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S File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.SQLStructured Query Language Data File
.SWFShockwave Flash Movie
.SYSWindows System File
.SVGScalable Vector Graphics File
.SITXStuffIt X Archive
.SRTSubRip Subtitle File
.SAVSaved Game
.SWIFTSwift Source Code File
.SHBash Shell Script
.SLNVisual Studio Solution File
.SDFStandard Data File
.SIGSignature File
.SITStuffIt Archive
.SWPSwap File
.SPSSPSS Program File
.SHPShapes File
.SCRWindows Screensaver
.SMCSuper Nintendo Game ROM
.SNDSound File
.SCFWindows Explorer Command
.SC45SuperCard Project File
.SDRSmartDraw Drawing
.SAVMass Effect 3 Saved Game
.SQFArmA Script File
.SQZSqueeze Project File
.SISSymbian Installation File
.SDFStructure Data File
.SDBCustom Application Compatibility Database
.SMILSMIL Presentation File
.SRCSource Code
.SIBSibelius Score
.SAVSPSS Data File
.SAS7BDATSAS Data Set File
.SRFSony RAW Image
.SKPSketchUp Document
.SWISWiSH Project File
.SDBSAP2000 Model File
.SCMScreenCam Screen Recording
.SFXWindows Self-Extracting Archive
.STMExchange Streaming Media File
.SIMS3The Sims 3 Game Save File
.SHPESRI Shapefile
.SATACIS SAT 3D Model File
.STLStereolithography File
.STYLESketchUp Style
.SESXAdobe Audition Session File
.SVGZCompressed SVG File
.SPVSPSS Output Document
.STXPinnacle Studio Project File
.STYLaTeX Style
.SAFStreet Atlas USA Map File
.SIS.DMOvi Store DRM-Protected Application
.SISX.DMNokia Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
.SMStepMania Song File
.SDFSpatial Data Format File
.SQLITESQLite Database File
.SIMS3PACKThe Sims 3 Package File
.STBAutoCAD Plot Style Table File
.STEDreamweaver Site Settings File
.SBNESRI Spatial Binary File
.SCSSimCity Societies Saved Game File
.SCNAge of Mythology Scenario File
.SLPSpectraLayers Pro Project
.SKMSketchUp Materials File
.SPUBSwift Publisher Document
.SLXMathWorks Simulink Model File
.SNAGPROJSnagit Project File
.SPCSoftware Publisher Certificate File
.STORYMILLStoryMill Project File
.SBUSamsung Backup File
.SQLITEDBSQLite Database
.SC2MAPBlizzard StarCraft 2 Map File
.SC2SAVEBlizzard StarCraft 2 Saved Game
.SC2REPLAYBlizzard StarCraft 2 Replay File
.SC2ASSETSBlizzard StarCraft 2 Assets File
.SC2MODBlizzard StarCraft 2 Modification File
.SSCStepMania Song File
.SEQPowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
.SHXAutoCAD Compiled Shape File
.SDEFAppleScript Dictionary Document
.SNAGSnagIt Capture File
.SVFSerial Vector Format File
.SCDOCSpaceClaim Document
.SEASelf-Extracting Archive
.SCANorton AntiVirus Scan File
.SEDIExpress Self Extraction Directive File
.STORYBOARDInterface Builder Storyboard Document
.SR2Sony RAW Image
.SC4SuperCard 4 Project File
.SUITMacintosh Font Suitcase
.SNGMIDI Song File
.SCRScript File
.SHWCorel Presentation
.SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language File
.SHTMLServer Side Include HTML File
.SCTScitex Continuous Tone File
.SMISAMI Subtitles File
.SCGmyPM SCG Definition File
.SMSMath Studio Document
.SNAGSTYLESSnagit Style Archive
.S3MScreamTracker 3 Module
.SHTMHTML Server Side Include File
.SPJMicrosoft ICE Panorama Project
.STORYStoryist Document
.SHSMicrosoft Scrap File
.SFVSimple File Verification File
.SUCKSiteSucker Website File
.SMFStandard MIDI File
.SUBSubtitle File
.SUPSubtitle Bitmap File
.STPROJSamsung Theme Document
.SIVSilicon Imaging Video File
.SMALIAndroid Smali Assembly Language File
.SPJPhotoStage Slideshow Project
.SGPMP3 Audio Mixer Sound Group Project
.SXCStarOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.SXDStarOffice Drawing
.SXIStarOffice Impress Presentation
.SNAGITSTAMPSSnagit Stamp Archive
.SXWStarOffice Writer Document
.SRRReScene Metadata File
.SMPFSprite Monkey Project
.SUBLIME-PACKAGESublime Text Package File
.SPLANESimple Planes Plane File
