E File Extensions

Browse file types with extensions beginning with E.

Extension File Type Popularity
.EEiffel Source Code File
.EE Source Code File
.E00ArcInfo Coverage Export File
.E01EnCase Image File
.E2GMPangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game File
.E2PPonyProg Device File
.E48Emu48 Save State
.E4AEncrypt4all Archive
.E57LIDAR Point Cloud Data File
.EAKindle End Actions File
.EAC3Dolby Digital Plus Audio
.EALKindle End Actions File
.EAPEnterprise Architect Project
.EAPAdobe Photoshop Exposure File
.EAPPXEncrypted Windows App Package
.EARJava Enterprise Archive File
.EAREyemail Audio Recording
.EASRSLogix Symbol File
.EASMeDrawings Assembly File
.EASMXeDrawings Assembly XPS File
.EAZArcGIS Explorer Add-in File
.EBAEmergence BASIC Source Code File
.EBABACKUPEBA Command Center Backup
.EBACMDEBA Command Center Data File
.EBAIMPORTEBA Command Center Importable
.EBAPLUGINEBA Command Center Plug-in
.EBDWindows EBD System File
.EBKeBook Pro eBook File
.EBMEXTRA! Basic Macro
.EBMEmbla Recording
.EBNPhilips Firmware Update File
.EBPExpress Burn Project
.EBRFElectronic Braille Ready Format
.EBSE-Run 1.x Script
.EBSEBSILON Professional Model
.EBS2E-Run 2.0 Script File
.EBUILDPortage eBuild Script
.EC0MetroCount Traffic Data File
.EC3Enhanced Audio Codec 3 File
.EC3EPSON Print CD File
.EC4EPSON Print CD File
.ECARDIKSHA Offline Content Archive
.ECCdvdisaster Error Correction File
.ECDEncrypted Cryptee Document
.ECEEscenic Dynamic Web Page
.ECFOutlook Add-in
.ECFSageCRM Component File
.ECFGArcGIS Component Configuration File
.ECLManagement-Ware Mass Mailing News E-Campaign List
.ECLTouhou Stage Script
.ECMECM Disc Image
.ECOECCO Database File
.ECPEasyC Project File
.ECSSony Ericsson Phone Backup File
.ECS5Easy Cut Studio Version 5 Project
.ECSBXError-Correcting SeqBox Container File
.ECSVEnhanced Character-Separated Values
.ECTYozo Office Chart Template File
.ECWEnhanced Compression Wavelet Image
.ECWEclipseCrossword Word List File
.ECXECCO Corrupted Database File
.EDAEnsoniq ASR Disk Image
.EDATE-DataAid 1.x File
.EDATSony Encrypted Data File
.EDAT2E-DataAid 2.0 File
.EDBExchange Information Store Database
.EDBWindows Search Index Database
.EDCKryptel Lite Encrypted File
.EDEEnsoniq EPS Disk Image
.EDFEdificius Project
.EDFESRF Data File
.EDFEstimator Data File
.EDFWEfficient Diary File
.EDFXEstimator.NET Estimate File
.EDGEdge Diagrammer File
.EDGEAdobe Edge Project File
.EDIElectronic Data Interchange File
.EDJEnlightenment Theme File
.EDKEnsoniq KT Disk Image
.EDLEdit Decision List File
.EDLEdLib Audio File
.EDMAdobe Extension Data Markup Language File
.EDMLAdobe Extension Data Markup Language Document
.EDMXADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer File
.EDNEDIF Implementation Netlist File
.EDNAdobe eBook Activation File
.EDOCElectronically Certified Document
.EDQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image
.EDRWSolidWorks eDrawings File
.EDRWXXPS Drawing Document
.EDSEnsoniq SQ-80 Disk Image
.EDVEnsoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
.EDXEdraw XML FIle
.EDXZEdraw Compressed XML FIle
.EDZEPLAN Electric P8 Data Archive Zipped File
.EEGFEEGF Ransomware Encrypted File
.EEKArachne Network-Enabled Script
.EEPFEmuOS Exchangeable Packet File
.EETESP/ESM Translator Database
