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D File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.DD Source Code File
.D00VirtualDrive Disc Image Part File
.D01VirtualDrive Disc Image Part 2 File
.D3DGame Maker 3D File
.D3DBSPCall of Duty Map File
.D3VDatel Video File
.D64Commodore 64 Disk Image
.D88Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk File
.DA0Windows Registry Backup File
.DA2DeepAnalysis Save File
.DA2Ad-Aware License File
.DAAPowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
.DABRIEFCASERemObjects Data Abstract File Briefcase
.DACONFIGRemObjects Data Abstract Configuration File
.DACONNECTIONSRemObjects Data Abstract Connections File
.DACPACSQL Server Data Tier Application Package
.DADRemObjects Data Abstract Driver File
.DADIAGRAMSRemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams File
.DAEDigital Asset Exchange File
.DAFDigital Anchor File
.DALDownload Accelerator Plus URL List
.DALDVD-lab Project File
.DAMDAME Project
.DAMDeltaMaster Analysis Model
.DAODisk at Once CD/DVD Image
.DAPAccess Data Access Page
.DAPDownload Accelerator Plus Partial Download
.DAPDiet Analysis Profile
.DARDVD Architect Project
.DARDAR Disk Archive
.DARTDart Source Code File
.DASDeltaMaster Analysis Session
.DASCHEMARemObjects Data Abstract Schema File
.DASHDashlane Profile
.DATExchange E-mail Attachment
.DATWindows Registry Hive File
.DATSimCity 4 Game Data File
.DATPorteus Save Container File
.DATData File
.DATVCD Video File
.DATMinecraft Data File
.DATInno Setup Uninstaller Data File
.DAT_MCRMinecraft Level.dat Backup File
.DAT_NEWMinecraft World Level File
.DAVDVR365 Video File
.DAXPSP Compressed ISO Disc Image
.DAZDAZ Studio 3D Scene
.DAZIPDragon Age: Origins Game File
.DBX-Ray Engine Database
.DBDatabase File
.DBSkype Chat History File
.DBQQ Account Database File
.DBMobile Device Database File
.DBWindows Thumbnail Cache
.DB-SHMSQLite Database Shared Memory File
.DB-WALSQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File
.DB.CRYPT12WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.DB.CRYPT8WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.DB1Tekla Structures Model File
.DB3SQLite Database File
.DBAPalm Datebook Backup File
.DBACryENGINE Animation Database File
.DBADarkBASIC Source Code File
.DBBSkype User Information File
.DBCFoxPro Database
.DBCDAZ Brick Camera File
.DBDDemoShield Project
.DBFDatabase File
.DBFFoxPro Table
.DBGVisual FoxPro Debugger Configuration File
.DBGSYMDebug Symbols File
.DBKSony Ericsson Mobile Phone Backup File
.DBLDAZ Brick Light File
.DBMColdFusion Server File
.DBMDAZ Brick Material File
.DBMLVisual Studio OR Design File
.DBODarkBASIC Object
.DBPRODarkBASIC Professional Project File
.DBPROJVisual Studio Database Project File
.DBQAutoCAD Query Set
.DBRDeepBurner Disc Project
.DBSSQLBase Database File
.DBTDatabase Text File
.DBVDatabase Variable Field
.DBXOutlook Express E-mail Folder
.DBXAutoCAD Database Extension File
.DCDesignCAD Design File
.DC1DevCad Document
.DC2DevCad Cam Pro Document
.DC2DesignCAD 2D ASCII Drawing
.DC2Kodak Photo-Enhancer File
.DC3DesignCAD 3D ASCII Drawing
.DC4ViaThinkSoft (De)Coder 4 File
.DCBConcordance Database File
.DCDDesignCAD Drawing
.DCDDisCryptor Encrypted Database
.DCEDriveCam Video File
.DCFDRM Content Format File
.DCFSafetica Free Encrypted Archive
.DCFDocument Computation Format
.DCKResolume Deck File
.DCLDumpSec Report File
.DCLAutoCAD Dialog Definition File
.DCMDiskCatalogMaker Catalog File
.DCMDCM Audio Module
.DCMDDiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog
.DCMFDiskCatalogMaker Catalog
.DCOSafetica Free Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive
.DCOVERDisc Cover File
.DCPDelphi Compiled Package
.DCPAdobe DNG Camera Profile
.DCPFDisc Copier Project File
.DCPRAdobe DNG Camera Profile Recipe File
.DCPROJDashcode Project
