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.RSP File Extension

File Type 1RSLogix PLC Program File

DeveloperRockwell Automation
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CategoryData Files

What is an RSP file?

Project file created by RSLogix, an application used for programming Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLCs); contains saved program logic built using the free-form ladder editor; used for storing PLC "ladder logic" designs.

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RSP files may also be backups of projects automatically generated by the software. For a project file named project.rsp, the software generates files project_BAK000.rsp, project_BAK001.rsp, project_BAK002.rsp, etc.

RSP files are created by RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, and RSLogix 5000.

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Programs that open RSP files

Updated 11/30/2010

File Type 2C# Compiler Response File

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CategoryDeveloper Files

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An RSP file contains one or more command line arguments used by the C# compiler (CSC) included with the .NET Compiler Platform (also known as Roslyn). It may store one or more compiler options and the names of one or more source code files to be compiled. RSP files are saved in plain text format and are processed by the CSC with every compilation.

More Information

The RSP file allows you to list compiler options and source code files to be processed by CSC as if you specified them on the command line. If the RSP file only stores one compiler option specification then it should be restricted to one line. Multiple compiler options and source code files may appear on multiple lines or one line.

# is used for comments in an RSP file and @ is used to specify multiple RSP files in a compilation. For example @sample.rsp @sample2.rsp @sample3.rsp specifies the sample.rsp, sample2.rsp, and sample3.rsp files to be compiled.

NOTE: The csc.rps file is deployed with CSC (csc.exe file) and references all the assemblies shipped with the .NET framework. The csc.rps file will not be processed by the CSC if the -nopconfig option is specified.

Programs that open RSP files

Updated 3/25/2019

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