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Game File Types

The Game Files category includes saved video game files and files referenced by video games. It also includes game ROMs, which are software copies of games developed for other systems, such as Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. These files can be played using a software emulator.

Common game file extensions include .GAM, .SAV, and .ROM.

Extension File Description Popularity Rating
.demVideo Game Demo File4.5 stars4.3587
.gamSaved Game File4.5 stars4.4694
.nesNintendo (NES) ROM File4.5 stars4.28
.romN64 Game ROM File3.5 stars3.5556
.savSaved Game4 stars3.8836
.bGrand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File4.5 stars4.4205
.bglFlight Simulator Scenery File3.5 stars3.5
.bifBioWare Infinity Engine File3 stars3.2
.bmsBeatMania Song File4 stars4
.bsbBioShock Saved Game File3.5 stars3.4
.bspQuake Engine Game Map File4.5 stars4.4444
.bzwBZFlag World File4 stars4
.chdMAME Hard Disk Image4 stars4
.datMinecraft Data File4 stars3.9196
.dekMagic: The Gathering Deck File4 stars4
.erfBioWare Entity Resource File3 stars3
.esmElder Scrolls Master File4.5 stars4.25
.gbaGame Boy Advance ROM4.5 stars4.4028
.gbxNadeo Game File4.5 stars4.5
.gcfGame Cache File3 stars3.2
.iwdCall of Duty Game Data File3.5 stars3.7143
.mapQuake Engine Map File4 stars3.8519
.masseffectprofileMass Effect Player Profile3.5 stars3.3333
.masseffectsaveMass Effect Saved Game4 stars4
.mdlHalf-Life Model File4 stars4
.mpqBlizzard Mo'PaQ File4.5 stars4.3333
.n64Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM File3.5 stars3.5385
.ndsNintendo DS Game ROM4 stars4
.oszOsu! Beatmap File4.5 stars4.625
.packageElectronic Arts Game Package File4.5 stars4.4286
.pccMass Effect Package4 stars4
.pcsavMass Effect 2 Saved Game3.5 stars3.5
.pgnPortable Game Notation File3.5 stars3.6154
.pk3Quake 3 Engine Game Data File4 stars4.2308
.repGrand Theft Auto Replay File4.5 stars4.6458
.rezLithtech Game Engine Resource File4 stars4.2222
.savMass Effect 3 Saved Game3.5 stars3.7353
.sc2assetsBlizzard StarCraft 2 Assets File4 stars4
.sc2mapBlizzard StarCraft 2 Map File4.5 stars4.5
.sc2modBlizzard StarCraft 2 Modification File4 stars4
.sc2replayBlizzard StarCraft 2 Replay File4.5 stars4.5
.sc2saveBlizzard StarCraft 2 Saved Game4.5 stars4.5
.scnAge of Mythology Scenario File3 stars2.8
.scsSimCity Societies Saved Game File4.5 stars4.3684
.sims3The Sims 3 Game Save File4 stars4.1429
.sims3packThe Sims 3 Package File4.5 stars4.7
.smStepMania Song File4.5 stars4.5
.smcSuper Nintendo Game ROM4 stars4.0476
.sqfArmA Script File4.5 stars4.5
.sscStepMania Song File3 stars3
.torStar Wars: The Old Republic Asset File4.5 stars4.5333
.udkUnreal Engine Map File4.5 stars4.25
.unityUnity Scene File4.5 stars4.2941
.unity3dUnity Web Player File4.5 stars4.5
.upkUnreal Engine 3 Package4.5 stars4.25
.vpkValve Pak4.5 stars4.6452
.vtfValve Texture File4.5 stars4.3636
.w3mWarcraft 3 Map File4.5 stars4.4286
.w3nWarcraft 3 Expansion Campaign File4.5 stars4.5
.w3xWarcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle4.5 stars4.3618
.wadDoom WAD File4.5 stars4.3846
.wzMapleStory Game Data File4.5 stars4.5
.xexXbox 360 Executable File3.5 stars3.6667
.zipMAME Game ROM3.5 stars3.3333
