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Video Files

The Video Files category includes a wide range of video formats, which use different codecs to encode and compress video data. This category also includes video project files and video information files, which may not contain video data.

Common video file extensions include .MPG, .MOV, .WMV, and .RM.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.MSEMediaShow Slideshow Project File
.PRPROJPremiere Pro Project
.PZPanzoid Video Project
.SWFShockwave Flash Movie
.AEPAfter Effects Project
.MKVMatroska Video File
.SFDSofdec Dreamcast Movie
.PIVPivot Stickfigure Animation
.DB2Samsung CCTV Video Information File
.MP4MPEG-4 Video File
.VEGVEGAS Video Project
.DPADrawPlus Animation File
.IZZIsadora Media Control Project
.PSVPluralsight Video File
.VIVVivoActive Video File
.SERAstronomical Capture Video File
.KDENLIVEKdenlive Project File
.BK2Bink Video 2 File
.MSDVDWindows DVD Maker Project File
.WEBMWebM Video File
.AECCinema 4D After Effects Composition
.WLMPWindows Live Movie Maker Project File
.MSWMMWindows Movie Maker Project
.RMVBRealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
.BIKBink Video File
.MXFMaterial Exchange Format File
.RECTopfield PVR Recording
.DCRDigital Court Recorder Video File
.SCMSuper Chain Media File
.MPVMPEG Elementary Stream Video File
.SRTSubRip Subtitle File
.SCMScreenCam Screen Recording
.DIRAdobe Director Movie
.STRPlayStation Video Stream
.FBRFlashBack Screen Recording
.DCRLiberty Video Recording File
.DMSMVideoWave Movie Project File
.3GP3GPP Multimedia File
.FCPFinal Cut Project
.AEPXAfter Effects XML Project
.WPLWindows Media Player Playlist
.VOBDVD Video Object File
.METARealPlayer Metafile
.WMVWindows Media Video File
.MJ2Motion JPEG 2000 Video Clip
.SBTSBT Subtitle File
.MPV2MPEG-2 Video Stream
.AMCAMC Video File
.BINBinary Video File
.VIDEOaTube Catcher Video File
.VTTWeb Video Text Tracks File
.M15MPEG Video
.SCREENFLOWScreenFlow Document
.PACPAC Subtitles File
.IFODVD-Video Disc Information File
.CAMPROJCamtasia Studio Project
.RCDpcAnywhere Recorded Session File
.VP6TrueMotion VP6 Video File
.VSPVideoStudio Project File
.ASFAdvanced Systems Format File
.TSVideo Transport Stream File
.MANIMine-imator Project File
.DZMDirectorZone Menu Template
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.SWISWiSH Project File
.M2TSBlu-ray BDAV Video File
.PHOTOSHOWRoxio PhotoShow Project
.SSFStructured Subtitle Format File
.WMMPWindows Movie Maker Project File
.DMXSource Filmmaker Project File
.M1VMPEG-1 Video File
.MVDMovie Edit Pro Movie File
.CINEPhantom Digital Video File
.IVRInternet Video Recording
.TRPHD Video Transport Stream
.VPJVideoPad Video Editor Project File
.PSHPhotodex Slide Show
.RMSSecure Real Media File
.AEGRAPHICAdobe After Effects Graphic
.AMXAdobe Motion Exchange File
.ALEAvid Log Exchange File
.FLVFlash Video File
.VIDGeneric Video File
.ZMVZSNES Movie File
.3GP23GPP Multimedia File
.ISMVIIS Smooth Streaming Video File
.TRECTechSmith Recording File
.MPGMPEG Video File
.RMRealMedia File
.DZTDirectorZone Title File
.MP4.INFOVIDParrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
