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M File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.M4AMPEG-4 Audio File
.MDBMicrosoft Access Database
.MIMMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
.MP3MP3 Audio File
.MP4MPEG-4 Video File
.MPGMPEG Video File
.MOVApple QuickTime Movie
.MSGOutlook Mail Message
.M3UMedia Playlist File
.MSIWindows Installer Package
.MPAMPEG-2 Audio File
.MDFMedia Disc Image File
.M4ViTunes Video File
.MObjective-C Implementation File
.MAX3ds Max Scene File
.MOBIMobipocket eBook
.MDIMicrosoft Document Imaging File
.MPPMicrosoft Project File
.MSPWindows Installer Patch
.MAXPaperPort Scanned Document
.MODAmiga Music Module File
.MMathematica Input File
.MJKQuestion File
.MSTWindows Installer Setup Transform File
.MNGMultiple Network Graphic
.MKVMatroska Video File
.MDDPoint Oven Deformation Data File
.MARKDOWNMarkdown Documentation File
.MDMarkdown Documentation File
.MSOInline E-mail Attachment
.MCDXMathcad Prime Document
.MPKGMeta Package File
.M4BMPEG-4 Audio Book File
.MXIMaxwell Image
.MAMaya Project File
.MTSAVCHD Video File
.MDLMathWorks Simulink Model
.MSHCMicrosoft Help Container File
.MDLHalf-Life Model File
.MOXMontax Imposer Template Document
.MPXMicrosoft Project Exchange File
.MCDMathcad Document
.MPQBlizzard Mo'PaQ File
.MODCamcorder Recorded Video File
.MAPQuake Engine Map File
.M4RiPhone Ringtone File
.MS3ds Max Script File
.MELMaya Embedded Language File
.MD5MD5 Checksum File
.MBMaya Binary Project File
.MXDArcGIS Map Document
.MSIXMSIX Installer Package
.MDFSQL Server Database File
.MIFMapInfo Interchange Format File
.MPOMulti Picture Object File
.MWMaple Worksheet
.MOHOMoho Animation Project
.MXSMaxwell Studio Scene File
.MXFMaterial Exchange Format File
.MOIMOI Video File
.MMFMeal-Master Recipe File
.MWXMapGuide Author Map Window XML File
.MWFMapGuide Author Map Window File
.MENCWindows Mobile Encrypted File
.MTDMusicnotes Digital Sheet Music File
.METeMule Resource File
.MASSEFFECTPROFILEMass Effect Player Profile
.MASSEFFECTSAVEMass Effect Saved Game
.M2PMPEG-2 Program Stream File
.MXLCompressed MusicXML File
.MPHPhotostory Deluxe Project
.MDJStarUML Model File
.MS14Multisim 14 Circuit Design File
.MDSXMEGA Saved Session
.MWBMySQL Workbench Document
.MONTAGEMontage Screenplay File
.MSIMmSecure Password Manager Backup File
.MGTMusicnotes Guitar Guru Song File
.MP14Multisim 14 Project
.MDXExtended Media Descriptor File
.MMPSymbian Project Specification File
.MDDATAiPhone Backup File
.MDINFOiPhone Backup Information File
.MYCOLORSStardock MyColors Theme File
.MMATLAB Source Code File
.M3U8UTF-8 M3U Playlist File
.MMObjective-C++ Source File
.MIMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
.MTFFMadgeTech Data Logger Report
.MVMPhotostory Deluxe Slideshow
.MXMMaxwell Material File
.MMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail
.MP2MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
.MDZIPMagicDraw Project Archive
.MQ5MQL5 Source Code File
.MTFMulti Tracker File
.MMGModel Master 3 Axis Flat File
.MJSNode.js ES Module File
.MAQMicrosoft Access Query
.MGMFMindGenius Map File
.MOLMDL Molfile
.MMIPMediaMonkey Installation Package
.MS11Multisim 11 Circuit Design File
.MPJmessiahStudio Project File
.MUSMinecraft Music File
.MAVAccess View File
.MFILBlizzard Software Update File
.MDAAccess Add-in
.MDECompiled Access Add-in File
.MRXSMIRAX Virtual Slide File
.MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MSMahjong Titans Saved Game
.MDWAccess Workgroup File
.MERLIN2Merlin Project File
.MSCMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
.MPCMusepack Compressed Audio File
.MOTLightWave Motion File
.MMNeXtMidas Macro File
.MCPACKMinecraft Resource Pack File
.MOTIApple Motion Title Project Template