.0M3 DS Real Save File4 stars3.8571
.001Snes9x Slot 2 Saved State4 stars3.8
.3dsNintendo 3DS ROM4 stars4.24
.aaoAmerica's Army Map File4.5 stars4.5
.acfSteam Application Cache File4 stars3.8182
.acwwAnimal Crossing Wild World Pattern File3.5 stars3.5
.adtWorld of Warcraft Map File4 stars4
.age3recAge of Empires 3 Recording4 stars4
.age3savAge of Empires 3 Save File3 stars3
.age3scnAge of Empires 3 Scenario File3.5 stars3.5
.age3xrecAge of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Recording3 stars3
.age3xsavAge of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Save File3 stars3
.age3yrecAge of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Recording3 stars3
.age3ysavAge of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Save File3 stars3
.ainSource Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File4.5 stars4.3333
.am1Adventure Maker 4 stars4
.arch00F.E.A.R. Game Archive4.5 stars4.4
.arpAudition Replay File4 stars4
.barAge of Empires 3 Data File4.5 stars4.4286
.bejeweled2deluxesavedgameBejeweled 2 Deluxe Saved Game2.5 stars2.6667
.bfgBig Fish Games Application File4 stars3.8077
.bfsFlatOut Game Data File4.5 stars4.4444
.bigElectronic Arts Game Data File4 stars4.1556
.bikVideo Game Movie File3 stars3.1667
.binSega Genesis Game ROM4 stars4.025
.binNintendo DS Binary File3.5 stars3.6667
.blackhawkstriker2Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game3 stars3
.blasterball3savedgameBlasterBall 3 Saved Game3 stars3
.blorbInteractive Fiction Package Game File2.5 stars2.5
.blpBlizzard Texture File4.5 stars4.4667
.blsBlockland Saved Game File3.5 stars3.5
.blzN-Gage Mobile Video Game File3 stars3
.bmdMU Online Game Data File4.5 stars4.2857
.bmeBeatMania 7-Key Song File3 stars3
.bmzPortal Bonus Map Zip File3 stars3
.bnkTest Drive Unlimited Data Package2 stars2
.bnsPortal Bonus Map Script4 stars4
.bookwormdeluxesavedgameBookworm Deluxe Saved Game2 stars2
.bpsBPS Patch File3 stars3
.brresWii BRRES Resource Package2.5 stars2.25
.bsaBethesda Softworks Archive4 stars4.1667
.busOMSI Bus Configuration File4.5 stars4.3333
.carcNintendo DS Compressed Archive File2.5 stars2.5
.cbhChessBase Database Header File4 stars4
.cbvChessBase Database File4 stars3.8
.cdpTrainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack4 stars3.8333
.cdp2Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 23 stars3
.cgfCrytek Geometry Format File3 stars3
.cgzCube Map File4 stars4
.chkStarCraft Chunk File3 stars2.75
.cpnAge of Mythology Campaign File3 stars3
.ctCheat Engine Cheat Table4.5 stars4.4651
.ctxValve ICE Encoded Script2.5 stars2.6667
.ctySimCity City File3.5 stars3.5
.dat_newMinecraft World Level File3 stars3.1818
.dazipDragon Age: Origins Game File4 stars4
.ddtFootball Manager Keep Player Data File3.5 stars3.5
.dekYugioh Virtual Desktop Deck File3 stars3
.dekLackeyCCG Card Deck File3 stars3
.difMAME CHD Diff File3 stars3
.dlZoo Tycoon 2 Data File3.5 stars3.6667
.dm2Quake 2 Demo File3 stars3
.dmbBYOND Game Executable3 stars3
.dmoDuke Nukem 3D Demo File3 stars3
.dm_82Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie File3 stars3
.dm_83Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie File3 stars3
.dm_84Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie File2 stars2