.HDMOVQuickTime HD Movie File
.DATVCD Video File
.USMUSM Game Video File
.RCUTWebinaria Recording Cut
.RUMBink Video Subtitle File
.264IP/CCTV Video File
.WOTWebEx Recording File
.NCORAdobe Encore Project File
.TVSHOWmimoLive Show
.CPVCAdobe Captivate Video Composition
.ARCUTPrelude Rough Cut File
.SIVSilicon Imaging Video File
.JTVJRiver TV File
.EVOSeeVogh Player Video Recording
.GTSCaptiveWorks PVR Video File
.DXRProtected Macromedia Director Movie
.AVCHDHigh Definition Video File
.INPSony Camcorder Image Management File
.F4PAdobe Flash Protected Media File
.PDSPowerDirector Script File
.SCCScreenFlow Screen Recording
.DV4Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video File
.MTSAVCHD Video File
.MP4VMPEG-4 Video
.PMFPSP Movie File
.MVPMAGIX Video Project File
.WP3Microsoft Photo Story Project File
.AQTAQTitle Subtitles File
.PLAYLISTCyberLink PowerDVD Playlist
.MOBMOBTV Video File
.DREAMDream Animated Wallpaper File
.TPDCyberlink TOD Video File
.DMSM3DVideoWave 3D Movie Project File
.FLCFLIC Animation
.M2THDV Video File
.MOVIEQuickTime Movie File
.MNVPlayStation Movie File
.DAVDVR365 Video File
.M4UMPEG-4 Playlist
.TIXDivX Video Download Activation File
.RDBWavelet Video Images File
.SMVVideoLink Mail Video File
.MPROJMine-imator Project
.264Ripped Video Data File
.GVIGoogle Video File
.MMVMicroMV Video File
.VEPAVS Video Editor Project File
.VRODVD Video Recording Format
.M4ViTunes Video File
.WVMGoogle Play Video File
.GFPGreenForce-Player Protected Media File
.DZPDirectorZone Particle Effect File
.MOVApple QuickTime Movie
.STXPinnacle Studio Project File
.3G23GPP2 Multimedia File
.AVBAvid Bin File
.QTCHQuickTime Cache File
.IRCPSpeedGrade IRIDAS Composite File
.CSTDirector External Cast File
.ZM3ZSNES Movie #3 File
.IZZYIsadora Project
.AVVAvid Volume Bin File
.TIVOTiVo Video File
.AXVAnnodex Video File
.SBZShowBiz Project File
.LVIXLightworks Video Index File
.WCPWinDVD Creator Project File
.FFDffDiaporama Project File
.VC1VC-1 Video File
.SFVIDCAPSonic Foundry Video Capture File
.XVIDXvid-Encoded Video File
.PICPictor Paint Image
.CAMVCamtasia Video File
.MPCElectronic Arts MPCh Video File
.DMBDigital Multimedia Broadcasting File
.AVSApplication Visualization System File
.M75MPEG Video
.FBRMercury Screen Recording
.3GPP23GPP2 Multimedia File
.MYSVineyard Captured Video File
.PPJPremiere 6 Project File
.CAMRECCamtasia Studio Screen Recording
.3GPP3GPP Media File
.H264H.264 Encoded Video File
.CPIAVCHD Video Clip Information File
.BNPSony Camcorder Video Data File
.OGVOgg Video File
.SBKSWiSH Project Backup File
.DVRMicrosoft Recorded TV Show
.MOIMOI Video File
.M2PMPEG-2 Program Stream File
.R3DREDCODE Video File
.VP3On2 Streaming Video File
.MP2VMPEG-2 Video File
.AWLIVEActive Webcam Video File
.SFERASfera 360° File
.60DCCTV Video Clip
.HEVCHigh Efficiency Video Coding File
.KMVMobile DJ Video File
.BSFBlu-ray AVC Video File
.3MM3D Movie Maker Movie Project
.F4VFlash MP4 Video File
.VGZDigitalVDO Compressed Video File
.PSBPowerDivX Subtitles File
.YUVYUV Video File
.TPBeyond TV Transport Stream File
.BDMVBlu-ray Disc Movie Information File
