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F File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.FFortran Source Code
.FFreeze Compressed File
.F04Nastran Execution Summary File
.F06Nastran Output File
.F2KFortran Source Code File
.F2RFarandole Linear Module File
.F32Raw 32-Bit Audio File
.F3DFusion 3D Design
.F3FCrazy Machines Font File
.F3RFarandoyle Blocked Module File
.F3ZFusion 360 Shared Project Archive
.F4AAdobe Flash Protected Audio File
.F4FFlash Video Fragment
.F4MAdobe Flash Media Manifest File
.F4PAdobe Flash Protected Media File
.F4VFlash MP4 Video File
.F64Raw 64-Bit Audio File
.F90Fortran 90 Source Code File
.F95Fortran 95 Source Code File
.FAFASTA Formatted Sequence File
.FACEFXFaceFX Actor File
.FACEFX_INGAMEFaceFX In-Game Actor File
.FACESJavaServer FacesServlet Pointer
.FADEINFade In Document
.FALBitmap Graphic Header Information
.FAMILYFILEReunion Family File
.FANFinale Font Annotation File
.FANForm•Z Animation File
.FARThe Sims Archive File
.FARFARO Zone File
.FARFarandole Composer Module
.FASFASTA Sequence File
.FASQuickSilver Fast Save Lisp File
.FASCompiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File
.FASTAFASTA Sequence File
.FATZinf Theme File
.FAVORITEMETADATATransmit Favorites Data File
.FAXFax Document
.FAXNow Contact Fax Template
.FB!FlashGet Incomplete Download File
.FB2FictionBook 2.0 File
.FB2K-COMPONENTFoobar2000 Component Install File
.FBCFamily Tree Maker for DOS Backup File
.FBFFree Backup Fix Backup File
.FBKAutoCAD Civil 3D Field Book File
.FBKMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Backup File
.FBKFamily Tree Maker for Windows Backup File
.FBLiGO Map File
.FBLCADfix Command Level Log File
.FBMMarine Vessel Model File
.FBPwxFormBuilder Project
.FBP7FinalBuilder 7 Project
.FBQTrine 2 Data File
.FBRMercury Screen Recording
.FBRFlashBack Screen Recording
.FBRBBattlefield Bad Company 2 Data File
.FBTABBYY FineReader Document Options File
.FBUFEBE Firefox Backup File
.FBWHP Recovery Manager Backup File
.FBXAutodesk FBX Interchange File
.FBZFlashBack Screen Recorder Movie
.FBZ7Compressed FinalBuilder 7 Project
.FCFirstClass Settings File
.FC1FCEUX Save State File
.FC2Poser Face Pose File
.FC2MAPFar Cry 2 User Map
.FCARCHFinal Cut Pro Archive
.FCCForms Credential Collector File
.FCDVirtual CD Format
.FCDTFormsCentral Design Template
.FCENeed for Speed Mesh File
.FCEForeUI Custom Element File
.FCFFinal Draft Converter File
.FCLForeUI Custom Library File
.FCMfCraft World File
.FCPFontCreator Project
.FCPFinal Cut Project
.FCPPhantasy Star Online 2 Female Cast File
.FCPBUNDLEFinal Cut Pro Library
.FCPEVENTFinal Cut Pro Event File
.FCPPROJECTFinal Cut Pro Project File
.FCPROJECTFinal Cut Pro X Project File
.FCPXDESTFinal Cut Pro Share Destination File
.FCPXMLFinal Cut Pro XML File
.FCSFirst Choice Spreadsheet
.FCSFlow Cytometry Standard File
.FCSFCEUX Save State File
.FCSTDFreeCAD Document
.FCSTD1FreeCAD Backup Document
.FCTFolderClone Task List
.FCWFastCAD Windows Drawing
.FCZCompressed Poser Face Pose File
.FDDataFlex Data File
.FDLaTeX Font Definition File
.FD2PictureMate Borders File
.FDADawn of War Audio File
.FDBFirebird Database File
.FDBPortfolio Catalog
.FDBMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Database File
.FDBArt Explosion Catalog
.FDCAutoCAD Field Catalog File
.FDDParallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image File
.FDDFormDocs Document
.FDFOrigin Fitting Function Definition File
.FDFAcrobat Forms Data Format
.FDIAmiga Disk Image
.FDMExchange Forms Designer Form Message
.FDMDOWNLOADFree Download Manager Partially Downloaded File
.FDPFMOD Project File
.FDPMySafe Encrypted Data
.FDRWindows Error Report File
.FDRFinal Draft Document
.FDSFME Custom Format File
.FDSFinal Draft Secure Copy
.FDSNintendo FDS ROM
.FDTFormDocs Template
.FDTLucene Field Data File