.EEWTEEWT Ransomware Encrypted File
.EFDiploma Exam File
.EF2Internet Download Manager Export File
.EFAEnsoniq ASR File
.EFDCEFDC Ransomware Encrypted File
.EFEEnsoniq EPS File
.EFIExtensible Firmware Interface File
.EFJIEFJI Ransomware Encrypted File
.EFKEnsoniq KT File
.EFKEFCEffekseer Effect
.EFKMODELEffekseer Model
.EFKPKGEffekseer Package
.EFKPROJEffekseer Project
.EFLEncryptafile Encrypted File
.EFLExternal Format Language File
.EFPExchange Forms Designer Template
.EFQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File
.EFREncryptafile Private Key File
.EFSEnsoniq SQ-80 File
.EFTLogitech Lighting Effect File
.EFTXOffice 2007 Theme Effect File
.EFUEncryptafile Public Key File
.EFUEverything File List
.EFVEnsoniq VFX-SD File
.EFWRenamed Zip or Executable File
.EFXeFax Document
.EFXJedi Knight Effects File
.EGCEximiousSoft GIF Creator Document
.EGGPanda3D Model File
.EGGALZip Archive
.EGGPython Distribution Package
.EGGBeat Saber Custom Song File
.EGLIBAdobe Edge Animate Library File
.EGMEnigmo Custom Game File
.EGMFaceGen Statistical Shape Model
.EGPEasy Grade Pro Gradebook File
.EGTEagleGet Temporary File
.EHAMExtraHAM Executable File
.EHIHTTP Injector Config File
.EHILHTTP Injector Lite Configuration File
.EIOYozo Office File
.EIPEnhanced Image Package File
.EITYozo Office Template File
.EIUREIUR Ransomware Encrypted File
.EIXMetin2 Encrypted Index
.EJSEmbedded JavaScript Template
.EK6Generation 6 Pokémon Save File
.EKBZMC Visual Tablet Data
.EKVSource Engine Encrypted Video Settings File
.EKXEncrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File
.ELEmacs Lisp Code File
.EL4Easy-PhotoPrint EX Calendar File
.EL8Electa Live Classroom Session Recording
.ELBIEElbie Ransomware Encrypted File
.ELCEmacs Compiled Lisp File
.ELDEulumdat Formatted Luminaire Data File
.ELFExecutable and Linkable Format File
.ELFPlayStation Executable
.ELFNintendo Wii Game File
.ELMOffice Theme File
.ELMEternal Lands Map File
.ELPeCommerce Landing Page
.ELSEasyLanguage Storage File
.EMEncore Menu Template
.EMAILOutlook Express Email Message
.EMBWilcom Embroidery Design File
.EMBPfaff Embroidery Design File
.EMBEverest Embedded Bank File
.EMBEDEmbed Notes Note
.EMBLEMBL Sequence Data File
.EMBRSpatial Geodatabase File
.EMCStriata Reader Encrypted Document
.EMCAMMastercam Learning Edition Model
.EMDFritz TableBase
.EMDABT Extended Module
.EMERALDEmerald Theme
.EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile
.EMFJasspa MicroEmacs Macro File
.EMLE-Mail Message
.EMLXApple Mail Message
.EMLXPARTMail Message Attachment
.EMMMindMaple Map
.EMMStreet Fighter IV Material File
.EMMTMindMaple Map Template
.EMODQuadra Composer Module
.EMPeMusic Music Download File
.EMRGE-Merge 1.x Data File
.EMRG2E-Merge 2.0 Data File
.EMSIXBUNDLEEncrypted Windows 10 App Bundle
.EMXeMusic Download File
.EMYeMelody Ringtone File
.EMZWindows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
.ENCEncoded File
.ENCEncore Musical Notation
.ENCSmart Switch Encrypted App Backup
.ENCCopySafe Protected PDF File
.ENCElectronic Navigation Chart
.ENCCabal Online Data File
.ENCRBQ Evaluation Software Internal File
.ENCRYPTEDCrypren Ransomware Encrypted File
.ENEXEvernote Archive
.ENFEndNote Filter File
.ENGChess Engine
.ENLEndNote Library
.ENLXArchived EndNote Library