.DCRDigital Court Recorder Video File
.DCRKodak RAW Image File
.DCRLiberty Video Recording File
.DCRShockwave Media File
.DCSDesktop Color Separation File
.DCSTAdobe InDesign Document Presets File
.DCTAutoCAD Dictionary File
.DCTDictionary File
.DCTDictation Audio File
.DCTFoxPro Database Memo
.DCTMPDC++ Partially Downloaded File
.DCUDelphi Compiled Unit
.DCUILDelphi .NET Compiled Unit File
.DCXFAXserve Fax Document
.DCXFoxPro Database Index
.DDDiskDoubler Archive
.DDBDigidesign Database
.DDBCommand & Conquer: Renegade Data File
.DDCDivX Descriptor File
.DDCXDivX Descriptor 2 File
.DDDGLBasic 3D Data File
.DDFDiamond Directive File
.DDLData Definition Language File
.DDOCDigiDoc Signature File
.DDPDelphi Diagram Portfolio File
.DDRWClarisDraw Drawing
.DDSDirectDraw Surface
.DDTAge of Mythology Textures File
.DDTFootball Manager Keep Player Data File
.DEDrawExpress Diagram File
.DEBDebian Software Package
.DECDeclaration File
.DECMagic: The Gathering Online Deck File
.DECRYPTDecrypted Microsoft ESD File
.DEFModule-Definition File
.DEFSmartWare II Data File
.DEFTJuice Grinder Defaults File
.DEKMemorize-It Flashcard Deck
.DEKMagic: The Gathering Deck File
.DEKYugioh Virtual Desktop Deck File
.DEKLackeyCCG Card Deck File
.DEMVideo Game Demo File
.DEPWindows Dependency File
.DEPROJDisketch Project File
.DERDER Certificate File
.DESCorel Designer File
.DESCBattlefield 2 Map Description File
.DESIGNMicrosoft Expression Design Drawing
.DESKLINKDesktop Shortcut
.DESKTHEMEPACKWindows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File
.DESKTOPDesktop Entry File
.DETSage ACT! 5 Email Message
.DEVWindows Device Driver File
.DEVELOPERPROFILEXcode Developer Profile
.DEVELVEDevelve Data File
.DEVICEIDSDevice Identification FIle
.DEVICEINFODevice Record
.DEWFSoundEdit Recorded Instrument
.DEXDalvik Executable File
.DEXDEXIS Digital X-ray File
.DF1Omnis Native Datafile
.DF2Defractor 2 Instrument
.DFCDefractor Instrument
.DFFRenderWare Model File
.DFFDSD Audio File
.DFGData Flask Grid File
.DFKDark Flow Project File
.DFMDelphi Form
.DFMMidas ViewPoint Display Form
.DFONTMac OS X Data Fork Font
.DFPFusion Plugin File
.DFPROJDVD Flick Project
.DFSBrainSuite Surface File
.DFTSolid Edge Draft Document
.DFXDrafix CAD File
.DGBFlashCAD Drawing Database
.DGCDGCA File Archive
.DGKDelcam 3D Model File
.DGMLVisual Studio Directed Graph Document
.DGNMicroStation Design File
.DGS3D Screen Creator Scene File
.DGSDagesh Pro Document
.DGSLVisual Shader Graph File
.DGTDST Thumbnail File
.DHCDDHCD Computing Application Data File
.DHSHyperSnap Drawing
.DHTMLDynamic HTML file
.DIADia Diagram File
.DIADo It Again Task File
.DIAGCABTroubleshooting Pack Cabinet File
.DIAGCFGTroubleshooting Pack Configuration File
.DIAGPKGTroubleshooting Pack File
.DIAGSESSIONDiagnostics Session File
.DIBDevice Independent Bitmap File
.DICDictionary File
.DICTDictionary File
.DIFDigital Interface Format
.DIFData Interchange Format
.DIFTorque Game Engine Model File
.DIFFPatch File
.DIGSound Designer Audio File
.DIISummation Batch Load File
.DIMActive@ Raw Disk Image Backup File
.DIMEDirect Internet Message Encapsulation File
.DIPDipTrace Printed Circuit Board File
.DIRAdobe Director Movie
.DIRECTORYKDE Folder View Properties File
.DISOracle Discoverer Workbook
.DISABLEDSpybot - Search & Destroy Disabled File
.DISCRoxio Toast Document
.DISCODISCO Discovery Document
.DISCOMAPDISCO Discovery Output File
.DISKLinux Virtual Hard Disk
.DISKDEFINESLinux LiveCD Information File
.DISTMac OS X Distribution Script
.DITActive Directory Information Tree File
.DITADITA Document
.DITAVALDITA Conditions File
.DIVDIVA-GIS Project File
.DIVAProject DIVA Song File
.DIVXDivX-Encoded Movie File
.DIXDIVA-GIS Export File
.DIZDescription in Zip File
.DJRRingtone Media Studio DJ Ringtone Project
.DJVUDjVu Image
.DLZoo Tycoon 2 Data File
