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C File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.CLite-C Script
.CC/C++ Source Code File
.C00WinAce Split Archive File
.C01WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
.C01Typhoon Wave Audio File
.C02WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
.C10WinAce Split Archive Part 10
.C2RWindows Media Center Click-To-Record File
.C32Syslinux COM32 Module
.C3DCoordinate 3D File
.C3ZOpenQwaq 3D Model File
.C4DCinema 4D Model File
.C4PCrossOver Software Installer File
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.CACHECache File
.CAFCal3D Binary Animation File
.CAFCryENGINE Character Animation File
.CAFClass Action Gradebook File
.CAFCore Audio File
.CAFCathy Catalog File
.CAFFCore Audio File
.CAJChinese Academic Journal File
.CAL3ds Max Pose Adjustment File
.CALCryENGINE Character Animation List
.CALCACalca Document
.CAMGerber CAM Job File
.CAMMespresso Mind Map Document
.CAMPWCS Color Appearance Model Profile File
.CAMPROJCamtasia Studio Project
.CAMRECCamtasia Studio Screen Recording
.CAMVCamtasia Video File
.CANCanon Navigator Fax Document
.CAPPacket Capture File
.CAPROJConstruct Project File
.CAPTCapito Data File
.CAPXCapella CapXML File
.CAPXConstruct Compressed Project File
.CARCar Explorer Data File
.CARCNintendo Compressed Archive File
.CASAutodesk Cascade License File
.CATWindows Catalog File
.CAVComodo Virus Definitions File
.CAWREspresso workreport Document
.CB7Comic Book 7-Zip Archive
.CBACryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File
.CBAComic Book ACE Archive
.CBDSComic Book DS File
.CBFChessBase Game Information File
.CBFCalendar Builder File
.CBGChessBase Game Moves File
.CBHChessBase Database Header File
.CBLCOBOL Source Code File
.CBMAPContainment Breach Map File
.CBPCode::Blocks Project File
.CBRComic Book RAR Archive
.CBSComodo Backup Script
.CBTComic Book TAR File
.CBUComodo Backup File
.CBVChessBase Database File
.CBZChessBase Encrypted Database Archive
.CBZComic Book Zip Archive
.CCC++ Source Code File
.CCAMultimedia Fusion File
.CCBCopperCube 3D Scene
.CCDCloneCD Disc Image
.CCFCryptLoad Container File
.CCGAMEXNA Creators Club Game Package
.CCH.NET Security Resolution Cache File
.CCIPCurse Client Install Package
.CCLDConstruction Clouds Data File
.CCNCompressed Multimedia Fusion File
.CCPCodeCharge Studio Page File
.CCPCopperCube JavaScript File
.CCSCodeCharge Studio Project File
.CCTDirector Protected Cast Resource
.CCXCorel Clipart File
.CCXClick & Create Extension
.CDVisual Studio Class Diagram
.CD2Click'N Design 3D File
.CD5Chasys Draw Image File
.CDACD Audio Track Shortcut
.CDBCardScan Contacts Database
.CDBSymbian Phonebook Database
.CDBPocket Access Database
.CDDConceptDraw PRO Document
.CDDACD Digital Audio File
.CDDXCircuit Diagram Document
.CDDZConceptDraw PRO Document
.CDFCryENGINE Character Definition File
.CDFAffymetrix Chip Definition File
.CDFComputable Document Format File
.CDFCommon Data Format
.CDFNetCDF Format File
.CDF-MSClickOnce Compiled Manifest File
.CDGCompact Disc Plus Graphics Image
.CDIDiscJuggler Disc Image
.CDIINTEX Output File
.CDLCADKEY Wireframe Design File
.CDLXAudition CD Layout File
.CDMNTI CD-Maker Image
.CDMLCreately Diagram File
.CDMMConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.CDMTConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
.CDMTZCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
.CDMZCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.CDOCrescendo Music Notation File
.CDOCEncrypted DigiDoc File
.CDOCClicker Document
.CDPCD/Spectrum Pro File
.CDPTrainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
.CDP2Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2
.CDPZConceptDraw PROJECT Document
.CDRRaw Audio CD Data
.CDRMacintosh DVD/CD Master
.CDRCorelDRAW Image File