.dnfDuke Nukem Forever Map File2 stars2
.dnsDuke Nukem Forever Save File3 stars3
.dolGameCube Executable File2.5 stars2.4
.ducAction Replay Max DS Save File3 stars3
.dunDungeon Defenders Saved Game File3 stars3
.dv2Divinity 2 Data File3 stars3
.e2gmPangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game File2 stars2
.egmEnigmo Custom Game File3 stars3
.elfPlayStation Executable File3 stars3
.engChess Engine3 stars3
.erbEvil Genius Resource File3 stars3
.esgEnigmo Saved Game File3 stars3
.esmFallout 3 Master File3 stars3
.espElder Scrolls Plugin File4 stars4
.espFallout 3 Plugin File4 stars3.8571
.essThe Elder Scrolls Saved Game3 stars3
.farThe Sims Archive File3.5 stars3.4
.fcmfCraft World File3 stars3
.fcsFCEUX Save State File3 stars3
.ffCall of Duty 4 Fast File4 stars4.2
.fgdForge Game Data File3.5 stars3.5
.flFreelancer Saved Game File4 stars4
.fmlWWE RAW Character File4.5 stars4.4444
.fomodFallout Mod Archive4 stars4
.forgeAssassin's Creed Game Data File4.5 stars4.48
.fosFallout 3 Saved Game2.5 stars2.5
.fpgFPS Creator Game Project File3 stars3
.fpsFPS Creator Segment File3 stars3
.frzSnes9x Saved State3 stars3
.fs2FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File3 stars3
.fsmFreeSpace Mission File3 stars3
.fssaveFlight Simulator Save File3.5 stars3.5
.fstCrazy Machines 2 Object File3 stars3
.fukPostal 2 Map File2.5 stars2.6667
.g3xRealFlight Content File3 stars3
.galaxyBlizzard Galaxy File4.5 stars4.5
.gameGameSalad Exported Game File4 stars3.75
.gbGame Boy ROM File4.5 stars4.6
.gbaskinGame Boy Advance Controller Skin File3 stars3
.gbcGame Boy Color ROM4 stars4
.gbcskinGame Boy Color Controller Skin File3 stars3
.gdiDreamcast Gigabyte Disc Image3 stars3
.genSega Genesis ROM4.5 stars4.5
.gfxGFx Scaleform File3 stars3
.gmaGarry's Mod Addon File4 stars3.875
.gmresGame Maker Resource File4 stars4
.gpfGRAVITY Ragnarok Online Patch File3 stars3
.gr2Granny 3D File4 stars4
.grfRagnarok Client Archive4.5 stars4.2727
.gscCall of Duty Game Script4.5 stars4.6364
.h3mHeroes 3 Map File3 stars3
.h4rHeroes of Might and Magic IV Data File4 stars4
.hitThe Sims Sound File2.5 stars2.5
.honmodHON Modification Manager File4.5 stars4.3333
.hotThe Sims Sound File3.5 stars3.5
.hpsHPL Script3 stars3
.humOMSI Human Configuration File3.5 stars3.5
.ibtTexture and Model File3 stars3
.idx0Runescape Cache Index File3 stars3
.idx255Runescape Cache File3 stars3
.imgGrand Theft Auto Data File4 stars3.75
.informInform Project 2 stars2
.iplGTA Item Placement File3.5 stars3.6364
.ipsInternal Patching System Patch File3.5 stars3.625
.isrGoMoku Game File3 stars3
.j2iJazz 2 Internet Link File3 stars3
.j2lJazz Jackrabbit 2 Level File3 stars3
.japNonogram Puzzle File3 stars3
.jg4BigJig Jigsaw Puzzle3 stars3
.koduKodu Game File4 stars4.1471
.kwreplayCommand & Conquer 3 Replay File3 stars3
.ldwVirtual Villagers Saved Game File3.5 stars3.6
.lgpFinal Fantasy Media Archive2 stars1.75
.lipBethesda Softworks Lip Sync File3 stars3
.litemodMinecraft LiteLoader Mod File4.5 stars4.3913
.llList & Label Preview File2.5 stars2.6667
.lmpQuake Engine Lump File3 stars3
.lmuRPG Maker Map File3 stars3
.loveLÖVE Game File2.5 stars2.25
.lrfLeague of Legends Replay File4.5 stars4.6667
