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File Type 1MikuMikuDance Sphere Mapping File

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CategoryRaster Image Files

What is an SPA file?

3D model effects file used by MikuMikuDance, a dance and rhythm synchronization game; saved as a .BMP image but uses the ".spa" extension instead; used for adding a shiny look to 3D model features such as hair or clothes.

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SPA files may also incorporate transparency (e.g., .PNG or .TGA files), but they are most commonly created from non-transparent bitmap images.

NOTE: You can create a SPA file by drawing a Bitmap image (".bmp" file) with any graphics editor and renaming the extension to ".spa."

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Programs that open SPA files

Updated 4/3/2012

File Type 2Nintendo DS Particle File

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CategoryGame Files

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Particle file used by Nintendo DS games, such as New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart; contains images used to illustrate particles, such as sand, dust, and sparks, for animations.

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The SPA file is referenced by the game to illustrate splashing water, fire explosions, and other game actions. The file can also be edited to modify the appearance of the particles.

Programs that open SPA files

Updated 10/29/2014

File Type 3Spotify Application

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CategoryCompressed Files

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A SPA file is a Zip-compressed application used by the Spotify desktop app. It contains component files, including .CSS, .HTML, .JSON, and .JS files, used to load and display a feature (such as Browse, About, or Follow) in Spotify. SPA files are found in Spotify's Apps folder.

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Spotify is an audio streaming service that allows listeners to search for and play any of over 60 million songs and podcasts. Listeners can also create their own Spotify playlists and share them with others or rely on Spotify's recommendations to play a radio-like stream of songs.

While most people listen to Spotify via the service's mobile apps, Spotify also offers a desktop application that Mac and Windows users can download and use to listen to audio on their PCs. To show features to listeners, the Spotify desktop app references a series of SPA files that are saved in the app's Apps folder.

For example, if you navigate to Spotify's Apps folder, you'll see a file named browse.spa. When you click the Spotify desktop app's Browse button, Spotify accesses browse.spa and uses it to load the Browse feature. (You can also access the Browse feature by searching for spotify:browse in Spotify's search bar, which causes the app to access browse.spa.)

Each SPA file is a Zip-compressed file that contains a series of other files. These component files are used to properly load and display each SPA file's associated feature. For example, if you rename about.spa to about.zip, decompress it, and open the about folder that appears, you'll find the set of files used to show the Spotify desktop app's About Spotify window.

How do I open an SPA file?

Spotify SPA files are not meant to be opened. However, if you want to view the files contained within a SPA file, you can rename the file to use the .ZIP extension, decompress it, and view its contents as you would any Zip archive.

Also, you can open some SPA files in Spotify by searching for spotify:filename in the Spotify desktop app's search bar. For example, you can open the About Spotify window by searching for spotify:about, and you can open the Browse feature by searching for spotify:browse.

Programs that open SPA files

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Updated 12/2/2020

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