.CDRTCorelDRAW Image Template
.CDSConceptDraw SlideShow
.CDTCorelDRAW Image Template
.CDXChemDraw Exchange File
.CDXCompound Index File
.CDXMLCmdlet Definition XML File
.CDXMLChemDraw XML File
.CEBXApabi XML eBook File
.CEDJVC Camera Video Data File
.CEFCenturionMail Encrypted Package
.CELAffymetrix Probe Results File
.CELCelestia Script File
.CELBattery 3 Drum Cell File
.CELAudition Loop
.CELLThinkfree Office NEO Cell Workbook
.CELTXCeltx Project File
.CELXCelestia Script
.CENON~Cenon Backup File
.CERInternet Security Certificate
.CERBERCerber Ransomware Encrypted File
.CERBER2Cerber2 Ransomware Encrypted File
.CERBER3Cerber Ransomware Virus File
.CEXSolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File
.CFAComProbe Analyzer Capture File
.CFAAdobe Conformed Audio File
.CFBCompound Binary File
.CFCColdFusion Component File
.CFDNortonLifeLock Optimization File
.CFGConfiguration File
.CFGCelestia Configuration File
.CFGCitrix Server Connection File
.CFGCal3D Model Configuration File
.CFLIMVU Product File
.CFMColdFusion Markup File
.CFSCompact File Set Archive
.CFXFlow-Cal Data File
.CGCg Program
.CG3Cabri 3D Document
.CGACrytek Geometry Animation File
.CGFCrytek Geometry Format File
.CGFXCgFX Shader File
.CGICommon Gateway Interface Script
.CGMComputer Graphics Metafile
.CGPPixelCryptor Encrypted File
.CGRCATIA Graphical Representation File
.CGRPPro Tools Clip Group File
.CGZLinux Drivers Archive
.CGZCube Map File
.CHAIRC Chat Configuration File
.CHARSETCharacter Set
.CHATIRC Chat Configuration File
.CHDMAME Hard Disk Image
.CHGWindows Net Logon File
.CHKStarCraft Chunk File
.CHKInterCheck Checksum Database
.CHKSaved File Fragment
.CHKNetgear Router Firmware File
.CHLWinFast PVR2 Channel List
.CHMCompiled HTML Help File
.CHMLChameleon Encrypted Database File
.CHORDSong Chords File
.CHRCryENGINE Character File
.CHR3ds Max Characters File
.CHRPARAMSCryENGINE Character Parameters File
.CHUNK001File Splitter Split Archive Part 1
.CHWCompiled Help Index File
.CHXAutoCAD Standards Check File
.CIDNavigator Chart Image Description File
.CIDBiTunes CD Information File
.CIFCrystallographic Information File
.CIFEasy CD Creator Disk Image
.CILClip Gallery Packaged File
.CINKodak Cineon Bitmap File
.CINEPhantom Digital Video File
.CIPCavena Subtitles File
.CIRCLogisim Circuit File
.CISOCompact ISO File
.CITIntergraph Bitmap Image File
.CK9Cook'n Cookbook Backup File
.CKBCricket Audio Bank File
.CKDKubotek Design Container
.CKPSQL Server Checkpoint File
.CKTCircuitMaker File
.CL2HY-TEK Meet Results File
.CL2ARCComic Life 2 Document Archive
.CL2DOCComic Life 2 Document
.CL2LYTComic Life 2 Layout File
.CL2TPLComic Life 2 Template
.CL5Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
.CLARIFYClarify Document
.CLASSJava Class File
.CLASSLISTSMART Notebook Class List File
.CLBCOM+ Catalog File
.CLDClamAV Virus Definitions File
.CLDCanon CD Label Template
.CLEOCLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File
.CLGWindows Catalog File
.CLGCollage Maker Project File
.CLIPClip Studio Format File
.CLIPGrand Theft Auto 5 Clip
.CLIPSCoda Clips File
.CLIXCLIX Command File
.CLKCorel R.A.V.E Project File
.CLKBClicker Books File
.CLKCClicker Connect Set File
.CLKDClicker Docs File
.CLKKClicker Keyboard
.CLKMClicker Matching Set File
.CLKSClicker Sentences File
.CLKTClicker Template
.CLKTKClicker Talk Set File
.CLKVClicker Communicator Vocabulary Set File
.CLKWClicker Word Bank
.CLKXClicker Grid Set
.CLMMagicJack Call Log File
.CLPFinale Clip File
.CLPCrazyTalk Clip File
.CLPIBlu-ray Clip Information File
.CLRAnimate Color Set
.CLRCryptLoad Router Information File
.CLSProgram Class File
.CLSLaTeX Document Class File
.CLTClarity Legal Transcript File
.CLWVisual C++ ClassWizard File
.CLXStandard Dictionary File
.CMCLEO Custom Mission
.CM0012Configuration Management File
