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GIS Files

The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) category includes files related to GPS devices and mapping software. These files may contain maps, saved routes, and waypoints. Many GIS files are saved in open formats, which can be transferred between GPS devices and computer systems.

Common GIS file extensions include .GPX, .LOC, and .OV2.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.GMAPGarmin Map File
.EMBRSpatial Geodatabase File
.WORMapInfo Workspace File
.DT0DTED Level 0 File
.SBNGT-31 Binary Data File
.SP3NGS SP3 File
.SSFTrimble Standard Storage Format File
.MIFMapInfo Interchange Format File
.3DLiGO Landmark File
.MXTArcGIS Map Template
.WLXMapSource Web Link File
.NM2Navitel Map File
.AVLArcView Legend File
.DIVDIVA-GIS Project File
.FMWFME Workbench File
.NMCArcGIS Explorer Map Content File
.MPKArcGIS Map Package
.SAFStreet Atlas USA Map File
.3DSurvex 3D Cavern File
.DEMDigital Elevation Model
.APLArcPad Layer File
.MXDArcGIS Map Document
.GSTMapInfo Geoset File
.TFRDTape Image Format Requirements Document
.OSMOpenStreetMap Map File
.DT1DTED Level 1 File
.KMZGoogle Earth Placemark File
.KMLKeyhole Markup Language File
.GSMMapViewer Project File
.PTMMapPoint Map File
.ATXArcGIS Attribute Index File
.OSCOpenStreetMap Change File
.HDRESRI BIL Header File
.SDFSpatial Data Format File
.CXFCoordinates Export Format
.PMFESRI Published Map File
.GSIGolden Software Interchange File
.E00ArcInfo Coverage Export File
.PIXPCI Geomatics Database File
.TIMESTAMPGeodatabase Timestamp File
.AXEAutoRoute Map File
.MSDMap Service Definition File
.DIXDIVA-GIS Export File
.GMLGeography Markup Language File
.SBNESRI Spatial Binary File
.NMFArcGIS Explorer Map File
.GPXGPS Exchange File
.JNXBirdsEye JNX Raster Map
.GVSPGeocortex Viewer for Silverlight Project
.REFIDRISI Raster Image Reference File
.PRMRoute 66 Map File
.GRBGRIB Meteorological Data File
.IMIMagellan Map File
.BTBinary Terrain File
.CSFGeoMedia Coordinate System File
.HGTSRTM Elevation Data File
.3DCiGO 3D Building File
.FBLiGO Map File
.GLBSTK Globe File
.ADFESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid Format
.RDFArcGIS Report Document File
.GSRGolden Software Reference File
.TABMapInfo TAB File
.AQMAlpineQuest Map File
.GSBGolden Software Boundary File
.RDCIDRISI Raster Documentation File
.SLDStyled Layer Descriptor File
.GPSSurvey Pro Coordinate File
.OBFOsmAnd Offline Map File
.VDCIDRISI Vector Documentation File
.STYLEArcGIS Style Manager File
.MWXMapGuide Author Map Window XML File
.DMFGeosystem Digitals Map File
.RGNGarmin Regional Map File
.MMMMiraMon Maps File
.JGWJPEG World File
.MIDMapInfo Data File
.WLDESRI World File
.IMDGIS Image Metadata File
.USRLowrance GPS Data File
.TFWWorld File for TIFF
.SDWMrSID World File
.FITGarmin Activity File
.SVPSubsurface Viewer Project
.GMFGeology Multi-File
.SEGYSEG-Y Data File
.MMZMiraMon Compressed Map File
.ETAGoogle Earth Placemark File
.ERSER Mapper Data File
.MDCMerkaartor Document
.DLGDigital Line Graph
.AUXAuxiliary File
.STTStreets & Trips Map Template
.JPWWorld File for JPEG
.FDSFME Custom Format File
.FMEFME Mapping File
.VCTIDRISI Vector Image
.MPSPocket Streets Map File
.SVXSurvex Cavern Data File
.XOLSwiss Map Overlay
.PTTMapPoint Map Template
.NV2Navionics Chart File
.DMTDeLorme Transfer File
.TTKGPTatukGIS Project File
.SXDArcScene Document
.PINMNS Projection Information File
.APRArcView Project File
.IMGGarmin Map File
.THTherion Data File
.SMMMap Manager Schema File
.SGYSEG-Y Data File
.JPGWJPEG World File
.ESTStreets & Trips Map File
.SHPESRI Shapefile
.NGTNoni GPSPlot Track File
.RMPMagellan Raster Map File
.SMPIDRISI Palette File
.477MNS Shape Definition Companion File
.RSTIDRISI Raster Image
.FMVFME Desktop Viewspace File
.OSBOpenStreetMap Binary Map File
.MNHMaster Navigator Header File
.AT5Lowrance Map File
.NM3Navitel 5 Map File
.OV2TomTom Points of Interest Database
.CUBISIS Cube File
.FLSArcView GIS Windows Help Supporting File
.TPXDeLorme Topo Project File
.3DDArcGlobe Document
.MAPMapjects Server Webparts File
.QCTMemory-Map QuickChart File
.GPFGeosoft Project File
.GWSGeosoft Workspace File
.QGSQGIS Project File
.CVICassiniVision Map Image File
.CMLOGC Web Map Context Document
.FMIFME Include File
.LPKArcGIS Layer Package
.LENIMAGINE Lens Flare File
.SBFSeptentrio Binary File
.GTMGPS TrackMaker Data File
.GPRXGeoxa Project File
.QPJQGIS Map Projection File
.DT2DTED Level 2 File
.GSR2Golden Software Reference File
.AXTMicrosoft AutoRoute Template
.MGMMGMaps File
.NMAPNaviComputer Map File
.FFSFME Desktop Feature Store File
.RRDReduced Resolution Dataset File
.BPWBitmap World File
.SDMSpatial Data Modeling Language File
.GFWGIF World File
.JPRFugawi Projection File
.CORTrimble Corrected SSF File
.WFDWayfinder Map File
.VECIDRISI Vector File
.DVCIDRISI Vector Definition File
.SYMTatukGIS Symbols File
.QLVQGIS layerVersion Save File