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File Type 1TurboTax Tax Schedule List

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What is an SCD file?

Tax schedule file exported by TurboTax tax preparation software; includes a complete list of tax forms and schedules supported by the version of TurboTax that exported the file; saved in a plain text format that can be viewed in a text editor.

More Information

TuboTax saves exported SCD files with the default filename "tax.scd." This file can be imported into Quicken using the Tax Planner feature. Importing an SCD file from your version of TurboTax ensures Quicken will import all the necessary tax forms.

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Programs that open SCD files

Updated 3/19/2011

File Type 2Data Rescue Saved Scan File

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Scan log file created with Data Rescue, a data recovery utility; saves information about deleted files identified on a scanned volume.

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SCD files can be saved after running a Quick Scan or a Thorough Scan. However, they are most useful for saving data after a Thorough Scan is run. By saving an SCD file, you do not need to run a Thorough Scan if you wish to recover files from a volume at a later time. Instead, you can select the "Use Scan File" option and load the SCD file for the appropriate volume.

Programs that open SCD files

Updated 3/19/2011

File Type 3Microsoft Schedule+ Schedule

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An SCD file is a calendar file created by Microsoft Schedule+, a discontinued time management program that was part of Microsoft Office. It contains a record of the activities a user has scheduled in their Schedule+ calendar. SCD files cannot be opened in applications other than Microsoft Schedule+.

More Information

Microsoft Schedule+ was a companion to Microsoft Mail that allowed users to schedule events, such as meetings and appointments, on a digital calendar. In many regards, Schedule+ was the precursor to Microsoft Outlook's Calendar feature.

SCD files are calendars that can be opened in Schedule+. They contain a record of a user's scheduled events, as well as the user's contacts, to-do lists, and other unique Schedule+ data.

Microsoft released the final version of Schedule+ as part of Microsoft Office 2003. Since Office 2007, Outlook's Calendar feature has replaced Schedule+. Unfortunately, the two programs are not compatible, so you cannot open SCD files in Microsoft Outlook.

How do I open an SCD file?

If you still have access to Microsoft Schedule+ (Windows, Mac), you can open your SCD file in Schedule+. Otherwise, you will not be able to open your SCD file.

Programs that open SCD files

Updated 5/10/2021

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