.CM10CaseMap 10 Case File
.CM2Poser Camera Set File
.CM5Clone Manager File
.CMATM1 Exported Cube File
.CMAOCaml Library
.CMACoach Activity File
.CMAPCmapTools Concept Map File
.CMATEControllerMate File
.CMBLLogger Pro Data File
.CMDWindows Command File
.CMDBAnsys CFD Mesh
.CMECrazy Machines Experiment File
.CMFCal3D Binary Mesh File
.CMLChemical Markup Language File
.CMLCryptoMailer Encrypted File
.CMMCorel Multimedia Manager Album
.CMMPCamtasia MenuMaker Project
.CMMTHEMECleanMyMac Theme File
.CMMTPLCamtasia MenuMaker Template
.CMODCelestia Model
.CMPHotDocs Clause Component File
.CMPWindows Connection Manager Profile
.CMPROJCamtasia Project File
.CMRCoach Results File
.CMRECCamtasia Recording
.CMSConnection Manager Service Profile
.CMXCorel Metafile Exchange Image File
.CMZCompressed Poser Camera Set File
.CNACatena Project File
.CNCPartMaster CNC File
.CNDMelco Condensed Embroidery File
.CNDXAvery DesignPro for Mac Label File
.CNFMySQL Configuration File
.CNGCryptoNG Encrypted Archive
.CNMNoteMap Outline File
.CNSM.U.G.E.N Character States File
.CNTHelp Contents File
.CNVCanvas 6-8 Drawing File
.COBCOBOL Source Code File
.CODCompiled Source Code
.CODASITECoda Site File
.COLCapture One Session File
.COLLABBlackboard Collaborate Session File
.COLORPICKERColor Picker Plugin
.COLZAdobe Collage File
.COMDOS Command File
.COMICDOCComic Life Document
.COMICLIFEComic Life Document
.COMMANDTerminal Command File
.COMPFusion Composition File
.COMPILEDCompiled Game Resource File
.COMPONENTMac OS X System Component
.COMPOSITEFONTWindows Composite Font File
.COMPOSITIONTEMPLATEInvantive Composition Template
.COMPPKG.HAUPTWERK.RARHauptwerk Component Package
.CONConcept Application Source File
.CONFGeneric Configuration File
.CONFUnix Configuration File
.CONFIGConfiguration File
.CONFIGPROFILEApple Configuration Profile
.CONFORMConformalizer Change List File
.CONSISSciral Consistency Document
.CONTACTWindows Contact File
.CONTOURContour Screenplay File
.COPRESETCapture One Preset File
.COPYSony Ericsson Protected Content File
.CORCorelDRAW Drawing
.COSCapture One Settings File
.COSCreatures CAOS File
.COSESSIONDBCapture One Session File
.COSTYLECapture One Style File
.COURSESuper Mario ReMaker Course File
.COVFax Cover Page File
.COXClick & Create Extension
.CPXcode C++ Source File
.CPCaptivate Source File
.CP3Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File
.CP9ChoicePoint Encrypted File
.CPAACaptivate Shared Action File
.CPBComicino Studio Project File
.CPCCPC Compressed Image File
.CPDCompressed PhotoDefiner Image File
.CPDRoboHelp Cache Project Database
.CPDXAdobe Captivate Storyboard Project
.CPEFax Cover Page File
.CPFCab Provisioning Format File
.CPFCognos Project File
.CPGManga Studio Page File
.CPGESRI Code Page File
.CPGStarCraft Campaign File
.CPGZCompressed CPIO Archive
.CPHCorel Print House File
.CPICodepage Information File
.CPIAVCHD Video Clip Information File
.CPIOUnix CPIO Archive
.CPKDTM Test Log File
.CPLWindows Control Panel Item
.CPMZMiradi/ConPro Project File
.CPNAge of Mythology Campaign File
.CPPC++ Source Code File
.CPQCompaq OEM Disc Configuration File
.CPRAdobe Captivate Preferences File
.CPRWindows Phone Display Settings File
.CPRCubase Project
.CPSCorel Photo House File
.CPSThe Powder Toy Save File
.CPSCaptivate Styles File
.CPTDTS Compact Audio File
.CPTCompact Pro Archive
.CPTCcrypt Encrypted Archive
.CPTMCaptivate Theme File
.CPTXAdobe Captivate Project File
.CPVCAdobe Captivate Video Composition
.CPXOracle ADF Binding Context File
.CPXCorel CMX Compressed File
.CPY3ds Max Copy Track File
.CR2Canon Raw Image File
.CR2Poser Character Rigging File
.CR3Canon Raw 3 Image File
.CRAMCompressed Alignment File
.CRASHMac OS X Crash Log File
.CRCTotal Commander Checksum File
.CRDWindows CardSpace File
.CRDOWNLOADChrome Partially Downloaded File
