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File TypeRed Hat Package Saved Configuration

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What is an RPMSAVE file?

An RPMSAVE file is a configuration file created during the installation of an .RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) file. It contains the previous, modified settings you had stored within a now-updated Unix configuration (.CONF) file. RPMSAVE files are produced so users can compare a package's updated configuration defaults to their previous, modified configurations. The user can then re-apply the modifications contained in their RPMSAVE files as they see fit.

More Information

When a Red Hat, Fedora, or other Red Hat variant Linux user installs the updates contained in an RPM file, and the updates include changes to a CONF file the user has previously modified, one of two things typically happens. The package either overwrites the user's current CONF file and produces a similarly-named RPMSAVE file, which contains a copy of the user's previous configuration, or the package leaves the user's current CONF file in place and produces a similarly-named .RPMNEW file, which contains the modified CONF file's new default settings.

Typically, RPM packages produce RPMNEW files, rather than RPMSAVE files. This ensures users' modified configurations remain in place after the update finishes. If a package instead produces an RPMSAVE file, the package likely includes necessary updates to users' configurations.

NOTE: RPMSAVE files typically have the .rpmsave extension appended to the name of the CONF file they correspond to. For example, an RPMSAVE file that contains a user's previous configuration for the file httpd.conf would be named httpd.conf.rpmsave.

How do I open an RPMSAVE file?

Because RPMSAVE files are plain text files, you can open and edit them in any text editor, including:

How do I restore the modifications my RPMSAVE file contains to its corresponding CONF file?

To restore the modified configuration settings an RPMSAVE file contains, you must update or replace the CONF file the RPMSAVE file corresponds to. For example, you could open both the RPMSAVE file and CONF file in a text editor and selectively copy the RPMSAVE file's settings back into the CONF file.

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Programs that open RPMSAVE files

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Updated 4/6/2021

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