.lsdRPG Maker Game Save File3.5 stars3.5
.lswRPG Maker Saved Game File3 stars3
.ltxS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Properties File4.5 stars4.2632
.luxbLux Map File3 stars3
.lvlGame Level File4.5 stars4.25
.m2World or Warcraft Model Object4.5 stars4.3333
.maeMy Avatar Editor Character File3.5 stars3.5
.mahjongtitanssave-msMahjong Titans Saved Game3.5 stars3.6667
.mapHalo Map File3.5 stars3.6667
.mapletMaplet World File3 stars3
.masrFactor Track File4.5 stars4.5
.mcaMinecraft "Anvil" Map File4 stars4.15
.mcrMinecraft Region File4.5 stars4.3571
.md2Quake 2 Player Model3 stars3
.md3Quake 3 3D Model2 stars2
.menuQuake 3 Engine Menu File3 stars3
.mglAge of Empires 2 Replay File3 stars3
.mgxAge of Empires 2 Expansion Replay File3 stars3
.mgxRise of Nations Saved Game4 stars4
.miiWii Virtual Avatar File3 stars3
.minesweepersave-msMinesweeper Saved Game3 stars3
.misMarble Blast Gold Mission File4 stars4
.misSaved Game Mission File3.5 stars3.5
.mp2mMax Payne 2 Mod File4.5 stars4.3333
.mp2sMax Payne 2 Saved Game4 stars4
.mpmMax Payne Modfication File4 stars3.75
.mrsGunZ Game Data File4.5 stars4.25
.mulUltima Online Multi File3 stars3
.n3pmeshKnight Online 3D Mesh File4.5 stars4.5
.narNexon game archive3 stars3
.narcNintendo DS Archive File3.5 stars3.6667
.ncfNo Cache File2 stars2
.ngageN-Gage Game File3 stars3
.ngpNeoGeo Pocket ROM4 stars4
.nltrackNoLimits Roller Coaster Track File3 stars3
.npaSteins;Gate Archive4 stars4
.nsbcaNintendo DS Model Animation File3 stars3
.nsbmdNintendo DS Model File3 stars3
.nsbtxNintendo DS Model Texture File3 stars3
.ntrkPacific FIghters Online Track File3 stars3
.omodOblivion Mod Archive3 stars3
.oskOsu! Skin File4.5 stars4.3333
.osrOsu! Replay File3.5 stars3.6667
.ovhOMSI Vehicle Configuration File3 stars3
.p3tPlayStation 3 Theme File4.5 stars4.6667
.pakVideo Game Package4.5 stars4.3333
.papaGame Save Backup File3.5 stars3.2609
.pbnPortable Bridge Notation File3 stars2.75
.pbpPSP Firmware Update File4 stars4.0968
.pckPerfect World Data File4 stars4.2
.phnAlgodoo Phun Phunlet3 stars3
.pk4Doom 3 Engine Game Data File4 stars4
.pkgPlayStation Store Downloaded Package4 stars4.0427
.pkxDecrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File3 stars3
.playmissionMissionPlayer Game File3 stars3
.plnFlight Simulator Flight Plan3 stars3
.plrTerraria Player File4 stars4
.plrrFactor Player File3.5 stars3.25
.podTerminal Reality Game Data File2.5 stars2.5
.pqheroPuzzle Quest Saved Game3 stars3
.prkThrillville Park File4 stars4
.pssPlayStation 2 Game Video File4.5 stars4.5
.pssgEGO Engine Textures File4 stars4
.psvPlayStation 2 Save File4.5 stars4.6
.puzAcross Lite Crossword Puzzle3.5 stars3.25
.pwfCounter-Strike PODBot Waypoint File4.5 stars4.3333
.pxpCounter-Strike PODBot Experience File4.5 stars4.6842
.qcQuakeC Source Code File2.5 stars2.5
.qwdQuakeWorld Demo File3 stars3
.radqNeed for Madness Game Archive3 stars3
.rawDolphin Wii and Gamecube Emulator Game Save File4 stars4
.rbxlROBLOX Location File4.5 stars4.5
.rbxmROBLOX Model4 stars3.75
.repStarCraft Replay File4 stars4
.rfmrFactor Modification File3 stars3
.rgss3aRPG Maker VX Ace RGSS Encrypted Archive4.5 stars4.5
.rgssadRPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive3.5 stars3.375
