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O File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.OCompiled Object File
.OABOffline Address Book
.OAMAdobe Edge Animate Widget File
.OAPOutSystems Application Package
.OAROpenSimulator Archive
.OATAndroid Optimized Application File
.OB!Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download
.OB2Oberon-2 Source Code File
.OBBAndroid Opaque Binary Blob File
.OBDOffice Binder Document
.OBFOsmAnd Offline Map File
.OBIOutlook RSS Subscription File
.OBJRelocatable Object Code
.OBJWavefront 3D Object File
.OBKBackup File
.OBMLOpera Mini Saved Web Page
.OBML15Opera Mini Saved Web Page
.OBML16Opera Mini Saved Web Page
.OBPBryce Object File
.OBTOpenbox Theme File
.OBWSuperior Drummer Sounds File
.OBZCompressed 3D Object File
.OC3openCanvas 3 Event File
.OC4openCanvas 4 Event File
.OC5openCanvas 5 Event File
.OCACustom Control Library Type File
.OCCOceanic DataPool File
.OCEOpen Catalog Extension Connection File
.OCIopenCanvas Image
.OCRFAXGrapper Fax Text File
.OCRSubtitle Workshop OCR Script
.OCTRadiance Octree File
.OCTESTXcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle
.OCXActiveX Control
.ODMascopt Graph Request File
.ODBOpenDocument Database
.ODCOpenDocument Chart File
.ODCOffice Data Connection File
.ODEXOptimized Dalvik Executable
.ODFOpenDocument Formula
.ODFBattlezone Object Definition File
.ODFOpen Document File
.ODGOpenDocument Graphic File
.ODIOpenDocument Image
.ODIFOpen Document Interchange Format
.ODINLocky Ransomware Encrypted File
.ODLObject Description Language File
.ODMOpenDocument Master Document
.ODMOverDrive Media File
.ODOOnline Operating System Write Document
.ODOCSynology Office Document Pointer
.ODPOpenDocument Presentation
.ODSOutlook Express 5 Mailbox
.ODSOpenDocument Spreadsheet
.ODTOpenDocument Text Document
.ODTOOMMF Data Table File
.ODTOrigin Dialog Theme File
.ODTTFObfuscated OpenType Font
.ODXBizTalk Server Orchestration File
.OEACCOUNTWindows Mail Account File
.OEBOpen eBook File
.OEBOutlook Express Backup Wizard File
.OEBZIPZipped Open eBook File
.OEMOEM Setup File
.OEMOEMEdit Save File
.OEXOpera Extension
.OFCOpen Financial Connectivity File
.OFDOfficeForms Document
.OFFObject File Format
.OFFICEUIMicrosoft Office UI Customization File
.OFLOts File List
.OFMMelco Embroidery File
.OFMOmniForm Form
.OFPOrigin Function Plot Theme File
.OFROptimFROG Audio File
.OFRSMS Offer Manager File
.OFTOutlook File Template
.OFXOpen Financial Exchange File
.OGAOgg Vorbis Audio File
.OGFS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Model File
.OGGOrigin Graph File
.OGGOgg Vorbis Audio File
.OGGSTRGodot Engine Ogg Audio File
.OGGUOrigin Unicode Graph File
.OGMOrigin Matrix File
.OGMOgg Media File
.OGMUOrigin Unicode Matrix File
.OGNCDynamic Web Page
.OGSOrigin LabTalk Script File
.OGSOrigons Movie Data File
.OGVOgg Video File
.OGWOrigin Workbook File
.OGWUOrigin Unicode Workbook File
.OGXOgg Vorbis Multiplexed Media File
.OGZCube 2 Map File
.OIFOrigin Import Filter File
.OISOrigin Analyses Theme File
.OIVOpenIV Mod Package File
.OKTOktalyzer Module
.OLValve Hammer Object Layout File
.OLAOnline Access File
.OLBOrCAD Symbol Library File
.OLBOLE Object Library
.OLDBackup File
.OLKOutlook Address Book File
.OLK14CATEGORYOutlook Category File
.OLK14CONTACTOutlook Contact File
.OLK14EVENTOutlook Calendar Event File
.OLK14GROUPOutlook Group File
.OLK14MAILACCOUNTOutlook Mail Account File
.OLK14MESSAGEOutlook Message File
.OLK14MSGATTACHOutlook 2011 Email Message Attachment File
.OLK14MSGSOURCEOutlook Email Message Data File
.OLK14NOTEOutlook Note File
.OLK14PREFOutlook Preferences File
.OLK14SIGNATUREOutlook Signature File
.OLK14TASKOutlook Task File
.OLK15MSGATTACHOutlook 2016 Email Message Attachment File
.OLLTrialDirector Object Load List
.OLMMac Outlook Database File
.OLPOffice Live Package
.OLTOrbit Downloads List
.OMASony OpenMG Music File
.OMCSOffice Manager Access File
.OMFOMF Interchange Image File
.OMFOpen Media Framework File
.OMGImage File
.OMGOpenMG Audio File
.OMLOutSystems Modeling Language File
.OMOOMake Object File
.OMODOblivion Mod Archive
.OMPOpenMind Windows Document
