Intuit Quicken for Mac

Version2017(as of 2/7/2017)
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Main Features

  • Track and manage multiple types of accounts
  • Create custom financial reports
  • Build a budget and financial plan
  • Automatically download data from hundreds of financial institutions
  • Import and export Windows Quicken data

Software Overview

Quicken 2017 for Mac is a full-featured financial management application for macOS. It retains all the functionality of its predecessor and gains several new features and a polished new interface.

Quicken allows you to manage several financial accounts in a single program. You can view and edit individual accounts by selecting them from the left sidebar. Examples include bank accounts such as checking and savings accounts, credit card accounts, and investment accounts, such as brokerage an retirement portfolios. You can also choose the "Overview" option to see a summary of all your finances in one window.

The 2017 version of Quicken for Mac makes it easy to add and edit transactions with its improved register interface. However, you probably won't need to manually edit your account registers very often because Quicken seamlessly imports from most major financial institutions. Simply click the "Update" button and Quicken will sync your local account registers with your bank accounts over the Internet. Account syncing provides an ultra-fast way to enter your financial data and prevents possible errors caused by manual data entry.

Advanced users will appreciate Quicken's other features, such as reports, bill reminders, and budgeting tools. For example, you can create custom reports that track income and expenses for specific accounts within a certain time frame. Bill reminders display upcoming bill due dates, and the budgeting tool allows you to set and track spending goals. Quicken even creates some reasonable goals for you based on your previous spending habits.

Quicken is a simple but powerful program for managing your finances. If you are a Mac user and have been waiting for a full-featured money management program for OS X, Quicken 2017 delivers.

Primary File Type

quicken2017 icon.QUICKEN2017Quicken 2017 Data File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.QUICKEN2017Quicken 2017 Data File
.OFXOpen Financial Exchange File
.QFXQuicken Financial Exchange File
.QIFQuicken Interchange Format File
.QMTFQuicken Mac Transfer File
.QUICKEN2015Quicken 2015 Data File
.QUICKEN2015BACKUPQuicken 2015 Backup File
.QUICKEN2016Quicken 2016 Data File
.QUICKEN2016BACKUPQuicken 2016 Backup File
.QUICKEN2017BACKUPQuicken 2017 Backup File
.QUICKENBACKUPQuicken Essentials for Mac Backup File
.QUICKENDATAQuicken Essentials for Mac Data File
.QXFQuicken Essentials for Mac Exchange File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.MNYMicrosoft Money File
.QDFQuicken Data File
.QDFMQuicken Data File (Macintosh)
.QDFXQuicken Financial Exchange File
Updated 2/7/2017