Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe Mac

Version16(as of 10/7/2014)
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Main Features

  • Compress and expand a variety of formats, such as SITX, Zip, Tar, and RAR
  • Drag and drop files to destination tiles for quick compression and transporting
  • Schedule archiving times to automatically create backups
  • Access StuffIt features through the Finder using the StuffIt MagicMenu

Software Overview

Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Mac is a popular file compression and expansion utility. It is used by both personal and professional users to securely share and store photos, video, music, presentations, and other large files.

StuffIt Deluxe Mac provides several different tools to help you compress and expand your files. The StuffIt Expander tool supports more than 30 different types of compression formats, including Zip, Tar, and RAR. It can also compress files to its native .SIT and .SITX formats. The StuffIt Destinations tool allows you to drag and drop files onto a destination tile where it then packages the file and sends it to a pre-set destination, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive.

The StuffIt Archive Manager utility allows you to perform more advanced compression and expansion tasks, such as scheduling an archiving time for automatic backups. Finally, StuffIt MagicMenu allows you to access StuffIt features through the Finder without having to open the application.

Stuffit Deluxe Mac is a useful program for compressing or archiving files, such as music, video, and photos. It is also useful for creating backups and encrypting files with sensitive data. Although there are other free compression utilities available, Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe Mac is a quality solution.

Primary File Type

sitx icon.SITXStuffIt X Archive

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.SITXStuffIt X Archive
.7Z7-Zip Compressed File
.ARCCompressed File Archive
.BINMacBinary Encoded File
.BZ2Bzip2 Compressed File
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.CBZComic Book Zip Archive
.GTARGNU Tar Archive
.GZGnu Zipped Archive
.HQXBinHex 4.0 Encoded File
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.LZHLZH Compressed File
.LZMALZMA Compressed File
.MIMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
.PFPrivate File
.RARWinRAR Compressed Archive
.SEASelf-Extracting Archive
.SIDXStuffIt Archive Index File
.SITStuffIt Archive
.TARTape Archive
.TGZGzipped Tar File
.TLZMALZMA Compressed Tar Archive
.UUUuencoded File
.UUEUuencoded File
.YENCyEnc File
.ZUnix Compressed File
.ZIPZipped File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.001Split Archive Part 1
.ARJARJ Compressed File Archive
.B2ABtoa Encoded File
.B64Base64 MIME-Encoded File
.BHXBinHex Encoded File
.BMPBitmap Image
.BTOABinary-to-ASCII Encoded File
.BZBzip Compressed File
.BZIPBzip Compressed Archive
.BZIP2Bzip2 Compressed Archive
.CB7Comic Book 7-Zip Archive
.CBRComic Book RAR Archive
.CBTComic Book TAR File
.CPTCompact Pro Archive
.EFWRenamed Zip or Executable File
.ENCEncoded File
.EXEWindows Executable File
.GIFGraphical Interchange Format File
.GNUTARGNU Tar Archive
.GZIUnix Gzip File
.GZIPGnu Zipped File
.HBXBinHex Encoded File
.HEXBinHex Encoded File
.J2KJPEG 2000 Image
.JGZGzipped Javascript File
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.MACBINMacbinary Encoded File
.MIMMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
.MP3MP3 Audio
.PACK.GZPack200 Compressed Archive
.PAKPAK Compressed Archive
.PBMPortable Bitmap Image
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.PGMPortable Gray Map Image
.PICTPicture File
.PITPackIt Archive
.PIZZipped File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PPMPortable Pixmap Image
.PSDAdobe Photoshop Document
.R00WinRAR Compressed Archive
.R01WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
.R02WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
.R03WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
.R21WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
.R30WinRAR Split Archive Part 30
.TAR.GZCompressed Tarball File
.TAZTar Zipped File
.TBZBzip Compressed Tar Archive
.TBZ2Bzip2-Compressed TAR File
.TGGzip Compressed Tar Archive
.TIFFTagged Image File Format
.TZZipped Tar Archive
.USTARUniform Standard Tape Archive Format File
.WARJava Web Archive
.YAmiga Yabba Compressed Archive
.YNCyEnc Encoded File
.Z01First Split Zip File
.Z02Second Split Zip File
.Z03Third Split Zip File
.Z04Fourth Split Zip File
.ZIRenamed Zip File
.ZPIZipped File
Updated 10/7/2014