.DLCDownload Link Container File
.DLDEdLog Compiled Program
.DLGDigital Line Graph
.DLISDLIS Well Log Data File
.DLLDLL Dynamic Web Page
.DLLDynamic Link Library
.DLMAkamai Download Manager File
.DLO3ds Max Plug-in
.DLRfinalRender Plugin
.DLSDownloadable Sounds File
.DLTDELTA Binary Dataset File
.DLTEMPUC Browser Temporary Download File
.DLU3ds Max Utility Plug-in File
.DLVCATIA 4 Export File
.DLXSony VDU Video File
.DLXDIALux Document
.DL_Compressed DLL File
.DMDRM Delivery Message
.DM1ER/Studio Data Model File
.DM2Toad Data Modeler 2 File
.DM2Quake 2 Demo File
.DM3DigitalMicrograph Image
.DM3Quake 3 Demo File
.DMBBYOND Game Executable
.DMBDigital Multimedia Broadcasting File
.DMCMimic Configuration File
.DMCDPCM Sample File
.DMCDatamartist Data Canvas File
.DMDSQL Developer Data Modeler File
.DMFDelusion Digital Music File
.DMFGeosystem Digitals Map File
.DMGApple Disk Image
.DMGPARTMac OS X Disk Image Part
.DMIBYOND Dream Maker Icon File
.DMLDynaScript File
.DMMiMindQ Mind Map File
.DMMXiMindQ XML Map Bundle
.DMOMovienizer Database File
.DMODuke Nukem 3D Demo File
.DMOCube 2: Sauerbraten Demo File
.DMPWindows Memory Dump
.DMPRDirect Mail Project File
.DMRBrainVoyager Diffusion Weighted Project File
.DMSDisk Masher Image
.DMSDream Maker Script
.DMSAMusic Disc Creator Project File
.DMSDRoxio MyDVD Project
.DMSD3DRoxio MyDVD 3D Project
.DMSESound Editor Project File
.DMSMVideoWave Movie Project File
.DMSM3DVideoWave 3D Movie Project File
.DMSPPhotoSuite Project File
.DMSSVideoWave SlideShow Project File
.DMTDeLorme Transfer File
.DMXSource Filmmaker Project File
.DMX-INFODriverMax Driver Information File
.DM_68Quake 3 Demo File
.DM_82Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie File
.DM_83Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie File
.DM_84Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie File
.DNAGenePool DNA File
.DNACA Backup and Migration Backup File
.DNASnapGene DNA File
.DNENetica Text File
.DNFDuke Nukem Forever Map File
.DNGDigital Negative Image File
.DNLDNAML eBook File
.DNSDuke Nukem Forever Save File
.DOJava Servlet
.DOBVisual Basic UserDocument
.DOCWordPad Document
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document
.DOCKZIPObjectDock File
.DOCMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
.DOCSETDoxygen Document Set File
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.DOKDesktopOK Icons Layout File
.DOLGameCube Executable File
.DOLPHINVIEWDolphin Folder View Settings File
.DOTWord Document Template
.DOTMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
.DOTXWord Open XML Document Template
.DOWNLOADPartially Downloaded File
.DOWNLOADHOSTMSN Download Settings File
.DOWNLOADINGPando Incomplete Download File
.DOXVisual Basic Binary UserDocument
.DP1DataPower Database File
.DPADrawPlus Animation File
.DPBDataPilot Backup File
.DPBDVD Profiler Backup File
.DPDOvation Pro File
.DPFDargon Package
.DPGNintendo DS Movie File
.DPKDelphi Package
.DPKWDelphi Package
.DPLDelphi Package Library
.DPMPro Tools Plugin File
.DPNDepiction Data File
.DPPDrawPlus Drawing File
.DPRDigital InterPlot File
.DPRDelphi Project
.DPROJDelphi Project
.DPSKingsoft Presentation File
.DPTKingsoft Presentation Template
.DPVSiemens NX Drafting Standard File
.DPXDigital Picture Exchange File
.DPXDrawPlus Template
.DQYExcel Query File
.DRDRM Rights Object
.DR5Dramatica Story Expert Project
.DRANuance Dragon Voice Recording File
.DRADolphin PartMaster Drawing File
.DRAOrCAD Drawing File
.DRAWINGArtboard Drawing
.DRAWIOdiagrams.net Diagram File
.DRAWITDrawIt Drawing
.DRCDRM Rights Object
.DREAMDream Animated Wallpaper File
.DRESDelphi Compiled Resource File
.DRFVIZ Render File
.DRFDynojet Run File
.DRGI-Doser Audio Drug File
.DRLGerber Drill Rack File
.DRMDeus Ex Data File
.DRMCubase Drum Map File
.DRMXDrumlin Fully Secure PDF File
.DRMZDrumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File
.DRPMDelta RPM File
.DRSCANData Rescue Scans File
.DRVDevice Driver
.DRWCorel Drawing File
.DRWDrawing File
.DRWDOTSolidWorks Drawing Template
.DSLMMS DrumSynth File
.DSDAZ Studio 1/2 Script
.DS2Olympus DSS Pro Audio File
.DSADAZ Studio 3+ Script
.DSBOrchida Embroidery File
.DSBDell DataSafe Backup File
.DSBWondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project
.DSBDAZ Studio Binary Script
.DSCCelestia Deep Space Catalog File
.DSCDebian Source Control File
.DSCNikon Disk Identification File
.DSDDAZ Studio Object Morph File
.DSDAutoCAD Drawing Set Description File
.DSDDiet Studio Data File
.DSEDAZ Studio Encrypted Script
.DSFDAZ Studio Asset File
.DSFDelusion Digital Sound File
.DSFDramatica Pro Project
.DSGControl Studio Document
.DSGDoom Saved Game
.DSGMDS Game Maker Project
.DSIDouble-Precision Spectral Image
.DSIDAZ Studio Layered Image Set
.DSKDisk Image
.DSKSimple IDs Database
.DSKBorland Project Desktop File
.DSKINDockX Skin
.DSLLingvo Dictionary File
.DSMDigital Sound Module
.DSNOrCAD Design File
.DSNDatabase Source Name File
.DSODAZ Studio Object File
.DSPVisual C++ 6 Project
.DSSDigital Speech Standard File
.DSSDCC Active Designer File
.DSTTajima Embroidery Format
.DSTAutoCAD Sheet Set File
.DSTUDIODownloadStudio Incomplete Download
.DSVDeSmuME Save File
.DSVDAZ Studio UV Mapping File
.DSWVisual C++ 6 Workspace File
.DSXDiet Studio XML File
.DSXDAZ Studio XML File
.DSYDirectory Synchronizer Project File
.DSYMXcode Debug Symbols File
.DSZOrchida (OES) Embroidery File
.DS_STOREMac OS X Folder Settings File
.DTDrum Station Machine State File
.DT0DTED Level 0 File
.DT1DTED Level 1 File
.DT2DTED Level 2 File
.DT2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image File
.DTAPARTDownThemAll! Partially Downloaded File
.DTDDocument Type Definition File
.DTMDigiTrakker Module
.DTPPublish-iT Document
.DTRDATroniC Data Recording
.DTSDTS Encoded Audio File
.DTSCONFIGSSIS Package Configuration File
.DTSHDDTS-HD Master Audio File
.DTSXDTS Settings File
.DTWDesktop Wallpaper
.DTXDocumented LaTeX File
.DUCAction Replay Max DS Save File
.DUCKCyberduck Bookmark
.DUFDAZ User File
.DUNDungeon Defenders Saved Game File
.DUNDial Up Network File
.DUPEGURUdupeGuru Duplicate File List
.DVDigital Video File
.DV-AVIMicrosoft DV-AVI Video File
.DV2Divinity 2 Data File
.DV4Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video File
.DVBAutoCAD VBA Project File
.DVCDragon Voice Command File
.DVDCloneCD DVD Information File
.DVDPROJiDVD Project File
.DVDSDVDStyler Project File
.DVFSony Digital Voice File
.DVIDevice Independent Format File
.DVLDalim Virtual Library File
.DVOCook'n Cookbook File
.DVRMicrosoft Recorded TV Show
.DVR-MSMicrosoft Digital Video Recording
.DVTCOLORTHEMEXcode Color Theme File
.DVXDivX Video File
.DWCEmulex DWC Firmware Update File
.DWDDavkaWriter File
.DWDDiamondWare Digital Audio File
.DWDOCDrawWell Document
.DWFDesign Web Format File
.DWFXDesign Web Format XPS File
.DWGAutoCAD Drawing Database File
.DWIDance With Intensity Song File
.DWLTurboCAD Drawing Lock File
.DWLIBRARYPaperless Document Library
.DWSAdobe Dreamweaver Site Cache File
.DWSDyalog Workspace File
.DWSAutoCAD Drawing Standards File
.DWTAutoCAD Drawing Template
.DWTDreamweaver Webpage Template
.DXBDrawing Exchange Binary
.DXEAutoCAD Data Extraction Template
.DXFDrawing Exchange Format File
.DXLDomino XML Language File
.DXLRational DOORS Script
.DXLSDashXL Skin Set File
.DXPDexpot Profile File
.DXPCDBurnerXP Data Compilation File
.DXRProtected Macromedia Director Movie
.DXXAutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File
.DZDzip File
.DZIPThe Witcher 2 Game Archive
.DZMDirectorZone Menu Template
.DZPDirectorZone Particle Effect File
.DZTDirectorZone Title File

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