZBRed Zion Book File
.RZKFile Crypt Password File
.RZKRed Zion Key File
.RZNRed Zion Notes File
.RZSRed Zion Security File
.RZXFile Crypt Encrypted File

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