.MDXMultiple Index File
.MCPCodeWarrior Project
.MOBIRISEMobirise Project File
.MPSPocket Streets Map File
.MTMMultiTracker Module
.MP11Multisim 11 Project File
.MXSKINMaxthon Skin File
.MTASamsung AllShare Metadata File
.MEDAmiga MED Sound File
.MCSPMy Craft Studio Project File
.MBDMultimedia Builder Project File
.MK3DMatroska 3D Video File
.MAT3ds Max Materials File
.MPPZMagicPlot Project File
.M4Macro Processor Library
.MMFSynthetic Music Mobile Application File
.MANIFESTWindows Application Manifest File
.MAFMutation Annotation Format File
.MEGAMegacubo XML Metafile
.MHSXilinx XPS Hardware Specification File
.MSSMicroprocessor Software Specification File
.MTFMotorola Theme File
.MDMPWindows Minidump
.MCMACMasterCook Mac Document
.MBOXEmail Mailbox File
.MUSXFinale Notation File
.MSFMail Summary File
.MD2Quake 2 Player Model
.MTHDerive Math File
.MAPLETMaplet World File
.MSPMicrosoft Paint Bitmap Image
.MAILSTATIONERYApple Mail Stationery File
.M4PiTunes Music Store Audio File
.MAPIMAILSend To Mail Recipient
.MYDOCSSend To My Documents
.MEMFoxPro Variable File
.MNTFoxPro Menu Memo
.MNXFoxPro Menu
.MPRFoxPro Generated Menu Program
.MPXFoxPro Compiled Program Menu
.M2VMPEG-2 Video
.MABMozilla Address Book
.MDSTestComplete Project File
.MPMMax Payne Modfication File
.MXPAdobe Extension Package
.MA1Monarch Audio File
.MUSFinale Notation File
.MSWMMWindows Movie Maker Project
.MEGMEGA Data File
.MOTRApple Motion Transition Project Template
.MD1GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.MJPMJPEG Video File
.MMPMindManager Mind Map
.MMPMixMeister Playlist
.MMPMaster Album Maker Project
.MZPWinArchiver Mountable Archive
.MPMaya PLE Project File
.MSMaxwell Script
.MTEMadTracker 2 Envelope
.MTIMadTracker Instrument
.MTPMadTracker 2 Pattern
.MTXMadTracker 2 Extension
.MIDMapInfo Data File
.MRWMinolta Raw Image File
.MIXMicrosoft Image Exchange File
.MSMWindows Installer Merge Module
.MBXOutlook Express Mailbox
.MAXC3ds Max Container File
.MDLFlight Simulator Airplane Model
.MDLRational Rose Model File
.MSOMicrosoft Office Macro Reference File
.MEBPRO100 3D Interior Catalog Element
.MDCMulti Dimension Cube File
.MAXOmniPage Scanned Document
.MDSMedia Descriptor Sidecar File
.MD0Alcohol Disk Image Segment 1
.MD1Alcohol Disk Image Segment 2
.MD2Alcohol Disk Image Segment 2
.MHTMHTML Web Archive
.MLKMasterCook Look File
.MILKMilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset
.MDEArchiCAD Educational Version Module File
.MSSTYLESWindows XP Style
.MMAPMindManager Map File
.MDFMeasurement Data Format File
.MBGMailbag Assistant Mailbox File
.MBGMicrosoft Mailbag
.MAIMicrosoft Mail File
.MNCMy Notes Center Notebook
.MLSMilestones Simplicity File
.MD5.TXTMessage Digest 5 Hash File
.MNKMy Notes Keeper Notebook
.MMFreeMind Mind Map
.MMWAceMoney Money File
.MFXMultimedia Fusion Extension
.MUIMultilingual User Interface File
.MINIUSFNintendo 64 Song File
.MDMoneydance Financial Data File
.MMPZLMMS Project File
.MC1MedCalc Data File
.MBMMulti Bitmap File
.MRPMythroad Platform File
.MC9Mastercam 9 Geometry File
.MCXMICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File
.MKAMatroska Audio File
.MODFortran Module File
.MLSCrystalPlayer Playlist
.MISSaved Game Mission File
.MISMarble Blast Gold Mission File
.MFOPerl ModInfo Descriptor File
.MINTLinux Mint Installer File
.MRKDPOF Auto Print Order File
.MINISOMini Image Destination File
.MVIAutoCAD Movie Command File
.MAILHOSTMSN Mailhost Settings File
.M21MPEG-21 File
.MP21MPEG-21 Multimedia File
.M2PMaxthon 2 Browser Plugin File
.M2SMaxthon 2 Browser Skin File
.MCOLive Messenger Winks File
.MDRModPlug Compressed Module
.MMOMemory Map Overlay File
.MELLMellel Word Processing File
.MELLELMellel Word Processing Document