.rplToribash Replay File3.5 stars3.5
.rvdataRPG Maker VX Data File4 stars4
.rvdata2RPG Maker VX Ace Data File3.5 stars3.25
.rvprojRPG Maker VX Project File3.5 stars3.5
.rvproj2RPG Maker VX Ace Project File4 stars4
.rxdataRMXP Data File2 stars2
.s2zHeroes of Newerth Game Data File4.5 stars4.2857
.sadBlack & White Audio File3 stars3
.samiGrand Theft Auto San Andres Mod Installer File5 stars4.7586
.savNintendo DS Save File4 stars3.8333
.sc2archiveBlizzard StarCraft 2 Archive File4 stars4
.sc2bankStarCraft 2 Bank File3.5 stars3.25
.sc2dataBlizzard StarCraft 2 Data File3 stars3
.sc2maStarCraft 2 Map Data File3 stars3
.sc4SimCity 4 Saved File4.5 stars4.5
.sc4descSimCity 4 Description File3 stars3
.sc4lotSimCity 4 Lot File4 stars4
.schematicMCEdit Schematic File4.5 stars4.56
.scmCLEO Compiled Script4 stars3.8
.scnSimCity Scenario File2 stars2
.scsPrism3D Game Data File4 stars3.75
.scxMicrosoft Game Scenario File3.5 stars3.6
.scxGame Scenario File3 stars3
.sd7Spring Content Package3 stars3
.sdtGrand Theft Auto 3 Audio File3 stars3
.sdzSpring Content Package3 stars3
.sfarMass Effect 3 DLC File4.5 stars4.5
.sfcSuper Nintendo ROM3.5 stars3.5
.sfoPSP Game Parameters File4.5 stars4.4706
.sg0Humongous Entertainment Game Save File3 stars3
.sgaRelic Entertainment Game Archive3 stars3
.sgbDawn of War Map File3 stars3
.sgmVisualBoyAdvance Saved Game4 stars4
.sgpbprjBaltie Project3 stars3
.sidSteam Game Data Backup File4 stars3.75
.sii18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Truck Definition File4.5 stars4.2667
.sims2packDownloaded Sims 2 Package File4 stars4.2
.sliOMSI Spline Configuration File4 stars4
.smrailroadssavedgameSid Meier's Railroads! Saved Game3 stars3
.smzipStepMania Package2.5 stars2.5
.spbFlight Simulator Mission File4.5 stars4.6
.spcSNES Soundtrack File2.5 stars2.3333
.splaneSimple Planes Plane File3 stars3
.spriteSuperTux Sprite File3 stars3
.sqmOperation Flashpoint Mission File2 stars2
.srmSuper Nintendo ROM Save File4.5 stars4.4
.staMAME Saved State File4 stars4
.sudSudoku Puzzle File2 stars2
.sv5BigJig Saved Puzzle3 stars3
.svsGame Boy Advance Saved State File4.5 stars4.3333
.swcSuper Nintendo Wild Card ROM File3.5 stars3.3333
.tbmToribash Mod File3 stars3
.tedAlamo Map File2 stars2
.tigerTomb Raider Game Data Archive2 stars2
.timThe Incredible Machine Level4 stars4
.tocWorld of Warcraft Add-on Table of Contents File2 stars1.75
.ttarchTelltale Games Archive4.5 stars4.5
.twtCarmageddon 2 Data File3.5 stars3.5
.uUnreal Tournament Class Package4 stars4.1667
.ucUnrealScript Class4 stars4
.ukxUnreal Animation Package4.5 stars4.4
.umdSplinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File4 stars4
.umodUnreal Tournament Module File3 stars3
.umxUnreal Music Package3.5 stars3.5
.unityprojUnity 3D Project3 stars3
.unrUnreal Level Map4 stars4
.upsUPS Patch File2 stars2
.usaUnreal Saved Game File4 stars4
.usxUnreal Static Meshes4.5 stars4.3333
.ut2Unreal Tournament Map2 stars2
.ut2modUnreal Tournament 2003/2004 Module File3 stars3
.ut3Unreal Tournament 3 Map File3 stars3
.ut4modUnreal Tournament 2004 Module3.5 stars3.5
.utcBioware Creature File3 stars3
.utxUnreal Texture Package3 stars3.1429
.uvxUnreal Tournament 2003 Saved Game2 stars2
.uxxUnreal Tournament Cache3 stars2.75
