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V File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.VSubsampled Raw YUV Image
.VVerilog Source Code File
.VCoq Source Code File
.V11.SUOVisual Studio 2012 Solution User Options File
.V12All The Right Type Database File
.V12.SUOVisual Studio 2013 Solution User Options File
.V264v264 IPROBOT3 Video File
.V2INorton Ghost Virtual Volume Image
.V2MV2 Synthesizer Audio File
.V3DVisual3D.NET Data File
.V3OEmergency 3 and 4 Model File
.V3VVector Art 3D Model File
.V64Nintendo 64 ROM Dump
.VACMikuMikuDance Accessory Settings File
.VACOc2.316s Cakit File
.VAGPlayStation Compressed Sound File
.VALValodas Dictionary File
.VALOlympus Voice Recording
.VALValues List
.VALAVala Source Code File
.VAPDialogic Indexed Voice Audio File
.VAPORCDNorum Vapor CD
.VARVariable Data
.VAULTFontcase Vault File
.VBVisual Basic Project Item File
.VBGrand Theft Auto Audio File
.VBVirtual Boy ROM File
.VBCVodBurner Crude Video File
.VBDVisual Basic ActiveX Document
.VBEVBScript Encoded Script File
.VBFCity Interactive Game Data File
.VBGVisual Basic Project Group File
.VBKVitalSource eBook
.VBKVeeam Backup File
.VBMVeeam Backup Metadata File
.VBOXOracle VM VirtualBox Settings File
.VBOX-EXTPACKOracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
.VBOX-PREVOracle VM VirtualBox Settings Backup File
.VBPVisual Basic Project File
.VBPF1Virtual Business - Personal Finance Data File
.VBPROJVisual Studio Visual Basic Project
.VBRGIMP Parametric Brush File
.VBSVBScript File
.VBSCRIPTVisual Basic Script
.VBTiAntiVirus Temporary Scan File
.VBTSpyware Doctor Temporary Scan File
.VBWVisual Basic Workspace File
.VBXVisual Basic Custom Control
.VBX6SETTINGSVirusBarrier X6 Settings File
.VBZVisual Basic Project Template
.VCVerge Code File
.VC1VC-1 Video File
.VC3VSampler Soundbank File
.VC4Virtual CD Disc Image
.VC4Visual C++ 4 File
.VC6Virtual CD 6 CD Image
.VC8Virtual CD 8 Disc Image
.VCDValue Change Dump File
.VCDVirtual CD
.VCDFarStone Virtual Drive
.VCDValve Choreography Data File
.VCEYamaha Voice File
.VCEVisual CertExam Exam File
.VCFvCard File
.VCMVice City Mod Manager File
.VCOVirtual CD Collection File
.VCOMPSV-Comp Setup File
.VCPeMbedded Visual C++ Project File
.VCPCasio ClassPad Data File
.VCPFVideoConvert Project File
.VCPREFNorton Antivirus Preferences File
.VCPROJVisual C++ Project File
.VCRATI Video Card Recording
.VCRDWindows Vault Credentials File
.VCSvCalendar Event File
.VCTVisual Class Library Memo
.VCTVISE Installer Project
.VCTIDRISI Vector Image
.VCVViewCave Video File
.VCWeMbedded Visual C++ Workspace File
.VCXVisual Fox Pro Class Library
.VCXVirtual Disc Definition File
.VCXITEMSVC++ Project Items File
.VCXPROJVisual C++ Project
.VDATarga Bitmap Image File
.VDATAVaulty Vault File
.VDBSymantec Virus Database File
.VDBOpenVDB Volume Database File
.VDCIDRISI Vector Documentation File
.VDFGothic Game Data File
.VDFValve Data File
.VDFVirtualDub Video Filter
.VDFAntiVir Virus Definitions File
.VDIStepMania Debug Resource File
.VDIVirtualBox Virtual Disk Image
.VDIVirtuo CD Manager Disk Image
.VDJVirtualDJ Audio Sample File
.VDJSENDVirtualDJ Send File
.VDMVEDIT Macro File
.VDMVDM Specification File
.VDOVDOLive Media File
.VDOHeathen Virus File
.VDPVisual Studio Deployment Project
.VDPROJVisual Studio Setup and Deployment Project
.VDRVirtualDub Signpost File
.VDWVisio Web Drawing
.VDXThe 7th Guest Video File
.VDXVisio Drawing XML File
.VECIDRISI Vector File
.VECOrbiter Vector Map File
.VECCX-Designer Shape File
.VECVectrex Game ROM File
.VEGVEGAS Video Project
.VEGVue Vegetation file
.VEHVehicle File
.VEMVirtual Expander Compressed File
.VEMMeta Media Video E-Mail File
.VEPAVS Video Editor Project File
.VERVersion Record
