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What is a PUG file?

A PUG file is a template written in the Pug language, which is a shorthand HTML language that is used similarly to the Emmet and Markdown languages. It contains HTML code in the standard syntax but does not include closing tags and instead emphasizes indentations. PUG files are commonly used to create dynamic webpages, whereas .HTML files generally produce static webpages.

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Screenshot of a .pug file in Microsoft Visual Studio Code
PUG file open in Microsoft Visual Studio Code

You will most likely only encounter a PUG file if you are a web developer utilizing the Pug templating engine for generating dynamic HTML webpages. Pug allows developers to create webpages with re-usable static markup, while inserting dynamic elements on the pages that will be filled with information from an external source, like a database, later.

For example, a developer may use a PUG file when creating a website where employees of a company can update their personal information. The PUG template contains static markup for the page layout that makes the appearance similar for each employee. However, the template also stores dynamic elements, like an “employeename” tag, that is filled in with the employee name from the database when a user requests the page.

Pug may be utilized on the frontend (executed in web browsers) or on the backend (executed with NodeJS, a JavaScript runtime environment) of a website. It is one of many JavaScript templating engines used by web developers, along with EJS, Mustache, Handlebars, HAML, Vash, and Nunjucks.

NOTE: Pug was formerly known as Jade but was renamed in 2015.

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Programs that open PUG files

Updated 4/30/2020

About PUG Files

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