.MP13Multisim 13 Project
.MPGAMPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File
.MQVSony Movie Format File
.MSKNMediaMonkey Skin File
.MWPLotus Word Pro SmartMaster File
.MP2MMax Payne 2 Mod File
.MMCMicrosoft Media Catalog
.MFJava Manifest File
.M1PGiFinish Video Clip
.MF4ASAM Measurement Data Format File
.MTSMEGA Tree Session File
.MERRSView Development Runtime File
.MBPMobipocket Notes File
.MC5Poser 5 Material File
.MC6Poser Material Collection File
.MCZCompressed Poser Material File
.MRSGunZ Game Data File
.MTSMadTracker 2 Sample File
.M2TSBlu-ray BDAV Video File
.M2THDV Video File
.MSPXMicrosoft ASP.NET Web Page
.MNVPlayStation Movie File
.MAGIKMagik Source Code File
.MSDVDWindows DVD Maker Project File
.MGXAge of Empires 2 Expansion Replay File
.MGXRise of Nations Saved Game
.MGLAge of Empires 2 Replay File
.MSUWindows Vista Update Package
.MZPMAXScript Zip Package
.MCR3ds Max Macroscript File
.MSE3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript File
.MBIMulti-Bootable Information File
.MPTMicrosoft Project Template
.MOSAICMacOSaiX Mosaic File
.MSNHost Blocking File
.MGVPSP Video File
.MGVYamaha MegaVoice File
.MTVMTV Video Format File
.MD3Quake 3 3D Model
.MXADDONMaxthon Add-On File
.MYAPPVisual Studio Application XML File
.MARMozilla Archive
.MGMXMindGenius XML Map File
.MOXExtendSim Simulation Software Model
.MUMWindows Vista Update Package
.MVDMovie Edit Pro Movie File
.MEXMacro Express File
.MXEMacro Express Playable Macro
.MOMachine Object File
.MYDMySQL Database Data File
.MO3MO3 Audio File
.MP2SMax Payne 2 Saved Game
.MVPMoviePlus Project File
.MFAMultimedia Fusion Development File
.MDFTranslation Memory Data Find File
.MWFTranslation Memory Word Find File
.MRCmIRC Script File
.MJ2Motion JPEG 2000 Video Clip
.MFPMediaFACE Project File
.MFTMediaFACE Project Template
.MCAMinecraft "Anvil" Map File
.MFOMediaFace Online Saved File
.MOMManaged Object Model
.MBPMediaShow Burning Project File
.MSEMediaShow Slideshow Project File
.MAPHalo Map File
.MQOMetasequoia Document
.MIX3ds Max Motion Mixer File
.MX5Mixcraft 5 Audio Project
.MPCPLMedia Player Classic Playlist
.MYRMyriad Music File
.MNOMacromedia Design Note
.MUXTrackmania Music File
.MASKSpeedGrade Color Mask File
.MLBMyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File
.MYLMyLogo Maker Image
.MUDMudbox 3D Scene File
.MXMLFlex MXML Component
.MWDMariner Write Document
.MODECoda Syntax Mode File
.MGKImageMagick Configuration File
.MWSMaple Classic Worksheet
.MUSEAdobe Muse Website Project
.MEOMEO Encrypted Archive
.MSHAMicrosoft Help Asset File
.M2World or Warcraft Model Object
.MANIMine-imator Project File
.MSHIMicrosoft Help Index File
.MS10Multisim 10 Circuit Design File
.MULUltima Online Multi File
.MPDPMixPad Project File
.MS3DMilkShape 3D Model
.MINESWEEPERSAVE-MSMinesweeper Saved Game
.MPZMiradi Project File
.MXVMAGIX Video File
.MGOURMETMacGourmet Deluxe Document
.MARTMartView eBook File
.MCRMinecraft Region File
.MPSMathematical Programming System File
.MSLMapping Specification Language File
.MPFMicrosoft Media Package FIle
.MPVMPEG Elementary Stream Video File
.MSLMagick Scripting Language File
.MODULEDrupal Module File
.MDCMidiCo Karaoke Audio File
.MXMFMobile XMF Ringtone File
.MDCMerkaartor Document
.MBFMicrosoft Money Backup File
.MGOURMET4MacGourmet Deluxe 4 Document
.MMMMusic Maker Arrangement File
.MATVue Material File
.MDXWarcraft 3 Model File
.MDLWarcraft 3 3D Model Text File
.MTWMinitab Worksheet File
.MDBAvid Media Database
.MDMHLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
.MMLFrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.MCLWindows Media Center Link File
.MSDMap Service Definition File
.MMMMultiple Master Metric Data File
.MOFManaged Object Format File