.VERTVertex Shader File
.VETLectra Cutter's Must File
.VEXEVirus Executable File
.VFVEGAS Movie Studio Project File
.VFBFontLab Studio Font File
.VFCVentaFax Cover Page File
.VFDVirtual Floppy Disk
.VFFSun TAAC Graphic File
.VFFWii Virtual Fat Filesystem File
.VFSVirtual File System Index
.VFSVentaFax Schedule File
.VFSAnimated Slide File
.VFS0Metro 2033 Sound File
.VFTVideoStudio Filter File
.VFWVideo for Windows
.VFZCreative Webcam Video Effects File
.VGAVGA Display Driver
.VGCViziGen Code Generation Template
.VGDGeneric CADD VGA Driver
.VGIVista Game Explorer Editor Game File
.VGMVideo Game Music File
.VGZDigitalVDO Compressed Video File
.VGZVideo Game Music Compressed File
.VHDVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.VHDVHDL Source File
.VHDLVHDL Source File
.VHDXWindows 8 Virtual Hard Drive File
.VHVValve Source Lighting File
.VILabVIEW Virtual Instrument File
.VIBEVibePlayer Haptic File
.VICViziGen Code Import Mappings File
.VIDGeneric Video File
.VIDEOaTube Catcher Video File
.VIEWLETQarbon Viewlet
.VIFFVisualization Image File Format
.VIIVOViivo Encrypted File
.VIMVim Settings File
.VIMRCVim Runtime Configuration File
.VIPVirtual Instrument Package
.VIPMAGIX Samplitude Music Studio Project
.VIPStitch Pattern File
.VIRVirus-Infected File
.VISVisibility Image File
.VISVisual Importer Script
.VISUALWorld of Tanks 3D Model Surface File
.VISUAL_PROCESSEDWorld of Tanks 3D Model Surface File
.VIVPlayStation Video File
.VIVNeed for Speed Car Archive
.VIVVivoActive Video File
.VIVOVivoActive Video File
.VIXLightworks Video Index File
.VIZAvee Player Visualizer Template
.VJPVisual Studio J++ Project
.VJSPROJVisual Studio J# Project
.VLABVisionLab Studio Project File
.VLCVLC Playlist
.VLCLVMware Localization File
.VLEVirtual Labs Electricity Circuit File
.VLGVentaFax Logbook File
.VLPLiveSite Project
.VLTVLC Media Player Skin File
.VLTWinVault File Archive
.VLWProcessing Font File
.VLXCompiled AutoLISP File
.VMVelocity Template
.VMACVMware Configuration File
.VMAPValve Source 2 Uncompiled Map File
.VMAP_CValve Source 2 Compiled Map File
.VMBAVMware Configuration File
.VMCWindows Virtual Machine Configuration File
.VMCXVirtual Machine Shell Information File
.VMCZHyper-V Compressed Virtual Machine
.VMDCovox Raw Sample
.VMDVocaloid Motion Data File
.VMDKVirtual Machine Disk File
.VMDK-CONVERTTMPVMWare Fusion Temporary File
.VMDLValve Source 2 Model File
.VMFValve Map File
.VMFVocaltec Media File
.VMFCovox Speech Thing Sample
.VMF_AUTOSAVEValve Hammer Editor Autosave File
.VMGNokia Text Message
.VMHFVMware Hot Fix File
.VMHRVMware Hot Fix Request File
.VMLVector Markup Language File
.VMLFVAIO Video File
.VMLTVAIO Video File
.VMOVirtools Media Object File
.VMOSiemens Voice Memo File
.VMPLVMware Policy File
.VMSDVMware Snapshot Metadata File
.VMSGVMware Application Message File
.VMSNVMware Snapshot State File
.VMSSVMware Suspended State File
.VMTValve Material File
.VMTVMware Configuration File
.VMTMVMware Team Data File
.VMVVirtuaNES Recording
.VMVVisualBoyAdvance Recording
.VMWAREVMVMware Fusion Virtual Machine
.VMXVMware Configuration File
.VMXValve Map Backup File
.VMXCubase Mixer Settings File
.VMXFVMware Team Member File
.VNCVNC Configuration File
.VNCLOCScreen Sharing VNC Internet Location
.VNDType3 Design File
.VNFVision Numeric Font
.VNIDell Webcam Central Application Configuration File
.VNTMobile Phone vNote File
.VOBDVD Video Object File
.VOBVue Objects File
.VOBLive for Speed Car File
.VOCRCA Voice Recorder File
.VOCCreative Labs Audio File
.VOCAPhotoVOCA Communication Board File
.VOIVOI Group File
.VOIVoyetra Voice File
.VOKPocketVok Vocabulary File
.VOLVideo Game Archive
.VOLVolfs File System Directory
.VOLARCHIVECopyCatX Volume Archive
.VORStarOffice Template
