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.REPLAY File Extension

2 file types use the .replay file extension.

File Type 1Fortnite Replay File

DeveloperEpic Games
3.8 (120 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

What is a REPLAY file?

A REPLAY file contains a replay of gameplay in Fortnite, a sandbox survival where players cooperate to collect resources, build fortifications, and fight enemy creatures. It stores game information used by Fortnite to replay gameplay. REPLAY files allow Fortnite users to save their replays and rewatch them for entertainment or strategic purposes.

More Information

REPLAY files can only be played by Fortnite. Also, the files do not store actual video and cannot be converted to a video file.

If you want to share a REPLAY file and play it in a different program, you must use a screen recording program to record the playback of the REPLAY file. To do this, start a recording of your screen, play the REPLAY file in Fortnite, then end and save the recording. You can then share the newly-saved video file with another user.

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Programs that open REPLAY files

Updated 5/3/2018

File Type 2Rocket League Replay File

3.0 (3 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

.REPLAY File Association 2

A REPLAY file is a Rocket League match replay file. It contains game data that Rocket League uses to save and play match replays. By default, Rocket League saves REPLAY files in the ~/Documents/My Games/Rocket League/TAGame/Demos directory.

More Information

Rocket League is a free-to-play video game in which players play soccer with rocket-powered cars. After a Rocket League match concludes, players can save a replay of that match by selecting the Save Replay button that appears in the game's post-match menu. These replays are saved in REPLAY files.

Contrary to what you might expect, REPLAY files are not video files (and thus cannot be opened in media players). Rather, they contain all the game data that Rocket League records during a match. The game uses this data to reconstruct a match in its entirety, so players can examine every play from every angle when they watch a Rocket League replay.

How do I open a REPLAY file?

Rocket League players can open REPLAY files in Rocket League. To play a Rocket League replay:

  1. Go to Rocket League's main menu.
  2. Select Extras.
  3. Select View Replays.
  4. Select the REPLAY you'd like to play.

Programs that open REPLAY files

Updated 11/20/2020

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