.DDATDivX Temporary Video File
.890Cavena Subtitles File
.DVDigital Video File
.WMWindows Media File
.SANSmush Animation File
.G2MGoToMeeting Recording File
.EXOYouTube Video Chunk File
.MVPMoviePlus Project File
.ISMIIS Smooth Streaming Manifest File
.AAFAdvanced Authoring Format File
.WVXWindows Media Video Redirector
.DVR-MSMicrosoft Digital Video Recording
.XMLCinelerra Video Project
.THEATERiMovie Theater File
.LRVLow Resolution Video File
.N3RPanasonic Security System Video File
.INTSony Camcorder Image Management File
.JDRIROAD Dash Cam Video File
.MK3DMatroska 3D Video File
.F4FFlash Video Fragment
.MVEXMuvee autoProducer 6 Project File
.DNCWindows Dancer File
.JSSJACOsub Subtitle File
.RMDRealPlayer Media File
.HDVHigh Definition Video Format
.QTLQuickTime Link File
.TSPDigital TV DVR Recording
.PROProPresenter Export File
.SMKSmacker Compressed Movie File
.DCKResolume Deck File
.AETXAfter Effects XML Project Template
.RSXRED Metadata XML File
.SQZSqueeze Project File
.SPLFutureSplash Animation
.RVRealVideo File
.DIVXDivX-Encoded Movie File
.K3G3GP Mobile Phone Video File
.TVSTeamViewer Video Session File
.IVFIndeo Video Format File
.MTVMTV Video Format File
.F4MAdobe Flash Media Manifest File
.SWTFlash Generator Template
.MPLAVCHD Playlist File
.BUSamsung CCTV Video File
.OGXOgg Vorbis Multiplexed Media File
.LRECInter-Tel Web Conference Recording
.CLPIBlu-ray Clip Information File
.DPGNintendo DS Movie File
.CMECommand Multimedia Evidence File
.BDT3BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 3 Document
.VEMMeta Media Video E-Mail File
.WMDWindows Media Download Package
.MVEInterplay MVE Video File
.MGVPSP Video File
.G64Genetec Video File
.MPEMPEG Movie File
.3P23GPP Multimedia File
.LSXStreaming Media Shortcut
.XMVXbox Media Video File
.MPEG2MPEG-2 Video File
.XESCExpression Encoder Screen Capture File
.FLIFLIC Animation
.VCRATI Video Card Recording
.RMPRealPlayer Metadata Package File
.AVEAvigilon Native Video Export File
.TSVDigital Receiver Video Recording File
.M2AMPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio File
.QTZQuartz Composer File
.FLICFLIC Animation
.MPEG1MPEG-1 Video File
.NFVNetflix Video File
.VCPFVideoConvert Project File
.MOOVApple QuickTime Movie
.CEDJVC Camera Video Data File
.PRELPremiere Elements Project File
.DMSDRoxio MyDVD Project
.WMXWindows Media Redirector File
.WXPWax 2.0 Project
.OGMOgg Media File
.IRFCCTV DVR H.264 Video File
.ARFWebEx Advanced Recording File
.NVCNeroVision Express Project File
.787AVTECH CCTV Video File
.AJPCCTV Video File
.ASXMicrosoft ASF Redirector File
.FTCFluxTime Clip File
.MJPMJPEG Video File
.BDMAVCHD Information File
.TDA3MTDivX Author Template File
.OTRKEYOnlineTvRecorder Encoded Video File
.CRECLync Video File
.VLABVisionLab Studio Project File
.PXVPixbend Media File
.TDTAVCHD Thumbnail File
.VIVOVivoActive Video File
.TVRECORDINGBoinxTV TV recording
.M2VMPEG-2 Video
.SSMStandard Streaming Metafile
.JMVJnes Movie File
.MJPGMotion JPEG Video File
.BVRBlue Iris Video
.ZM2ZSNES Movie #2 File
.TODJVC Everio Video Capture File
.DVXDivX Video File
.ZM1ZSNES Movie #1 File
.MPSUBMPlayer Subtitles File