.FDTFinal Draft 5-7 Template
.FDXFinal Draft Document
.FDXFood Data Exchange File
.FDXTFinal Draft 8 Template
.FEATURESharePoint Feature File
.FEEDBACKExpression SketchFlow Feedback File
.FESFileless Occurrence Placeholder
.FETCHMIRRORFetch Mirror Document
.FETCHSHORTCUTSFetch Shortcut List FIle
.FEVFMOD Audio Events File
.FEVFLAMES Environment Variable File
.FEYFCS Express Layout File
.FE_LAUNCHFCS Express Launch File
.FFCall of Duty 4 Fast File
.FF7CCMODELCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Model
.FFAFind Fast Status File
.FFDffDiaporama Project File
.FFDFATE Saved Game
.FFDFlat File Descriptor
.FFFGravis UltraSound Sound Bank
.FFFHasselblad RAW Image
.FFILMac Font Suitcase
.FFINDEXFFmpegSource2 Media Index
.FFLFetion Emoticons Package
.FFLFind Fast Document List
.FFMFFmpeg Stream File
.FFOAdobe Photoshop File Information File
.FFOFind Fast Document Properties Cache
.FFSFME Desktop Feature Store File
.FFTAdobe Audition Noise Print File
.FFTFinal Form Text File
.FFUFull Flash Update Image File
.FFWPFormsForWeb Packet
.FFXAfter Effects Preset File
.FFXMicrosoft Find Fast Index
.FGFaceGen Project File
.FG3FX Graph 3 File
.FGCGreeting Card Factory Card File
.FGDForge Game Data File
.FGLFifth Generation Language Source File
.FGSFig Figure Settings File
.FHSymantec Backup Exec File
.FH10FreeHand 10 Drawing File
.FH11FreeHand 11 Drawing File
.FH3FreeHand 3 Drawing File
.FH4FreeHand 4 Drawing File
.FH5FreeHand 5 Drawing File
.FH6FreeHand 6 Drawing File
.FH7FreeHand 7 Drawing File
.FH8FreeHand 8 Drawing File
.FH9FreeHand 9 Drawing File
.FHCFHC Data File
.FHDFreeHand Drawing File
.FHFFree Hide Folder Backup File
.FICWinDev Hyper File Database
.FIDFile Expander Engine Descriptions Database
.FIFFractal Image File
.FIGXfig Drawing
.FIG3ds Max Figure File
.FIGMATLAB Figure File
.FILSymbian Application Logo File
.FILFiles List Object File
.FILEGeneric Windows File
.FILEBOLTFilebolt Encrypted File
.FILMFilmkey Player Media File
.FILM_CPKSega FILM Multimedia File
.FILTERSVisual C++ Project Filters File
.FIMPPFiM++ Source Code File
.FINGNETOverlook Fing Saved Network File
.FIRMBoot9Strap 3DS Firmware File
.FITGarmin Activity File
.FITSFlexible Image Transport System File
.FKBFlipkart eBook File
.FKYFoxPro Macro
.FLFreelancer Saved Game File
.FL1Lenovo BIOS Update File
.FL3Flash 3D File
.FLAAdobe Animate Animation
.FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec File
.FLAM3Fractal Flames File
.FLAMEFractal Flames File
.FLASHFrictional Games Flashback File
.FLATPAKLinux Flatpak Application Bundle
.FLATPAKREFLinux Flatpak Application Package
.FLATPAKREPOLinux Flatpak Repository
.FLBFileMaker Pro Label File
.FLCFLIC Animation
.FLEXOLIBRARYFinal Cut Pro Library Database
.FLFMicrosoft Dynamics NAV License File
.FLGHP System Recovery Flags File
.FLGPuppy Linux Partition Flag File
.FLGIsoPuzzle Flag File
.FLHFLIC Animation File
.FLIFLIC Animation
.FLICFLIC Animation
.FLIFFree Lossless Image Format File
.FLIPANIMFlipAnim Project
.FLIPCHARTActivInspire Flipchart File
.FLKFolder Lock File
.FLKAccountEdge Company Lock File
.FLKAFolder Lock Portable Locker File
.FLKBFolder Lock Basic Locker File
.FLLFoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
.FLMAdobe Scout Session
.FLMFL Studio Mobile Song File
.FLOAutomate Flowchart File
.FLOiGrafx FlowCharter File
.FLORFFlow Flowchart File
.FLOWExpression SketchFlow Data File
.FLOWCHARTPureFlow Flowchart
.FLOWMAPLIBRARYPainter Flowmap Library
.FLPActivPrimary Flipchart File
.FLPFL Studio Project
.FLPFlash Project
.FLPFloppy Disk Image
.FLRFlare Decompiled ActionScript File
.FLSFlash Lite Sound Bundle
.FLSArcView GIS Windows Help Supporting File
.FLSTAdobe InDesign Flattener Presets File
.FLTAdobe Audition Filter
.FLTFlight Simulator Saved Flight
.FLTVue Filters File
.FLTImage Filter
.FLTOpenFlight Scene Description File
