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W File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.WOpenEdge Architect Source Code File
.WGoogle Toolbar Search History File
.W01Yamaha SY Series Wave File
.W01Samsung Recovery File
.W02Split Archive File
.W32Win32 Makefile
.W32WinCAPs Subtitle File
.W3DAdobe Shockwave 3D File
.W3GWarcraft 3 Replay File
.W3MWarcraft 3 Map File
.W3NWarcraft 3 Expansion Campaign Map File
.W3XWarcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle
.W3ZWarcraft 3 Saved Game File
.W64Sony Wave64 Audio File
.WAWindows Addon Archive
.WA2Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventure File
.WABWindows Address Book
.WACInkling Sketch XML File
.WADNintendo Wii Game Data File
.WADDoom WAD File
.WAFFInternet Explorer for Mac Web Archive
.WAGAMEWorms Armageddon Game Recording
.WALQuake 2 Texture File
.WALWinamp Modern Skin
.WALLETMultiBit Wallet File
.WALLETMultiDoge Wallet File
.WALLETWallet Ransomware
.WALLETXEnpass Data File
.WAMWorms Armageddon Mission File
.WANDGarageBand Magic Template
.WAPPROJWindows Application Packaging Project File
.WARJava Web Archive
.WARCWeb Archive
.WASMWebAssembly Binary File
.WASTICKERSSticker Maker Sticker Pack File
.WAVWAVE Audio File
.WAVEWAVE Sound File
.WAXWindows Media Audio Redirect
.WB0Webshots Picture File
.WB1Webshots Picture File
.WB1Corel Quattro Pro File
.WB2Webshots Picture File
.WB2Corel Quattro Pro File
.WB3Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File
.WBAWindowBlinds Compressed Skin
.WBBWinBackup Archive
.WBCWebshots Collection File
.WBCATWindows Backup Catalog File
.WBDWebshots Picture File
.WBFSWii Backup File System File
.WBICompact ISO File
.WBKWord Document Backup
.WBKWordPerfect Workbook
.WBMWireless Bitmap Image
.WBMWebmin Module
.WBMPWireless Bitmap Image File
.WBPWebshots Collection File
.WBSWebBlender Project File
.WBTToribash Help File
.WBZWebshots Download Picture File
.WCValve Hammer Configuration File
.WC66th Generation Pokémon Wondercard File
.WCATWinCatalog Collection File
.WCDWorks Calendar File
.WCFWebEx Saved Chat Session
.WCINVWindows Meeting Space Invitation File
.WCMMicrosoft Works Communications Script
.WCMWordPerfect Macro
.WCPWinDVD Creator Project File
.WCPWinCHM Project File
.WCP_SETTINGSAlpha Five Settings File
.WCRYWannaCry Virus Encrypted File
.WCXRemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration File
.WCZChameleon Clock Wallpaper File
.WD3Offline Explorer Data File
.WDBMicrosoft Works Database
.WDBBlizzard World of Warcraft Database File
.WDFWintech Drawing File
.WDFWorkshare Compare DeltaFile
.WDFWindows Driver Foundation File
.WDFWiimm Disc File
.WDFWinGenea Genealogy File
.WDFWonderland Adventures Media File
.WDGTOpera Widget
.WDGTAdobe Captivate Widget File
.WDGTDashboard Widget
.WDGTPROJDashcode Widget Project
.WDLWorld Definition Language Script
.WDMONWireless Diagnostics Monitor File
.WDPWindows Media Photo File
.WDPWindev Project File
.WDPAutoCAD Electrical Project File
.WDQOffline Explorer Queue File
.WDSEMLThunderbird Searchable Email File
.WDWWinDev Window File
.WDZWDZip Compressed Archive
.WEAEcotect Weather File
.WEAPQuake 3 Engine Weapon File
.WEAVELIBRARYPainter Weave Library
.WEBXara Web Document
.WEBAPPFirefox Web App Manifest File
.WEBARCHIVESafari Web Archive
.WEBARCHIVEXMLAndroid Web Browser Archive
.WEBBOOKMARKSafari Web Bookmark File
.WEBDOCBox.net Web Document
.WEBHISTORYSafari Web History File
.WEBLOCmacOS Website Location
.WEBMWebM Video File
.WEBPWebP Image
.WEBPNPWeb Point and Print File
.WEBPUBLISHHISTORYAlpha Five Web Publish History File
.WEBSITEInternet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut
.WEBTESTVisual Studio Web Test File
.WEBTHEMEiWeb Theme Template
.WEBZWEBZ Compressed eBook File
.WEMWwise Encoded Media File