.MI4Audio Player Firmware File
.MPLSBlu-ray Movie Playlist File
.MRGNow Contact Merge Template
.MPDMicrosoft Project Database
.MYOAccountEdge Company File
.MINIGSFGame Boy Advance Song File
.MPROJMine-imator Project
.MSPMaxScript Page File
.MIOMioEngine Application File
.MPLAVCHD Playlist File
.MRIMGMacrium Reflect Disk Image
.MXC2MAGIX Cache File
.MVEInfinity Engine Movie File
.MC2MasterCook 5 Cookbook File
.MIFFMagick Image File
.MODFEMFemap Model
.MVGMagick Vector Graphics File
.MSCZMuseScore Compressed Score File
.MAILTOLOCMail Internet Location File
.MD8Mediator Project File
.MUMMATLAB Unit Operation Model File
.MLMMolMeccano File
.MVPMAGIX Video Project File
.MFLModFit LT Analysis Report File
.MMLPMusic Macro Language Project
.MCSERVERMinecraft Server File
.MNUAutoCAD Interface Layout File
.MNSAutoCAD Interface Settings File
.MNLAutoCAD Menu LISP File
.MNRAutoCAD Menu Resource File
.MTCMake the Cut! Project
.MCDMiniCAD Design File
.MENUQuake 3 Engine Menu File
.MBSOpera Mailbox File
.MVDMindView OS X Document
.MXADMandelbrot Explorer All Data File
.MVDXMindView Windows Document
.MVMivaScript File
.MVCMivaScript Compiled File
.MGCBEquation Illustrator Project File
.MIIWii Virtual Avatar File
.MPGINDEXAdobe MPEG Index File
.MWLSuper Mario World Level
.MJDOCMacJournal Document
.MGDATABASEMacGourmet Deluxe Database File
.MGOMacGourmet Recipe File
.MAKERBOTMakerBot Print File
.MOBILECONFIGApple Mobile Configuration File
.M5PMachFive Preset File
.MPWSMathPiper Worksheet
.MAPTECkit Mapping File
.MS13Multisim 13 Circuit Design File
.M3Blizzard MDX3 Model File
.MARSHALMarshal Data Migration Model File
.MUPMusic Publisher Score
.MXMathematica Serialized Package File
.MLML Source Code File
.MYNOTESBACKUPKeep My Notes Backup
.MXTArcGIS Map Template
.MPKArcGIS Map Package
.MD5MESHid Tech 4 3D Mesh File
.MD5ANIMid Tech 4 Model Animation File
.MD5CAMERAid Tech 4 Model Camera File
.MOEFApple Motion Effect Project Template
.MINDNODEMindNode Document
.MOTNApple Motion Generator Project Template
.MOSLeaf Camera RAW File
.MTLOBJ Material File
.MLCMicrosoft Language Interface Pack
.MSBOracle Binary Message File
.MCATAdobe Lightroom CC Catalog File
.MJDAdobe Acrobat MIME Encoded Job Definition File
.MRTStimulsoft Report File
.MSMPL_BANKKorg microSAMPLER Bank Data File
.MXIAdobe Extension Information File
.MDPFireAlpaca Image
.MAEMy Avatar Editor Character File
.MRML3D Slicer Scene Description File
.MAFFMozilla Archive Format File
.MCAPMMinecraft Anvil PocketMine Data File
.MDBACKUPiPhone Data Backup File
.MEFMamiya RAW Image
.MESHGodot Engine 3D Mesh File
.MBAMailNavigator Mail Box Archive
.MPJRoboHelp HTML Project
.MIFFrameMaker Interchange Format File
.MSRCINCIDENTWindows Remote Assistance Invitation File
.MASrFactor Track File
.MONEYMoney Data File
.MGAManga Document
.MPPMobileFrame Project Publisher File
.MVYVideo easy Project File
.MFAMobileFrame App File
.MFPMobileFrame Package
.MFUMobileFrame Update File
.MPLaTeX MetaPost File
.MFLMozilla FastLoad File
.MOBILEPROVISIONXcode Mobile Provisioning Profile
.MBRZune Smooth Streaming File
.MCWORLDMinecraft World Backup File
.MARMicrosoft Access Report
.MNYMicrosoft Money File
.MGSMGCSoft Vector Shapes File
.MTFMasterCook Tips
.MTXMetaStream Scene File
.MTZCompressed MetaStream Scene File
.MPKProject64 Memory Pack File
.MZPMozart Percussion File
.MDSharkport Saved Game File
.MASMEGA Alignment Sequence File
.MIPMAPSMipmap Texture File
.MPSUBMPlayer Subtitles File
.MCWMonitor Calibration Wizard File
.MFOMobileFrame Object File
.MFEMobileFrame Enterprise Data File
.MFWMobileFrame Workflow Pack File
.MFVMobileFrame Device Pack File
.MAPXMapjects Client Webparts File
.MP7Multisim 7 Project File

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