.SBPROJOpenGL Shader Builder Project
.SYMSymbols File
.SPDFSealed PDF File
.SCDTurboTax Tax Schedule List
.SEARCH-MSWindows Saved Search File
.SVISamsung Video File
.SGTSPSS Chart Template
.SCOTotalRecovery Backup Image
.SD2Sound Designer II File
.SDCApache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.SPDSPSS Custom Dialog File
.SDWStarOffice Writer Text Document
.SBPOpenSBP CNC Program File
.SAPAtari SAP Music File
.SPSSyncBack Settings File
.SMTSamsung Theme File
.SDSKSafeHouse Private Storage Volume
.SKITCHSkitch Image
.SGARelic Entertainment Game Archive
.SRFSurfer Project File
.STAPSoundtrack Pro Audio Project File
.SWAShockwave Audio
.SETSettings File
.SLUPKG-MSXrML Digital License Package
.SMPSmartMusic Performance File
.SNAPSHOTVMware ThinApp Snapshot File
.SPECRPM Specification File
.SLDTMSDL Translation Memory File
.SII18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Truck Definition File
.SCS11Show Cue System Cue File
.SFFStandard Flowgram Format File
.SOShared Library
.SDLScene Description Language File
.SSPSlideShow Creator Project File
.SD7Spring Content Package
.SRC.RPMRed Hat Package Manager Source File
.SPRGSynclavier Program File
.SCREENFLOWScreenFlow Document
.SLIOMSI Spline Configuration File
.SCTFoxPro Form Memo
.SCXFoxPro Form
.SYMgEDA Symbol File
.SETTINGCONTENT-MSWindows Settings File
.SG0Humongous Entertainment Game Save File
.SIDScanIt Document
.SQMService Quality Monitoring File
.SMDValve Studiomdl Data File
.SF2SoundFont 2 Sound Bank
.SSource Code File
.SKINDEXMail Index File
.SUMScilab Unit Operation Model File
.SSSilverStripe Source Code File
.SECPGP Secret Key Ring
.SKRPGP Private Keyring
.SFOCuteFTP Search File
.SFOPSP Game Parameters File
.SCRIVXScrivener XML Document
.SC4SimCity 4 Saved File
.SAFETEXTSafeText File
.SCRIVScrivener Document
.STRINGSText Strings File
.SLA.GZScribus Compressed Document
.SYXMIDI System Exclusive Message
.SDSound Designer Audio File
.SDESPS Sampled Data File
.SOLFlash Local Shared Object File
.SC2Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
.SOUSBStudio II Sound File
.S3IScream Tracker 3 Instrument
.SYNSimSynth Document
.SBKSWiSH Project Backup File
.SBISound Blaster Instrument
.SDSMIDI Sample Dump Standard File
.SPPACKSPPack Sound Sample
.SNDMacintosh Sound Resource
.SPQSPSS Database Query File
.STMScream Tracker 2 Module
.STXScream Tracker Music Interface Kit File
.SYHSynchomatic Instrument
.SYWYamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File
.SCWMovie Magic Screenwriter Document
.SCWScore Writer Document
.S7ZMac OS X 7-Zip File
.SQXSQX Archive
.SQSysquake Program
.SQDSQ Data File
.SDSOpenOffice.org Chart
.SBFAndroid System File
.SCADOpenSCAD Script
.SRWSamsung RAW Image
.SWJSolidWorks Journal File
.SPFXSqueeze Presets File
.SPKSynology Package
.STOPRO100 3D Interior Design Project
.SAHSETI@home Data File
.SFKSound Forge Pro Audio Peak File
.SKBSketchUp Backup Document
.SPUBDisc Cover File
.SPAMikuMikuDance Sphere Mapping File
.SITES2iWeb Site Design Project
.SNIPPETVisual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
.SYSMotorola Driver File
.SQMOperation Flashpoint Mission File
.SQRSQL Program File
.SISXSymbian OS Installation File
.STAABAQUS Status File
.STAtari ST Disk Image
.SCSuperCollider Source Code File
.SUDSuper Project Analyzer File
.SUDSudoku Puzzle File
.SUPSuper Project Definition File
.SARSibelius Arrange Style
.SFTMicrosoft App-V Sequencer File
.SLSoftware License File
.STRdBASE Structure List Object File
.SSPScreensaver Producer Project File
.SBKScrapbook Factory File
.SCMCLEO Compiled Script
.SHNShorten Compressed Audio File
.S19Motorola S19 File Record
.STLSpruce Technologies Subtitle File
.SLTNGStarLogo TNG Project File
.SCFDNA Sequence Chromatogram File
.SDXKivuto Secure Download Manager File