.WERWindows Error Report
.WERDWerd Ransomware Encrypted File
.WFBWaveFront Sound Bank
.WFCWindows Wireless Network Settings File
.WFCWinFellow Configuration File
.WFDWayfinder Map File
.WFDWaveFront Drum Kit File
.WFMPro Tools Wave Cache File
.WFMTektronix Waveform Data File
.WFPWondershare Filmora Project File
.WFPWaveFront Program File
.WFSPWondershare Fantashow Project
.WFTGTA 4 Car Model File
.WFWWindows Firewall Policy File
.WGFWidelands Game File
.WGIWildgame Innovations Video File
.WGPWeb Gallery Project
.WGSWalk-Graph Segment File
.WGTOpera Widget File
.WGTXNBC Synaptic Weights File
.WGTIMPS Data File
.WGZS60 Web Runtime Widget Package
.WHFWing Helper File
.WHIRLDUnity Whirld Package
.WHLPython Wheel Package
.WHTTHTTrack Website Copier File
.WIWavelet Image
.WICJ Wavelet Image
.WIDSAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File
.WIDVisual Studio Widget File
.WIDGETYahoo! Widget
.WIDGETMicrosoft Windows Mobile Widget
.WIDGETHybridJava Widget
.WIEWordPress Widget Export File
.WIFWeaving Interchange Format File
.WIIScrambled Wii Disc Image
.WILWinImage Disk Image List
.WIMWindows Imaging Format File
.WINWindows Backup File
.WINGameMaker Studio Game Asset Package
.WINFoxPro Window Settings
.WINCLONEWinclone Image
.WINDOWSLIVECONTACTWindows Live Contacts File
.WINMDWindows Metadata File
.WIQVisual Studio Work Item Query File
.WIXLIBWiX Library File
.WIXMSTWiX Transform File
.WIXOBJWiX Object File
.WIXOUTWiX XML Output File
.WIXPDBWiX Debug File
.WIXPROJWiX Project File
.WIZMicrosoft Wizard File
.WJEWinJournal Entry
.WJFWinZip Job File
.WJFWinJournal Journal File
.WJRReGet Deluxe Data File
.WK1Lotus Worksheet
.WK2Lotus 2 Worksheet
.WK3Lotus 3 Worksheet
.WK4Lotus 4 Worksheet
.WK5Lotus 5 Worksheet
.WKELotus 1-2-3 Educational Version Worksheet
.WKILotus 2 Worksheet
.WKQQuattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File
.WKSWorks Spreadsheet
.WKSLotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.WKULotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.WL1Wolfenstein 3D Data File
.WL6Wolfenstein 3D Data File
.WLBWinList Protocol Bundle
.WLDESRI World File
.WLDSMBX World File
.WLDTerraria World File
.WLDXWorld Map File
.WLLMicrosoft Word Add-in
.WLMPWindows Live Movie Maker Project File
.WLPWorldlabel.com Label Designer File
.WLSR-Link Update File
.WLUJaff Ransomware Encrypted File
.WLVSWindows Movie Maker Video Settings File
.WLXWinList Analysis Protocol File
.WLXMapSource Web Link File
.WLXWindows Live Mesh Sync File
.WLZWinamp Language Pack
.WLZWinImage Compressed Disk Image Set
.WMWindows Media File
.WMAWindows Media Audio File
.WMDWindows Media Download Package
.WMDBWindows Media Database File
.WMEWindows Media Encoder Session File
.WMFWindows Metafile
.WMFWidelands Map File
.WMGAWeb Manga Document
.WMLWireless Markup Language File
.WMMPWindows Movie Maker Project File
.WMOWorld of Warcraft World Map Object
.WMPWindows Media Photo File
.WMSWindows Media Skin
.WMTWinMount Virtual Disk File
.WMVWindows Media Video File
.WMXWindows Media Redirector File
.WMZCompressed Windows Metafile
.WMZWindows Media Player Skin Package
.WNWriteNow Text Document
.WNWN Web File
.WNCRYWana Decrypt0r 2.0 Encrypted File
.WNKWink Presentation
.WNRYWannaCry Virus Encrypted File
.WOAWebObjects Application
.WOFFWeb Open Font Format File
.WOFF2Web Open Font Format 2.0 File
.WOLFWolf RPG Editor Game Data Archive
.WOLFQUESTWolfQuest Saved Game
.WOPWonderland Object Preset
.WORMapInfo Workspace File
.WORDLISTDesktop Poet Word List File
.WORKBibble Work Queue File
.WORKBOOKXamarin Workbook File
.WORKFLOWAutomator Workflow
.WORKSHEETBBEdit Shell Worksheet File
.WORKSPACECode::Blocks Workspace File
.WORKSPACEAdobe Bridge Workspace File
.WORLDStarbound World File
.WORLDWorlds.com World File
.WORLDWorldPainter File
.WORLDTerraria Mobile World File