.CRDSWindows CardSpace Backup File
.CREVAdobe Captivate Commentable SWF File
.CRFCal3D Binary Materials File
.CRLCertificate Revocation List File
.CRPCities: Skylines Colossal Raw Asset Package
.CRTSecurity Certificate
.CRTRMultiAd Creator Pro Document
.CRTXOffice 2007 Chart Template File
.CRVVCarve Pro Design File
.CRWLWindows Crawl File
.CRXChrome Extension
.CRYPTWhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPTCryptXXX Ransomware Encrypted File
.CRYPT1WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT10WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT12WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT8WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT9WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPTRACryptra Encrypted File
.CRZCompressed Poser Character Rigging File
.CSCLEO Custom Script
.CSC# Source Code File
.CSColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme
.CSAPNA Code Calset File
.CSAPLANSPSS Analysis Plan File
.CSDManga Studio Scene File
.CSDCompact Shared Document
.CSFContent Sealed Format
.CSFGeoMedia Coordinate System File
.CSFAdobe Color Settings File
.CSHC Shell Script
.CSHPhotoshop Custom Shapes File
.CSHCubase Waveform File
.CSIEdLog Program Data File
.CSIContentServ Include File
.CSKINCD Art Display Skin File
.CSMCharacter Studio Marker File
.CSNAdobe Code Snippet Document
.CSOCompiled Shader Object File
.CSOCompressed ISO Disk Image
.CSPCaché Server Page
.CSPROJVisual Studio C# Project
.CSRCertificate Signing Request File
.CSSCascading Style Sheet
.CSTDirector External Cast File
.CSTManga Studio Story File
.CSTContentServ Template
.CSVComma Separated Values File
.CSXVisual C# Script
.CSYCanvas Symbol File
.CTCheat Engine Cheat Table
.CTScitex Continuous Tone File
.CTBAutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File
.CTBODYFITTINGCrazyTalk Animator Actor Fitting File
.CTFWhereIsIt Catalog File
.CTFAVG Update Control File
.CTGCanon Digital Camera Catalog File
.CTLVisual Basic UserControl Object File
.CTMCrazyTalk Model File
.CTPCakePHP Template
.CTPCrazyTalk Project File
.CTPROJECTCartoon Animator Project File
.CTSCrazyTalk Script File
.CTTMessenger Contact List
.CTVCitavi Project
.CTV3Citavi 3 Project File
.CTXValve ICE Encoded Script
.CTXTBlueJ Context File
.CTYSimCity City File
.CUCUDA Source Code File
.CUBISIS Cube File
.CUBAnalysis Services Cube File
.CUBEGaussian Cube File
.CUECue Sheet File
.CUIAutodesk Custom Workspace File
.CUIXAutoCAD Custom User Interface File
.CULWindows Cursor Library
.CURWindows Cursor
.CURSORFXCursorFX Theme File
.CURXPTHEMECursorXP Theme File
.CV5Canvas 5 Drawing File
.CVAHP System Software Manager Information File
.CVACanvas Sequence Set
.CVDBitdefender Virus Definition File
.CVDClamAV Virus Definitions File
.CVGCalamus Vector Graphic File
.CVICassiniVision Map Image File
.CVICanvas Image File
.CVNCineVision Encoding Session
.CVRMicrosoft Crash Report File
.CVSCanvas 3 Drawing File
.CVSRCCVS Command File
.CVXCanvas Drawing File
.CWCardWorks Template
.CWBCakewalk Bundle
.CWKClarisWorks Document
.CWPCakewalk SONAR Project
.CWSChordWizard Song
.CWSClaris Works Template
.CWTCakewalk SONAR Template
.CWTChordWizard Template
.CWWCrossword Weaver Puzzle File
.CX3CMS Recorded Video File
.CXAFMAT Listmode File
.CXARCHIVECrossOver Bottle Archive
.CXDSimplePCI Data Document
.CXFCuttlefish Extended Format File
.CXFChemical Exchange Format File
.CXFPicasa Collage File
.CXINintendo 3DS Executable Image
.CXPCX-Programmer Project File
.CXRFMAT Plate Results File
.CXTDirector Protected Cast File
.CXXC++ Source Code File
.CYIClustify Input File
.CYOClustify Output File
.CYPHome Designer Pro Project File
.CYSCytoscape Session File
.CZDCAD Zone Drawing
.CZICarl Zeiss Image Data File
.CZIPZipGenius CryptoZip File
.CZPClozePro Archive

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