.OMPOffice Manager Document Archive
.OMSHP Printer Substrate Presets Package File
.OMXOtsAV Media Library Information File
.ONDLotus Notes Encapsulated Memo File
.ONEOneNote Document
.ONEPKGMicrosoft OneNote Package File
.ONETOCMicrosoft OneNote Table of Contents File
.ONETOC2Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents File
.ONTtheWord Bible Text Module
.ONTXtheWord Encrypted Bible Text Module
.OO3OmniOutliner 3 File
.OO3TEMPLATEOmniOutliner Template
.OOKArachne Batch Script
.OPOpenPAT Report
.OP2Nastran Output File
.OP4Nastran Output File
.OPALMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.OPAXMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.OPDDurango Document
.OPDOmniPage Document
.OPDOWNLOADOpera Partially Downloaded File
.OPEICOOpeico Text File
.OPENBSDOpenBSD Readme File
.OPFFlipAlbum File
.OPFFlipViewer FlipBook File
.OPFOpen Packaging Format File
.OPJOrCAD Project File
.OPJOrigin Project
.OPJUOrigin Unicode Project
.OPKGCW Zero Open Package
.OPLCNokia Operator Logo File
.OPMLOutline Processor Markup Language File
.OPSOffice Profile Settings File
.OPTAGT Game Data File
.OPTOpterecenja File
.OPTOptions File
.OPTIONSSE-SOFT Configuration File
.OPTSLinux Configuration Options File
.OPUSOpus Audio File
.OPXOrgPlus Org Chart
.OPXFlipAlbum Photo Album File
.OQYExcel OLAP Query File
.OR2Lotus Organizer 2 File
.OR3IBM Lotus Organizer 97 File
.OR4IBM Lotus Organizer 97 GS File
.OR5Lotus Organizer 5 File
.OR6Lotus Organizer 6 File
.ORAOracle Database Configuration File
.ORAOpenRaster Image File
.ORBOriginal eBook Reader File
.ORCVoyetra Digital Orchestrator File
.ORDEREDTESTVisual Studio Ordered Test File
.OREOre Executable File
.ORFOlympus RAW File
.ORGOrganya Music File
.ORGLotus Organizer File
.ORIOriginal File
.ORIGOriginal File
.ORTRich Text Editor Document
.ORVOracom Video File
.ORXRadiantOne VDS Database Schema
.OSObjectScript Source File
.OSAXAppleScript Scripting Addition
.OSBOpenStreetMap Binary Map File
.OSBOsu! Storyboard File
.OSCObix Source Code File
.OSCOpenStreetMap Change File
.OSDXSearch Connector Description File
.OSKosu! Skin File
.OSMOpenStreetMap Map File
.OSPOpenShot Project File
.OSRosu! Replay File
.OSSMicrosoft Outlook Saved Search File
.OSTOutlook Offline Data File
.OSUOsu! Script
.OSXPowerPC Executable File
.OSZosu! Beatmap File
.OSZOpenLP Service File
.OTtheWord Old Testament Text Module
.OTAOTA Ringtone File
.OTAOTA Bitmap Image
.OTBNokia Over The Air Bitmap Image
.OTCOpenDocument Chart Template
.OTFOpenDocument Formula Template
.OTFOpenType Font
.OTFOpenTuft Tufting Design File
.OTGOpenDocument Graphic Template
.OTHOpenDocument HTML Template
.OTHOrigin Graph Theme File
.OTIOpenDocument Image Template
.OTLNoteTab Outline File
.OTLNOpal Outline File
.OTMOutlook Macro File
.OTMOrigin Matrix Template
.OTMUOrigin Unicode Matrix Template
.OTPOrigin Graph Template
.OTPOpenDocument Presentation Template
.OTPUOrigin Unicode Graph Template
.OTRKEYOnlineTvRecorder Encoded Video File
.OTSOtsAV Album File
.OTSOpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.OTTOpenDocument Document Template
.OTWOrigin Workbook Template
.OTWUOrigin Unicode Workbook Template
.OTXtheWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module
.OTZOpenLP Theme File
.OUTOutput File
.OUTCompiled Executable File
.OV2TomTom Points of Interest Database
.OVAOpen Virtual Appliance
.OVAOctava Musical Score
.OVEOverture Musical Score
.OVFOpen Virtualization File
.OVHOMSI Vehicle Configuration File
.OVLRollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data File
.OVOLOGooVoo Log File
.OVPThe Overlay Maker Package File
.OVPNOpenVPN Configuration File
.OVRThe Overlay Maker Overlay File
.OVWLogic Pro Overview File
.OVWCubase WAVE Overview File
.OVXObject-based Visual Application Language File
.OWFree Pascal 1.0.x Object File
.OWCOutWit Catch Database
.OWGOutWit Gear Database
.OWLOWL Source Code File
.OWMOutWit XML Mashup File
.OWXOutWit Hub Automator File
.OXTApache OpenOffice Extension
.OXYGENEOxygene Project File
.OYXApproach Alternate Database Index
.OZOpera Job Management Compressed File
.OZBMU Online Image File
.OZJMU Online Image File
.OZTMU Online Image File