.STKStickfigure Animator File
.SSASub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.SHXShapefile Index File
.SITESiWeb Site Design Project
.SQDConfiguration Settings File
.SFVIDCAPSonic Foundry Video Capture File
.SFLSound Forge Pro Sound Data File
.SLDASMSolidWorks Assembly File
.SLDPRTSolidWorks Part File
.SLDDRWSolidWorks Drawing File
.S85Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
.SCPTAppleScript Script File
.SHYShyFile Encrypted File
.SKVSemicolon Separated Values File
.SGPBPRJBaltie Project
.SKXXLANG Schedule File
.SCHEAGLE Schematics File
.SPSignPlot Traffic Sign File
.SCNSimCity Scenario File
.SDBServerBoss Database File
.SHUnix Shell Archive
.SHRUnix Shell Archive File
.SRSOutlook Send/Receive Settings File
.SCXGame Scenario File
.SCXMicrosoft Game Scenario File
.SEFEncryptafile Signature File
.SASSAS Program File
.SFZSFZ Sample Definition File
.SQFSSquash FS Bootable File
.S00ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive
.S01ZipSplitter Part 2 Archive
.S02ZipSplitter Part 3 Archive
.SEEDLinux Preseed File
.SIGQuickTac SIG File
.SKIMotorola Phone Skin File
.SIMS2PACKDownloaded Sims 2 Package File
.SCVScanVec CASmate Sign File
.SSCSourceSafe Status File
.SIGBroderbund Sign File
.SPPSerif PhotoPlus Picture File
.SFSSquashfs File Archive
.SDBMonKey Office SQLite Database File
.SHXMotorola Flash Superfile
.SRFLightWave Surface File
.SWKStudyWorks Save File
.SMSExported SMS Text Message
.SAVEDDECKNokia Saved Web Page
.SW2Softwrap License File
.S2ZHeroes of Newerth Game Data File
.SCCSourceSafe Source Code Control File
.SAVERMac OS X Screen Saver
.SRMSuper Nintendo ROM Save File
.SQBSQL Backup SQL Server Backup File
.SVN-WORKSubversion Cache File
.SLAScribus Document
.SUOVisual Studio Solution User Options File
.SMKSmacker Compressed Movie File
.SWDFlash Debug File
.SLPSisulizer Project File
.SLESisulizer Package File
.SPGTCP Optimizer Backup File
.SAVEDSEARCHSpotlight Saved Search
.SPEWinSpec CCD Capture File
.SEOSEO Note File
.SPTSpeedTree Tree Data File
.SARService Archive File
.SDTSmartDraw Template File
.SDTGrand Theft Auto 3 Audio File
.SNADrive Snapshot Primary Backup File
.SN1Drive Snapshot First Differential Backup
.SN2Drive Snapshot Second Differential Backup
.SWCFlex Components Archive
.SWCSuper Nintendo Wild Card ROM File
.SCRIPTGeneric Script File
.SV5BigJig Saved Puzzle
.SVSGame Boy Advance Saved State File
.SMAAMX Mod Plugin Source File
.SPRHalf-Life Sprite File
.SNPAccess Report Snapshot
.SHSHiPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob File
.SDPSession Description Protocol File
.SKETCHSketch Drawing
.SESAudition Session File
.SEARCHCONNECTOR-MSWindows Search Connector File
.STTStreets & Trips Map Template
.SADBlack & White Audio File
.SR0SecuROM Analysis File
.SSSWindowBlinds Substyle File
.SSDWindowBlinds Skin File List
.SLTMozilla User Profile Folder
.SSLFHLSW Shared Server List File
.STHLotus Domino Stash File
.SH3DSweet Home 3D Design File
.SH3FSweet Home 3D Model Library
.SPRITESuperTux Sprite File
.SIFWindows Setup Information File
.SLDDRTSolidWorks Sheet File
.SSWSony Ericsson Firmware File
.SKLMaya Skeleton File
.SKZSuperKaramba Theme
.SRFServer Response File
.SDFSQL Server Compact Database File
.SWTFlash Generator Template
.SUFCcrypt Encrypted File
.SCAScala Script File
.STCContribute Connection Key File
.SVXSurvex Cavern Data File
.SDWMrSID World File
.SWITCHSwitch Package
.SK2ChemSketch Drawing
.SKFAutoSketch Drawing
.STDLSwift To-Do List Database
.SFCSuper Nintendo ROM
.SMISMIL Presentation
.SVDRoland Patch File
.SPHMikuMikuDance Sphere Mapping File
.SDCSecure Download Cabinet
.STYKZStykz Animation
.SDZSpring Content Package
.STYKStykz Stick Figure
.SDGStrater Project File
.STYBand-in-a-Box Styles File
.SMZIPStepMania Package
.SCMGIMP Script-Fu Script