.ENMLEvernote for Android Note
.ENPEndNote Preferences File
.ENQEndNote Search Options File
.ENSEndNote Style File
.ENSEndorphin Scene
.ENTExternal Entity
.ENTITLEMENTSMac App Sandboxing Entitlements File
.ENVNow Contact Envelope Template
.ENVAdobe Dictionary Data File
.ENVVue Environment File
.ENVWordPerfect Environment
.ENWEndNote Import File
.ENXMax PC Safe Encrypted File
.ENXeDataSecurity Management Encrypted File
.ENZEndNote Connection File
.EOCEncryptOnClick Encrypted File
.EOPEveryone Piano Score
.EOTEmbedded OpenType Font
.EPPencil Document
.EPExplore Project
.EPCDoctor Who Game Data File
.EPFEdgecam Educational Part File
.EPGZPencil Project File
.EPIEclipsePackager2000 Compressed File
.EPIBRWWeb File Location
.EPIMEssentialPIM Database File
.EPKMetin2 Encrypted Package
.EPKLG Firmware Package
.EPKEaglercraft Package
.EPK2E-Prime 2.0 Package File
.EPPEditPad Pro Project
.EPPCanon Easy-PhotoPrint Image File
.EPPElmedia Player Playlist
.EPPTalaPhoto Project
.EPPEfficient PPC Project File
.EPRPhotoshop AME Preset File
.EPRTeDrawings File
.EPSEncapsulated PostScript File
.EPSFEncapsulated PostScript Format File
.EPUBOpen eBook
.EPVWi-Fi Security Camera Footage
.EPWEnergyPlus Weather Data File
.EQFWinamp Equalizer Preset File
.EQLMathType Settings
.EQLEmbedded SQL File
.EQNGAL Equation File
.EQNWordPerfect Equation
.EQPMathType Preferences
.ERNewer Super Mario Bros. Wii Audio
.ER1ERWin Entity Relationship Diagram
.ERBRuby ERB Script
.ERBEvil Genius Resource File
.ERBBraille Music Reader File
.ERDEntity Relation Diagram
.ERDEngineering Research Division Data File
.ERFBioWare Entity Resource File
.ERFEpson RAW File
.ERGCompuTrainer Workout File
.ERLErlang Source Code File
.ERLGameGuard Error Log File
.ERPAlter Ego Game Archive
.ERPEgo Engine Game Archive
.ERPEncarta Researcher File
.ERRError Log File
.ERRFoxPro Compilation Error
.ERRAutoCAD Error Log File
.ERSER Mapper Data File
.ERSXEraser Task List File
.ERXEntity Relationship Data Model File
.ESE-Studio 1.x Experiment File
.ESSageCRM Script File
.ES2E-Studio 2.0 Experiment File
.ES3Kiwi Clicker Saved Game
.ESBEs-Builder Book File
.ESCEasySignCut Pro Project
.ESCAPEPrison Architect Escape Mode Save File
.ESCNGodot Engine Exported Scene File
.ESCOPYES File Explorer File Manager Temporary File
.ESDWindows Electronic Software Download
.ESDEasy Street Draw Casebook File
.ESEMillions Email Generator Email List File
.ESFPassword Manager Container File
.ESFEos Show File
.ESF2Eos 2.9 Show File
.ESF3DEos Augment3d Show File
.ESGEnigmo Saved Game File
.ESHExtended Shell Batch File
.ESIEtherCAT Slave Information
.ESLElder Scrolls Light Master File
.ESLOCKES File Explorer File Manager Encrypted File
.ESLOGEggShell Log File
.ESMElder Scrolls or Fallout 4 Master File
.ESMFallout 3 Master File
.ESPFallout 3 Plugin File
.ESPElder Scrolls or Fallout 4 Plug-in
.ESPSpecManager Dataset
.ESPROJEspresso Project File
.ESPSEntropic Signal Processing System Audio
.ESQEmbroidery Sequence File
.ESSThe Elder Scrolls Saved Game
.ESSEasySpreadsheet Spreadsheet
.ESTStreets & Trips Map File
.ESTConstruction Cost Estimate File
.EST_UAXSpanish Unreal Audio Package
.ESXXactimate Insurance Claims Estimate
.ETKingsoft Spreadsheets File
.ETEasiteach Lesson File
.ETAGoogle Earth Placemark File
.ETDAdobe Reader EBX Transfer Data File