.v64Nintendo 64 ROM Dump4 stars4.2
.vbVirtual Boy ROM File2 stars2
.vcmVice City Mod Manager File2 stars2
.vdfValve Data File4 stars4.025
.vmfValve Map File4 stars4
.vmvVirtuaNES Recording3 stars3
.vmvVisualBoyAdvance Recording3 stars3
.vobLive for Speed Car File3 stars3.2
.volVideo Game Archive3 stars3
.w3gWarcraft 3 Replay File4 stars4.1333
.w3zWarcraft 3 Saved Game File4 stars3.8571
.wadNintendo Wii Game Data File3.5 stars3.4
.wagameWorms Armageddon Game Recording3 stars3
.walQuake 2 Texture File2 stars2
.wamWorms Armageddon Mission File3 stars3
.wbtToribash Help File3 stars3
.wdbBlizzard World of Warcraft Database File3.5 stars3.3333
.whirldUnity Whirld Package3 stars3
.wldTerraria World File4 stars4
.worldWorldPainter File2.5 stars2.6667
.worldThe Sims 3 Create a World Tool File3 stars2.75
.wotreplayWorld of Tanks Replay File4.5 stars4.3387
.wtdGrand Theft Auto IV Textures File4.5 stars4.4118
.wtfWorld of Warcraft Text File4.5 stars4.4545
.wzWarzone 2100 Data File4 stars3.8
.xbeXbox Executable File4 stars4.2
.xdsDS Game Maker Project File2 stars2
.xenGuitar Hero III Data File4 stars4
.xmbX-Wing Mission Briefing File4 stars4
.xmbAge of Empires Game Data File3 stars3
.xnbXNA Game Studio Binary Package3 stars3.1
.xomWorms 3D Object File3 stars3
.xp3KiriKiri Package File4 stars4.125
.xpdPlayStation Store PSP License File4 stars4
.xpkWWE RAW Model File4 stars4.2308
.xsAge of Empires 3 Map AI Generator3 stars3
.ycmYugioh Card Maker File3.5 stars3.5
.ydcYu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck File4.5 stars4.4167
.ydkYu-Gi-Oh! Deck File3 stars3
.ydrYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Replay File4.5 stars4.4737
.z2fZoo Tycoon 2 Object File4 stars4
.z3Z-machine Z-code File4 stars4
.z4Z-machine Z-code File4 stars4
.z5Z-machine Z-code File4 stars4
.z64Nintendo 64 Game ROM4.5 stars4.2727
.zblorbZ-machine Package Game File3 stars3
.zdsGZDoom Save File3 stars3
.zmapZombies Ate My Neighbors Map File3 stars3
.zs0ZSNES Slot 0 Saved State File3.5 stars3.5
.zs1ZSNES Slot 1 Saved State File3 stars3
.zs2ZSNES Slot 2 Saved State File3 stars3
.zs3ZSNES Slot 3 Saved State File3 stars3
.zs4ZSNES Slot 4 Saved State File3 stars3
.zs5ZSNES Slot 5 Saved State File3 stars3
.zs6ZSNES Slot 6 Saved State File3 stars3
.zs7ZSNES Slot 7 Saved State File4 stars4
.zs8ZSNES Slot 8 Saved State File3 stars3
.zs9ZSNES Slot 9 Saved State File4 stars4
.zstZSNES Save File3 stars3
.ztdZoo Tycoon Data Archive3 stars3
.ztmpSteam Compressed Game Resource File3.5 stars3.66667
.32xSega 32X ROM4 stars4.1667
.a26Atari 2600 ROM3 stars2.7778
.a52Atari 5200 ROM3.5 stars3.5
.abkArena Opening Book File4 stars4
.abkNeed for Speed Underground Audio File3.5 stars3.5
.acxAtari ST Program3 stars3
.agxAGT Game File4.5 stars4.25
.airM.U.G.E.N. Animation File3.5 stars3.4286
.arMidtown Madness Data File2 stars2
.arcAfrican Safari Data File3.5 stars3.5
.arenaQuake 3 Engine Arena File2 stars2
.ashAudiosurf Audio Metadata File2 stars2
.assSplinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File2 stars2
.assetUnity Asset File4 stars3.9333
.asstrmSplinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File3.5 stars3.5
.barAge of Mythology Data File2 stars2
.bb3BlasterBall 3 Level File Support2 stars2