.FLVFlash Video File
.FLWFusion Flow File
.FLWKivio Flow Chart
.FLWAFolder Lock Wallet File
.FLXFLIC Animation
.FLXFelixCAD Drawing
.FMFileMaker Database
.FMFrameMaker Document
.FM2FCEUX 2 Movie Capture File
.FM3FCEUX TAS Editor Movie Capture File
.FMCFormConnect Form File
.FMEFME Mapping File
.FMELICFME License File
.FMIFME Include File
.FMLWWE RAW Character File
.FMODAdobe Illustrator Flattening Module
.FMPAutoCAD Font Map File
.FMP123 Flash Menu Project
.FMPFileMaker Pro Database
.FMP12FileMaker Pro 12 Database
.FMPLUGINFileMaker Plug-in
.FMPSLFileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link
.FMTFoxPro Format File
.FMTWinRAR Format File
.FMVFME Desktop Viewspace File
.FMVFrame Vector Metafile
.FMWFME Workbench File
.FMXFileMaker Plug-in
.FMZForm•Z Project File
.FNBKFood Network Recipe Manager Data File
.FNCQuickCAM 3D CNC File
.FNCVue Functions File
.FNCFrogans Player Network Certificate
.FNDWindows Saved Search
.FNLFScarlett Plug-in Suite License File
.FNMFannie Mae 1003 Data File
.FNRECIPESFood Network Recipe File
.FNTWindows Font File
.FNTAAleph One Font File
.FOBDynamics NAV Object Container File
.FODPOpenDocument Flat XML Presentation
.FODSOpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet
.FODTOpenDocument Flat XML Document
.FOLPFS First Choice Database File
.FOLIOAdobe Folio File
.FOLXFolx Download File
.FOMODFallout Mod Archive
.FONWindows Font Library
.FOPInfoZoom Protected Data File
.FORFortran 77 Source File
.FORGEAssassin's Creed Game Data File
.FORMNetBeans Java GUI Designer Form
.FORMPreForm Job File
.FORTHForth Language File
.FOSFallout 3 Saved Game
.FOTFont Resource File
.FOTAFirmware Over-the-Air File
.FOUNTAINFountain Script File
.FOXInfoZoom Data File
.FOXFurcadia Art File
.FPFinePrint File
.FPFragment Program File
.FPFileMaker Pro Spreadsheet
.FP3FastReport Prepared Report File
.FP3FloorPlan 3D Design File
.FP5FileMaker Pro 5 Database
.FP7FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
.FP8FP8 (= Fast PAQ8) Compressed File
.FPAFinale Performance Assessment File
.FPAFront Panel Encrypted Order File
.FPBFMac OS X Burn Folder
.FPDFront Panel Designer Project
.FPDXUtilius Fairplay Project
.FPEFree PDF Editor Document
.FPEFPS Creator Entity File
.FPENCFileProtect Encrypted File
.FPFIKEA Home Planner File
.FPFVFile Protected From Virus
.FPGFPS Creator Game Project File
.FPIFPS Creator Intelligence Script
.FPIFoxit Reader Plugin
.FPIDFPS Creator AI Wizard Data File
.FPJCryENGINE Facial Editor Project File
.FPKCivilization 4 Data File
.FPKJetForm FormFlow File
.FPLFoobar2000 Playlist File
.FPMFPS Creator Map File
.FPMBFPS Creator Mab Buffer File
.FPMOFPS Creator Map Overlay File
.FPOPSpider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game
.FPOSPhoto Pos Pro Image
.FPPFortran Source Code
.FPPFront Panel Project
.FPPFPS Creator Prefab File
.FPPFlow Chart Visual Programming Language Project File
.FPPXMicrosoft Fresh Paint Painting File
.FPRAudit Workbench Project
.FPRHumanize Preset File
.FPSFPS Creator Segment File
.FPSLFileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
.FPSXNokia Firmware Format File
.FPTFileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.FPTAlpha Five Table Memo File
.FPTFoxPro Table Memo
.FPXFlashPix Bitmap Image File
.FQCFAQ Creator File
.FR3FastReport Form File
.FRAMESxScope Frames File
.FRAMESETFrame Painter for LGS Frame Set File
.FRAMEWORKMac OS X Application Framework
.FRCFS Recorder File
.FRCMandelbrot Explorer Color Settings File
.FRDFrequency Response Data File
.FRDOCFineReader Document
.FREECELLSAVE-MSMicrosoft FreeCell Saved Game
.FREEWAYFreeway Document
.FRFFree Report Form File
.FRGSound Forge Pro Project File
.FRJFreeForm-J Project File
.FRKMacintosh Resource or Data Fork
.FRLElectronic Form Loader File
.FRMFallout Graphics File
.FRMPainter Frame Stack File
.FRMForm File