.VOXDialogic Voice Audio File
.VOXVoxlap Voxel Model File
.VOXALVoxal Project File
.VOXBVoxler Network File
.VPVentura Publication File
.VPVertex Program File
.VPVerilog Encrypted Source Code File
.VPVolition Package File
.VP3On2 Streaming Video File
.VP6TrueMotion VP6 Video File
.VP7TrueMotion VP7 Video File
.VPAVPchat Chat Gestures File
.VPCViziGen Configuration File
.VPC6Virtual Machine Package
.VPC7Virtual Machine Package
.VPCBACKUPWindows Virtual PC Backup File
.VPDMikuMikuDance Vocaloid Pose Data File
.VPDVoxPro Database File
.VPEPhotoshop Vanishing Point Export File
.VPHVirtualPhotographer Custom Settings
.VPJVideoPad Video Editor Project File
.VPKPlayStation Vita Application Package
.VPKValve Pak
.VPLKaraoke Player Playlist
.VPMGarmin Voice File
.VPMVox Proxy Macro File
.VPOLWindows Vault Policy File
.VPPVisual Paradigm Project File
.VPPVisionPro Job File
.VPRVOCALOID5 Project File
.VPSVirtual CD Copy Template
.VPWVoxPro Wave File
.VPXAvast Virus Update File
.VQCVirtual CD Quick Copy File
.VQFTwinVQ Audio File
.VRVR Studio Project File
.VRBVeeam Incremental Backup File
.VRDVisio Report Definition File
.VRFVentrilo Audio Recording
.VRIMGV-Ray Image File
.VRLVRML Virtual World
.VRODVD Video Recording Format
.VRPHOTOVR Photo Image
.VRTVirtual World
.VSVivid Include File
.VSVertex Shader File
.VSGreekToMe Verse List File
.VS4AVTECH CCTV Video Surveillance File
.VSCHWindows Vault Schema File
.VSCONTENTVisual Studio Content File
.VSCTVisual Studio Command Table
.VSDVisio Drawing File
.VSDISCODISCO Dynamic Discovery Document
.VSDMVisio Macro-Enabled Drawing
.VSDXVisio Drawing
.VSHVideoStudio HTML5 Project File
.VSHVertex Shader File
.VSHOST.EXEVisual Studio Hosting Process File
.VSIVisual Studio Content Installer File
.VSIXVisual Studio Extension
.VSLVelocity Template File
.VSLVisio Add-on
.VSMACROSVisual Studio Binary Macro Project
.VSMDIVisual Studio Test Metadata File
.VSMPROJVisual Studio Text Macro Project
.VSOCompiled Vertex Shader File
.VSPVisual Studio Performance Report File
.VSPVideoStudio Project File
.VSPFVisual Studio Performance Filter File
.VSPROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.VSPSVisual Studio Serialized Performance Report
.VSPSCCVisual Studio Project Source Control File
.VSPXVisual Studio Performance Report Data File
.VSQVOCALOID2 Project File
.VSSVisio Stencil File
.VSSETTINGSVisual Studio Settings File
.VSSMVisio Macro-Enabled Stencil File
.VSSSCCVisual Studio Solution Source Control File
.VSSXVisio Stencil File
.VSTVST Audio Plugin
.VSTVisio Drawing Template
.VSTTarga Bitmap Image
.VST3VST 3 Audio Plugin
.VSTMVisio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template
.VSTXVisio Drawing Template
.VSUVisio Custom User Interface File
.VSVVirtual Machine Saved State File
.VSWVisio Workspace File
.VSXVisio Stencil XML File
.VSZVisual Studio Wizard File
.VTFValve Texture File
.VTMVisual Tool Markup Language Document
.VTMLVisual Tool Markup Language File
.VTPRStudio Store Visualizer Project
.VTTWeb Video Text Tracks File
.VTVAdobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration File
.VTXVTX Chiptune File
.VTXVisio Template XML File
.VTXAnim8or 3D Model
.VUDVirtual Machine Undo Drive File
.VUEFoxPro 2.x View Settings
.VUEVue Scene File
.VVDVivid 3D Scanner Element File
.VVFVoc Vocabulary File
.VVVVirtual Volumes View Catalog
.VWVolkswriter Text File
.VWIMicrosoft Visio Workflow Interchange File
.VWLVuforia Word List
.VWPVehicle Weapon File
.VWXVectorworks Design File
.VX2Space Engineers Voxel Object Data File
.VXDVirtual Device Driver
.VXMLVoiceXML File
.VXPMobile Application File
.VX_Compressed Virtual Device Driver File
.VYFSamsung Digital Voice Recorder File
.VYMVYM Mind Map File
.VZMVerizon Message File