.D3VDatel Video File
.FLHFLIC Animation File
.AVDMovie Edit Pro Video Information File
.EVOHD DVD Video File
.NSVNullsoft Streaming Video File
.M21MPEG-21 File
.ISMCSmooth Streaming Client Manifest File
.M4EMPEG-4 Video File
.XLMVXunlei Movie File
.TPRTMPGEnc Project File
.MSHVisual Communicator Project File
.Y4MYUV4MPEG2 Video File
.SECSamsung Security Video File
.AVPAvid Project File
.PJSPhoenix Subtitles File
.FPDXUtilius Fairplay Project
.JTSCyberlink AVCHD Video File
.VBCVodBurner Crude Video File
.SDVStudio DV Project File
.MPGINDEXAdobe MPEG Index File
.DV-AVIMicrosoft DV-AVI Video File
.RVIDSnapz Pro X Recorded Video File
.CMPROJCamtasia Project File
.GXFGeneral eXchange Format File
.SMILSMIL Presentation File
.ZEGZeroG Subtitles File
.SEDPRJSlideshow Studio Elements Project
.CMMTPLCamtasia MenuMaker Template
.NUVNuppelVideo File
.ORVOracom Video File
.RVLmuvee Reveal X Project File
.PLPROJAdobe Prelude Project File
.PRTLPremiere Pro Title File
.V264v264 IPROBOT3 Video File
.JVBitmap Brothers Video File
.WFSPWondershare Fantashow Project
.GOMGOM Media File
.IMOVIELIBRARYiMovie Library File
.VCVViewCave Video File
.AVSAVS Workgroup of China Video
.MEPXMovavi Video Editor Project
.G64XGenetec Video File
.PGIVideo Recording File
.VDRVirtualDub Signpost File
.RCRECLogMeIn Remote Control Session Recording
.VRVR Studio Project File
.WTVWindows Recorded TV Show File
.IMOVIEPROJiMovie Project File
.MT2SMPEG-2 Transport Stream File
.EDLEdit Decision List File
.TTXTMPEG-4 Timed Text Subtitles File
.PARDedicated Micros DVR Recording
.MVCMovie Collector Catalog
.BOXKodicom Video
.RMDRED Metadata File
.YOGOuterra Captured Video File
.W32WinCAPs Subtitle File
.PNSPelco CCTV Video File
.MODCamcorder Recorded Video File
.AMVAnime Music Video File
.SNAGPROJSnagit Project File
.WSVEWondershare Filmora for Mac Project File
.QTMApple QuickTime Movie File
.AVVideo Surveillance File
.XELExpression Encoder Live Encoding File
.ROQId Software Game Video
.AMAnark Media File
.VIEWLETQarbon Viewlet
.GIFVGIF Video File
.NUTNUT Video File
.PVRWintal PVR Video File
.INSVInsta360 Panoramic Video
.QTApple QuickTime Movie
.BMCBolide Movie Creator Project File
.CLKClickView Video File
.VP7TrueMotion VP7 Video File
.BMKPowerDVD MovieMark File
.FCPROJECTFinal Cut Pro X Project File
.PSSDPhotoSuite Slide Show File
.MOVIEPayday Movie File
.GCSCineform Studio Video Project
.VDXThe 7th Guest Video File
.FCARCHFinal Cut Pro Archive
.DLXSony VDU Video File
.M1PGiFinish Video Clip
.BYUBrigham Young University Movie File
.BLZTeamViewer Blizz Session File
.TVLAYERmimoLive TV Layer
.PROQCProPresenter Quartz Composition
.VFWVideo for Windows
.SEQNorPix StreamPix Sequence
.BS4Mikogo Session Video Recording
.SECGuinXell Video File
.THPWii/GameCube Video File
.VS4AVTECH CCTV Video Surveillance File
.MPG4MPEG-4 Video File
.MPLMPL2 Subtitles File
.SCNPinnacle Studio Scene File
.HKMHavok Movie File
.SMISMIL Presentation
.IMOVIEMOBILEiOS iMovie Project File
.MPLSBlu-ray Movie Playlist File
.MODDSony Video Analysis File
.TP0Mascom PVR Video File
.MPG2MPEG-2 Video File
.GLGRASP Animation
.IVASurveillance Video File