.FRMMySQL Database Format File
.FRMVisual Basic Text Form
.FRMAccountEdge Form
.FROdBASE IV Compiled Report
.FRRMandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings File
.FRSFlash Renamer Script
.FRTFoxPro Report Memo
.FRWRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Effects File
.FRXFoxPro Report
.FRXVisual Basic Binary Form File
.FRYfryrender Scene File
.FRZSnes9x Saved State
.FRZLocked FormFlow File
.FSVisual F# Source File
.FSFlexiSIGN Document
.FSMac OS X File System Plug-in
.FS2FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File
.FSAFragment Analysis Data File
.FSBForm•Z Compiled Script
.FSBFMOD Sample Bank File
.FSCPractical Scriptwriter File
.FSCFL Studio Score File
.FSDFlowsheet Document
.FSGFreeCol Saved Game File
.FSHFragment Shader File
.FSIVisual F# Signature File
.FSIFMyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File
.FSLForm•Z Script
.FSMSplitty Master Split File
.FSMFarandole Composer WaveSample File
.FSMFreeSpace Mission File
.FSPROJVisual F# Project File
.FSPROJFireStarter Project File
.FSPYfSpy Project
.FSQCryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence File
.FSSSplitty Data Split File
.FSSAVEFlight Simulator Save File
.FSSCRIPTVisual F# Script
.FSTFL Studio State File
.FSTCrazy Machines 2 Object File
.FSTABFile Systems Table File
.FSXVisual F# Script File
.FTEdgecam Feature Template
.FT10FreeHand 10 Drawing Template
.FT11FreeHand 11 Drawing Template
.FT7FreeHand 7 Drawing Template
.FT8FreeHand 8 Template
.FT9FreeHand 9 Drawing Template
.FTBFamily Tree Builder Genealogy Database File
.FTCFluxTime Clip File
.FTCDream League Soccer Asset File
.FTFFlashTool Firmware File
.FTGFull Text Group
.FTHFoobar2000 Theme File
.FTHFileMaker Theme File
.FTIFamiTracker Instrument File
.FTILe-Hastakshar Contract Note
.FTLFaster Than Light Mod File
.FTLFreeMarker Template File
.FTLFamily Tree Legends File
.FTMFamily Tree Maker for DOS File
.FTMFinale Template File
.FTMFamiTracker Module
.FTMBFamily Tree Maker Backup File
.FTMXFinale Template File
.FTNFlowton Diagram File
.FTNFortran Source Code File
.FTPQUOTAFtpquota File
.FTSFull Text Search
.FTWFamily Tree Maker File
.FUKPostal 2 Map File
.FULMicrosoft Backup File List
.FUNJigsaw Ransomware Encrypted File
.FUNCubify Invention File
.FUSEAdobe Fuse 3D Model
.FUZBethesda Softworks Voice File
.FVPFile Viewer Plus Batch Presets File
.FVTFAST Search & Transfer Video File
.FWFirmware Update File
.FWACTIONFreeway Action File
.FWACTIONBFreeway Action Bundle File
.FWBACKUPFreeway Backup
.FWDRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Display File
.FWDICTFreeway User Dictionary File
.FWDNfWriter Document
.FWPMicrosoft Expression Web Package
.FWTFacetWin Configuration File
.FWTBFreeway Template Bundle
.FWTEMPLATEFreeway Template
.FWTEMPLATEBFreeway Template Bundle
.FXReadyBoot Trace File
.FXDirect3D Effects File
.FXAOC3 Entertainment FaceFX Actor File
.FXBFX Bank File
.FXCFilePackager Configuration
.FXCPROJFX Composer Project File
.FXFBigFix Action File
.FXGFlash XML Graphics File
.FXGFX Graph File
.FXLFaceFX Language File
.FXLCryENGINE Facial Expression Library
.FXMmessiahStudio Motion File
.FXMWinFax Document
.FXMLFXML Source Code File
.FXPAdobe Flex Project File
.FXPFoxPro Compiled Program
.FXPFX Preset File
.FXPLAdobe Flash FXP Library
.FXSmessiahStudio Scene File
.FXTFaceFX Actor Template File
.FXTGrand Theft Auto Fake Text File
.FXTFinale Plug-in
.FZFritzing Project File
.FZAForm•Z Autosave File
.FZBCasio FZ-1 Bank Dump
.FZBFritzing Bin File
.FZBForm•Z Project Backup File
.FZBZFritzing Bundled Bin File
.FZFCasio FZ-1 Full Dump
.FZIPFoxit Reader Add-on
.FZMFritzing Module File
.FZPForm•Z Plug-in
.FZPFritzing Part File
.FZPZFritzing Bundled Part File
.FZVCasio FZ-1 Voice Dump
.FZZFritzing Shareable Project File

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