.STYLEArcGIS Style Manager File
.SSVSeavus Secure Project File
.SQFSothink SWF Quicker File
.SBScratch Project File
.SXTPropellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch File
.SNAPFIRESHOWCorel SnapfireShow File
.SV$AutoCAD Automated Backup File
.SWPVi Swap File
.SCNOrbiter Scenario File
.SGBDawn of War Map File
.SMASmartMusic Accompaniment File
.SCRIPTTERMINOLOGYAppleScript Script Terminology File
.SCRIPTSUITEAppleScript Script Suite File
.SBNCisco IP Phone Firmware File
.SDRDell Support File
.SENSenTest Data File
.SLKSymbolic Link File
.SFARMass Effect 3 DLC File
.SKNSymbian OS Skin File
.STPAnalysis Studio Project Information File
.SEDPRJSlideshow Studio Elements Project
.SBVYouTube Captions File
.SPFSlingplayer Favorites File
.SUBCloneCD Subchannel File
.SJDScrapbook Factory Journal File
.SCHEMATICMCEdit Schematic File
.SDLXLIFFSDL Trados XLIFF Localization File
.SLFSymantec License File
.SCBScrambls Encrypted File
.SNSSave-N-Sync Project File
.SQLPROJVisual Studio SQL Server Project
.SLDStyled Layer Descriptor File
.SESSIONCATIA 4 Session File
.STUPinnacle Studio Project File
.SSFTrimble Standard Storage Format File
.SIMSAP Tutor File
.SNTSticky Notes File
.SHDWindows Print Job Shadow File
.SPLWindows Print Spool File
.SVN-BASESubversion Base File
.SV2ISymantec System Index File
.STGActiveSync Backup File
.SHOWThinkfree Office NEO Show Document
.SBXESRI Spatial Index File
.SLOGOStarLogo Project File
.SCCScreenFlow Screen Recording
.SAIPaintTool SAI Image
.SIDSteam Game Data Backup File
.SISSteam Game Backup Information File
.SFPACKPacked SoundFont File
.SBCOffice Accounting Company Shortcut File
.SBDOffice Accounting Company Data File
.SXSimplexNumerica Data File
.SPSimplexety Parameters File
.SAMIGrand Theft Auto San Andres Mod Installer File
.SDATNintendo DS Sound Data File
.SSEQNintendo DS Sound File
.SAVNintendo DS Save File
.SUBLIME-PROJECTSublime Text Project File
.SUBLIME-WORKSPACESublime Text Workspace File
.SDVStudio DV Project File
.SPBFlight Simulator Mission File
.SCPTDAppleScript Script Bundle
.SCSPrism3D Game Data File
.SPCSNES Soundtrack File
.STRMStream File
.SETTINGSVisual Studio Settings File
.SMPXSmartMusic Accompaniment File
.SB2Scratch 2.0 Project File
.SBWUS Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File
.SMPKGSmartMusic Package File
.SMXSmartMusic XML File
.SAFESIGLock Encrypted File
.SC2DATABlizzard StarCraft 2 Data File
.SC2ARCHIVEBlizzard StarCraft 2 Archive File
.SNFStarry Night Pro Document
.S2MVStarCraft 2 Map Preview File
.S2MLStarCraft 2 Map Localization File
.SDBSparkleDB Database File
.SC2MAStarCraft 2 Map Data File
.SCSSSass Cascading Style Sheet
.SCHgEDA Schematic File
.SNKStrong Name Key File
.SFDSpline Font Database File
.SAFARIEXTZApple Safari Extension Package
.SIDXStuffIt Archive Index File
.SKBASketchBook Pro Animation File
.STENCYLStencyl Game File
.SXDArcScene Document
.SCGCmyPM SCG Classic Data File
.SEQNorPix StreamPix Sequence
.SCGSmyPM SCG Starter Data File
.SCGPmyPM SCG Pro Data File
.SPRITE2Scratch 2.0 Sprite File
.SC2BANKStarCraft 2 Bank File
.SISSisma Database File
.SCZSmartDraw Collection Package File
.SC4MODELSimCity 4 Model File
.SC4LOTSimCity 4 Lot File
.SC4DESCSimCity 4 Description File
.SMRAILROADSSAVEDGAMESid Meier's Railroads! Saved Game
.SECSamsung Security Video File
.SSIAdobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
.SQLITE3SQLite 3 Database File
.SIMPSoftware Ideas Modeler Project
.SPECCYSpeccy Snapshot
.SWZAdobe Flash Player Cache File
.SCALAScala Source Code File
.STDPROMT Translator Document
.SGMVisualBoyAdvance Saved Game
.SCWORLDSurvivalcraft World File
.SBZShowBiz Project File
.SPARCSkype Plugin Archive
.SMESamsung Mobile Backup File
.STAMAME Saved State File
.SE1Swiss Ephemeris Data File

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