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Main Features

  • Supports many packing and unpacking formats
  • Features an impressive compression ratio
  • Offers file encryption for security
  • Works as a useful file manager

Software Overview

Screenshot of 7-Zip 19
Screenshot of 7-Zip 19

7-Zip is a free, open-source application used to archive and compress data. It can combine a number of files into one archive or simply reduce the size of a single file for quick transfer.

7-Zip uses the 7z (.7Z) archive format by default, which provides a higher compression ratio than the .ZIP format. Along with 7z, 7-Zip supports ZIP, WIM, RAR, GZIP, BZIP2, and XZ compression formats. It also supports a multitude of package formats, such as TAR, MSI, DEB, ISO, CAB, RPM, NTFS, and Z. Along with packing and unpacking capabilities, 7-Zip is a useful file manager that allows you to copy and move your files to other locations.

7-Zip is a durable archiver and compression application. It supports many packing and unpacking formats and doubles as a useful file manager. While the 7-Zip interface is simplistic, it is a powerful, lightweight file compression utility.

Primary File Type

7z icon.7Z7-Zip Compressed File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.7Z7-Zip Compressed File
.AP_ADT Android Developer Package
.APKAndroid Package File
.ARMidtown Madness Data File
.ARCCompressed File Archive
.ARJARJ Compressed File Archive
.BZBzip Compressed File
.BZ2Bzip2 Compressed File
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.CB7Comic Book 7-Zip Archive
.CRXChromium Extension
.DAZIPDragon Age: Origins Game File
.DEBDebian Software Package
.DMGApple Disk Image
.EXEWindows Executable File
.GNUTARGNU Tar Archive
.GZGnu Zipped Archive
.GZIUnix Gzip File
.GZIPGnu Zipped File
.HFSHFS Disk Image File
.ISODisc Image File
.JGZGzipped Javascript File
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.LXFLEN Exchange Format File
.LZHLZH Compressed File
.LZMALZMA Compressed File
.MCGAMEMinecraft Game Backup File
.MCTWindows Live Messenger Data File
.MCWORLDMinecraft World Backup
.MSIWindows Installer Package
.NTFSNTFS Partition File
.PAXPAX Archive
.PETPuppy Linux Install Package
.PK3Quake 3 Engine Game Data
.PSZCompressed PostScript File
.R00WinRAR Compressed Archive
.RARWinRAR Compressed Archive
.RELOCWindows EXE Relocation Section File
.SDTSiemens Desktop Theme File
.SDZNCI Compressed Database
.SDZSpring Content Package
.SFSSquashfs File Archive
.SFXWindows Self-extracting Archive
.SPKSynology Package
.SQUASHFSSquashfs File System
.TARTape Archive
.TAR.GZCompressed Tarball File
.TAR.GZ2Misnamed BZ2 Tarball
.TAR.LZMALZMA Compressed Tarball
.TAR.XZXZ Compressed Tar Archive
.TBZBzip Compressed Tar Archive
.TGZGzipped Tar File
.TLZTar LZMA Compressed File
.U3PU3 Smart Application
.UDFUniversal Disk Format File
.VHDVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.WIMWindows Imaging Format File
.XARExtensible Archive Format File
.XZXZ Compressed Archive
.ZUnix Compressed File
.ZADCarmageddon Game Data File
.ZIPZipped File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.001Split Archive Part 1
.7Z.0017-Zip Split Archive Part 1 File
.7Z.0027-Zip Split Archive Part 2 File
.AZW2Kindle Active Content App File
.HEHumongous Entertainment Game Archive
.R01WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
.R02WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
.R03WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
.R21WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
.TXZXZ Compressed Tar Archive
.ZIRenamed Zip File
.ZPIZipped File
Updated 4/9/2021