.ETEExam Testing Engine File
.ETFENIGMA Transportable File
.ETFFEncrypt4all Theme File
.ETHEther Source Code File
.ETLMicrosoft Event Trace Log File
.ETNGEasiteach Next Generation Document
.ETTKingsoft Spreadsheets Template
.ETXTeX Font Encoding File
.ETXStructure Enhanced Text (Setext) File
.EU4Europa Universalis IV Saved Game
.EUCExtended Unix Code File
.EUFPrivate Character Editor File
.EUIEnsoniq EPS Compacted Disk Image
.EUMEnterprise User Monitor Configuration File
.EVEchoview File
.EV3Team Manager Meet Event File
.EV3Everlock Options File
.EVDWWE 2K20 Entrance Data File
.EVENTCorel Cataloged Folder File
.EVOHD DVD Video File
.EVOSeeVogh Player Video Recording
.EVPTalisman Online Game Data File
.EVREnhanced Variable Rate Audio File
.EVRCEnhanced Variable Rate Codec File
.EVTWindows Event Viewer Log File
.EVTXWindows 7 Event Log File
.EVXSeeVogh Player Remote Recording
.EVYEnvoy File
.EWBElectronics Workbench Circuit Design File
.EWC2EDIUS Waveform Cache
.EWDEasyWOOD Design File
.EWEMRocket League Music
.EWLEclipseCrossword Word List File
.EWNETUltiboard Netlist File
.EWPEwisoft Website Project File
.EWPRJUltiboard Layout Project
.EWRITEReWriter Book
.EWSEasyWorship Schedule File
.EWWEmbedded Workbench Workspace
.EXEuphoria Source Code
.EX01EnCase Evidence Image File
.EX4MetaTrader 4 Program
.EX5MetaTrader 5 Program File
.EXAMPLEExample Configuration File
.EXBEvernote Database File
.EXCeDataSecurity Management Self-extracting File
.EXCMicrosoft Office 2003 Exclusion Dictionary
.EXCBlack & White Zone File
.EXDControl Information Cache File
.EXEWindows Executable File
.EXE1Renamed EXE File
.EXE4JExe4j Configuration File
.EXIYouTube for Android Offline Video Index
.EXIFExchangeable Image Information File
.EXLExport Lister File
.EXLJSDAI Inclusion or Exclusion List
.EXMBoson Exam File
.EXMLNo Man's Sky Decompiled Settings File
.EXMLSmart Switch Backup Encrypted XML File
.EXOYouTube Video Chunk
.EXOPCExoPC Application
.EXPSymbols Export File
.EXPExport File
.EXPCATIA 4 Export File
.EXPMelco Embroidery File
.EXPAurora Expert Trace File
.EXPSonicWALL Preference File
.EXPDX Series Exported Video File
.EXPBernina Embroidery File
.EXPORTEDFAVORITESTransmit Exported Favorites File
.EXPORTEDUIMicrosoft Office Exported UI Customization File
.EXPRESSBlackBerry Express Presentation
.EXPRESSIONMAPCubase Expression Map File
.EXROpenEXR Image
.EXSEXS Instrument
.EXSBlades of Exile Scenario
.EXSElixir Source Code File
.EXTGeneric Email Attachment
.EXTNorton Commander Extension
.EXTRCOW App Extractor File
.EXTRAGoogle BreakPad Crash Log Extra File
.EXVAdobe Extension Script
.EXWEuphoria Source code File
.EXXIBM Linkway MsgPut File
.EXZZipped Executable File
.EX_Compressed Executable File
.EX_Renamed Windows Executable File
.EYBMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook Update
.EYEEyemail Video Recording File
.EYETVEyeTV Recording File
.EYETVPEyeTV Recording Metadata File
.EYETVSCHEDEyeTV Schedule File
.EZCAutoCAD Ecscad Components Backup File
.EZDeasyScan Data File
.EZDEzCad2 Laser Engraving Design
.EZDRAWEazyDraw Graphic
.EZLOGSkype Extras Manager Log File
.EZPAutoCAD Ecscad Project Backup File
.EZSEZ-R Stats Batch Script
.EZTEZTitles Subtitles File
.EZTEZT Malicious Worm File
.EZWeasyOFFER Real Estate Form
.E_ERenamed EXE File