.CMMPCamtasia MenuMaker Project
.DMSSVideoWave SlideShow Project File
.ANMDeluxePaint Animation
.RMVRadical Entertainment Video File
.QSViQIYI Video File
.FFMFFmpeg Stream File
.AETAfter Effects Project Template
.MQVSony Movie Format File
.CMRECCamtasia Recording
.USFUniversal Subtitles Format File
.BIXKodicom Video File
.ISMCLIPiStopMotion Animation Clip
.AECAPAfter Effects Text Template
.ANIMAmiga Animation File
.XEJExpression Encoder Job File
.VDOVDOLive Media File
.VFVEGAS Movie Studio Project File
.EXPDX Series Exported Video File
.EZTEZTitles Subtitles File
.XFLAnimate Movie Archive
.SVISamsung Video File
.FVTFAST Search & Transfer Video File
.CIPCavena Subtitles File
.FBZFlashBack Screen Recorder Movie
.LSFStreaming Media Format
.CMVCorelMOVE Animation
.IVSInternet Streaming Video
.DCEDriveCam Video File
.VIXLightworks Video Index File
.TDXD-TEG CCTV Video Information File
.AVMAnime Music Video
.STLSpruce Technologies Subtitle File
.MXVMAGIX Video File
.EYETVEyeTV Recording File
.RAVIRadiometric Video File
.AVSAviSynth Script File
.SMISAMI Subtitles File
.RCPROJECTiMovie '08 Project
.MOFFSony Video Data File
.WGIWildgame Innovations Video File
.DMSD3DRoxio MyDVD 3D Project
.MJPEGMotion JPEG Video File
.GVPGoogle Video Pointer
.VFZCreative Webcam Video Effects File
.MVYVideo easy Project File
.MVBMultimedia Viewer Book Source File
.RTSRealPlayer Streaming Media
.TYTiVo Video Recording File
.VMLFVAIO Video File
.BDT2BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 2 Document
.DRCBBC Dirac Video
.BIK2Bink Video 2 File
.QTINDEXAdobe QTIndex File
.DADIMS200 Video Record File
.LVFDVR LVF Video File
.MVSGI Video File
.CAMMSN Messenger Webcam Recording
.CX3CMS Recorded Video File
.KTNKTooN Animation Project File
.NTPNatron Project File
.CDXLCommodore CDXL Video
.H263H.263 Video
.VP5On2 VP5 Video File
.TMV8088 Corruption Video
.SKMSK Telecom 3GP Video
.PRO4DVDProPresenter DVD Clips Document
.PRO5DVDProPresenter DVD Clips Document
.PMPPlayStation Portable Movie
.MEDIASecurity Camera Video
.KUXYouku KUX Video
.ANXAnnodex Exchange Format File
.VMLTVAIO Video File
.MP21MPEG-21 Multimedia File
.AVREverFocus Recording File
.TIDAVCHD Thumbnail File
.EYEEyemail Video Recording File
.PVAPVA Video File
.RPRealPix Clip
.DIFDigital Interface Format
.MPFMainActor Project File
.SMLSMIL Slideshow Presentation
.JNRJoinNet Recording File
.VSHVideoStudio HTML5 Project File
.FLXFLIC Animation
.AV3Arbitrator Video Surveillance File
.AVCAvid Media Composer Script
.VFTVideoStudio Filter File
.MOVIESGI Movie File
.MV8Interplay MVE Video File
.TGQElectronic Arts TGQ Video File
.ML20MSN Webcam Recorder Video
.VMDSierra VMD Video File
.VIDBethesda Video File
.RTSQuickTime Real-Time Streaming Format
.WVEElectronic Arts TQI Video File
.TGVElectronic Arts TGV Video File
.MVIMotion Pixels MVI1 Video File
.SEQTiertex Limited SEQ Video File
.RPLEscape Video File
.RL2Voyeur Game Video File
.PAFPacked Animation File
.P64H.261 Video File
.LXFHarris/Leitch Video File
.DSYBesta Video File
.PMVReturn to Zork Video File
.CELFLIC Animation
.TY+TiVo Video Recording File

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