.WORLDThe Sims 3 Create a World Tool File
.WOTWebEx Recording File
.WOTWeb Of Trust File
.WOTMODWorld of Tanks Modification File
.WOTREPLAYWorld of Tanks Replay File
.WOWGrave Composer Music Module
.WOWSparkMaker 3D Print File
.WOWPROJAddOn Studio Project File
.WOWSREPLAYWorld of Warships Replay File
.WOZApple II Disk Image
.WPWordPerfect Document
.WP3Microsoft Photo Story Project File
.WP4WordPerfect 4 Document
.WP5WordPerfect 5 Document
.WP6WordPerfect 6 Document
.WP7WordPerfect 7 Document
.WPAACT! Word Processing Document
.WPBopenCanvas 1.1 Image
.WPBWindows Phone Device Manager Backup File
.WPCPazzles Cutting File
.WPCWordPad Converter File
.WPDACT! 2 Word Processing Document
.WPD602Text Word Processing Document
.WPDWordPerfect Document
.WPEopenCanvas 1.1 Event File
.WPEWordPerfect Entrust Document
.WPFWordPerfect Form
.WPGIronsight Game Data File
.WPGWordPerfect Graphic File
.WPHPhoenix BIOS File
.WPIInkling Sketch Binary File
.WPKWordPerfect Macro
.WPKNero Wave Editor File
.WPKGuinXell Package File
.WPLDEC WPS Plus Text Document
.WPLGTA Binary Item Placement File
.WPLWindows Media Player Playlist
.WPMWarcraft 3 Path Map File
.WPMWordPerfect Macro File
.WPOHOLUX Waypoint File
.WPOTechnopress Waypoint 2D File
.WPOSTWindows Live Writer Post File
.WPPWebPlus Project File
.WPPWordPerfect Color Palette
.WPPWavePad Project File
.WPROJWwise Project File
.WPSTranslator's Workbench Project File
.WPSKingsoft Writer Document
.WPSMicrosoft Works Word Processor Document
.WPTWordPerfect Template
.WPTWorks Template
.WPTKingsoft Writer Template
.WPTCube 2 Waypoint File
.WPWWinDev Mobile Window File
.WPWWP Works Word Processor File
.WPXPrinter Description File
.WPXWebPlus Project Template
.WQ1Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File
.WQ2Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File
.WR1Lotus Symphony Worksheet File
.WRFWebEx Recording
.WRIMicrosoft Write Document
.WRKSQL Server Log Shipping File
.WRKCakewalk Music Project
.WRPGeomagic 3D Wrap File
.WRPLWidelands Saved Game File
.WRPL.WGFWidelands Initial Saved Game File
.WRTSWrts File
.WRYPTPanwrypter Depleted Storage Volume File
.WRZCompressed VRML World File
.WSWindows Script
.WSWonderSwan Game ROM File
.WS1-2-3 Word Search Maker Puzzle File
.WSCWonderSwan Color Game ROM
.WSCWindows Script Component
.WSDWordStar Document
.WSDLWeb Services Description Language File
.WSFWindows Script File
.WSHWindows Script Host Settings
.WSIWise Package Studio Installer Package
.WSMWise Package Studio Merge Module
.WSPSharePoint Solution Package
.WSPAKWebsitePanel Backup File
.WSVEWondershare Filmora for Mac Project File
.WSZWinamp Classic Skin
.WTBWin-Test Binary Log File
.WTCLogitech Webcam File
.WTDGrand Theft Auto IV Textures File
.WTFWorld of Warcraft Text File
.WTMLWorldWide Telescope Data File
.WTPLWireTap Studio Library
.WTPTWireTap Studio Packaged Track
.WTREncarta File
.WTTWrite! Document
.WTVWindows Recorded TV Show File
.WTXText Document
.WU8Wiimm U8 Mario Kart Wii Archive
.WUDWii U Disk Image File
.WULWinUHA Language File
.WUSWUTG Tagged Audio File
.WUXCompressed Wii U Disk Image File
.WVWavPack Audio File
.WVCWavPack Correction File
.WVEWaveEditor Project File
.WVEElectronic Arts TQI Video File
.WVEWondershare Filmora Project File
.WVLWavelet Image
.WVMGoogle Play Video File
.WVPMagicHTML Web Video Player Project
.WVXWindows Media Video Redirector
.WWDWorks Wizard File
.WWFWorld Wide Fund Non-Printable Document
.WWUWwise Work Unit
.WXWanam Xposed Backup File
.WXFlight Simulator Weather File
.WXIWiX Include File
.WXLWiX Localization File
.WXNWaixing Famicom Game ROM
.WXPWax 2.0 Project
.WXSWiX Source File
.WYZWYZTracker File
.WZMapleStory Game Data File
.WZWarzone 2100 Data File
.WZCONFIGWinZip Configuration File
.WZMULWinZip Registration File