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.ENX File Extension

File Type 1Max PC Safe Encrypted File

DeveloperMax Secure Software
3.5 (2 Votes)
CategoryEncoded Files


This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.

What is an ENX file?

Encrypted file created by Max PC Safe, a file encryption and decryption software program; contains the exact same data as the source file but is encrypted in order to protect its contents from being seen by others.

More Information

To encrypt a file (which will append the ENX extension):

  1. Navigate to your file by choosing the folder that contains your file in the left pane and then selecting your file in the right pane.
  2. Click "Encrypt," enter a password you want for your file and click OK.
  3. If the encryption was successful, a confirmation message will appear, then click OK. You can choose to encrypt the file with different passwords multiple times. Each time, Max PC Safe will add another ENX extension to the file, e.g., file.pdf.enx.enx.enx.

To decrypt an ENX file and open it:

  1. Navigate to your file by choosing the folder that contains your file in the left pane and then selecting your file in the right pane.
  2. Click "Decrypt," enter the password you encrypted the file with and click OK.
  3. A window should appear indicating the decryption was successful, then click OK. You can now open the file and view its contents.

You can also right-click the file you want to encrypt/decrypt, select Max PC Safe → Encrypt File(s) / Folder(s).. or Decrypt File(s) / Folder(s).., and enter your password.

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Programs that open ENX files
Updated 12/19/2013

File Type 2eDataSecurity Management Encrypted File

2.0 (1 Vote)
CategoryEncoded Files


File format categories include Binary, Text, XML, and Zip. The format of this file type has not been determined.

.ENX File Association 2

Encrypted file created by eDataSecurity Management, a program used to encrypt private documents; contains an encrypted duplicate of the source file from which it was created.

More Information

The "enx" suffix is added on to the file that the program is securing. If you are encrypting a file with the ".jpg" extension it will become ".jpgENX".

To decrypt an ENX file, right-click the file and enter the password used to secure the file. If you do not have access to eDataSecurity Management you may be able to locate and access the original file by searching in the hidden User/AppData/ directory.

NOTE: eDataSecurity Management was discontinued after Windows Vista.

Programs that open ENX files
Acer eDataSecurity Management
Updated 12/28/2015

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