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.WIN File Extension

File Type 1FoxPro Window Settings

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CategoryBackup Files

What is a WIN file?

Contains FoxPro window definitions and statuses; used for backing up window settings; can be restored using the RESTORE WINDOW command

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Programs that open WIN files
Updated 2006

File Type 2Windows Backup File

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CategoryBackup Files

.WIN File Association 2

Backup of a Windows system file; restores the original file if it is deleted or becomes corrupted; may be referenced by the Windows Restore program during the system restore process.

Programs that open WIN files
Updated 3/19/2007

File Type 3GameMaker Studio Game Asset Package

DeveloperYoYo Games
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CategoryGame Files

.WIN File Association 3

A WIN file is an asset package created by GameMaker Studio, a cross-platform game engine. It is distributed with a game developed by GameMaker Studio and contains all the assets for the game, which include code, scripts, sounds, sprites, fonts, shaders, and textures.

More Information

The WIN file type is one of several asset package types that a game developer may choose from to accompany the distribution of his game. The package format is designed to protect assets from being modified by users looking to alter gameplay.

Users playing games that utilize the WIN file type can find the WIN file in the same directory as the .EXE game file. Examples of games developed by GameMaker Studio that utilize the WIN file include Rivals of Aether, IMSCARED, Deltarune, and Undertale.

WIN files are not meant to be opened by a user. They are meant to be referenced by the games for which they contain assets. However, users who enjoy modifying gameplay can open WIN files for the Undertale and Deltarune games (and possibly other GameMaker Studio games) with UndertaleModTool.

NOTE: Users should not modify games that they are legally restricted from modifying.

Common WIN Filenames

data.win - Default filename of a WIN file packaged with a game created by GameMaker Studio.

Programs that open WIN files
Updated 3/19/2020

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