.bdaeGameloft Game Data File2 stars2
.bdfBSDiff Patch File2 stars2
.bfCryoBF Game Data File3 stars3.0833
.bfmTerminal Reality Model File2 stars2
.bicCivilization 3 Scenario File2 stars2
.bicNeverwinter Nights Character File2 stars2
.binPCSX PlayStation BIOS Image3.5 stars3.3333
.binAtari 2600 Game ROM3.5 stars3.7143
.bioFallout 2 Character Biography File2.5 stars2.5
.biqCivilization 3 Scenario File2 stars2
.bixCivilization 3 Scenario File3.5 stars3.6
.blbDreamworks Resource File2 stars2
.blbInteractive Fiction Package Game File2.5 stars2.5
.bmdGameCube 3D Model File2 stars2
.bngThe Bingo Maker Card File2 stars2
.bnzThe Bingo Maker Card Template File2 stars2
.brmdlWii BRMDL Model File2 stars2
.brtexWii BRTEX Texture File2 stars2
.bs1VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File2 stars2
.c4kClonk Key File3 stars3
.carGary Gadget Car File1.5 stars1.5
.cbfChessBase Game Information File2 stars2
.cfgWesnoth Markup Language File3 stars3.2308
.cfgeJewel Quest Configuration File2 stars2
.cfrCross Fire Replay File4 stars4.0645
.chtSNES Cheat File2 stars2
.civ5mapCivilization 5 Map2 stars2
.civ5modCivilization 5 Mod File3.5 stars3.5
.civ5saveCivilization 5 Saved Game3.5 stars3.5
.cliGrand Theft Auto Clip Data File2 stars2
.cltVisualBoyAdvance Cheat List File2 stars2
.cmCLEO Custom Mission4 stars4
.cmeCrazy Machines Experiment File2 stars2
.cnsM.U.G.E.N. Character States File2 stars2
.colGrand Theft Auto Collision File3.5 stars3.25
.conBattlefield 1942 Configuration File3 stars3
.cosCreatures CAOS File2 stars2
.cpgStarCraft Campaign File2 stars2
.cpkCRI Middleware Package4.5 stars4.3333
.cpsThe Powder Toy Save File3.5 stars3.5
.crsStepMania Course File2.5 stars2.5
.csCLEO Custom Script4 stars3.9565
.ctmStar Wars Republic Commando Map File3.5 stars3.4
.cwdNonogram Puzzle File2 stars2
.d$$AGT Game Encrypted Message File4 stars4
.d2sDiablo 2 Save File3 stars3
.d3dbspCall of Duty Map File4.5 stars4.5
.da1AGT Game Data File3.5 stars3.5
.da3AGT Game Data File2 stars2
.da4AGT Game Data File2 stars2
.da5AGT Game Data File2 stars2
.damDAME Project2 stars2
.datSimCity 4 Game Data File3.5 stars3.3571
.dat_mcrMinecraft Level.dat Backup File4.5 stars4.4444
.dat_oldMinecraft Level.dat Backup File4 stars3.75
.dbX-Ray Engine Database3.5 stars3.6667
.ddbCommand & Conquer: Renegade Data File2 stars2
.descBattlefield 2 Map Description File2 stars2
.divaProject DIVA Song File4.5 stars4.4
.dlgDialogue File2 stars2
.dm3Quake 3 Demo File2 stars2
.dmoCube 2: Sauerbraten Demo File 2 stars2
.dmsDream Maker Script2 stars2
.dm_68Quake 3 Demo File2 stars2
.dpfDargon Package3.5 stars3.5
.drmDeus Ex Data File2 stars2
.dsFurcadia DragonSpeak File1.5 stars1.3333
.dxsDeus Ex Saved Game2 stars2
.dzipThe Witcher 2 Game Archive2 stars2
.edatSony Encrypted Data File1.5 stars1.5
.efxJedi Knight Effects File2 stars2
.ek6Generation 6 Pokémon Save File1.5 stars1.5
.ekxEncrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File4 stars4
.elmEternal Lands Map File3.5 stars3.5
.epkMetin2 Game Data Package3.5 stars3.7
.erpAlter Ego Game Archive2 stars2
.est_uaxSpanish Unreal Audio Package2 stars2
.exsBlades of Exile Scenario2 stars2
.fbrbBattlefield Bad Company 2 Data File2 stars2
.fc1FCEUX Save State File2 stars2
.fc2mapFar Cry 2 User Map3.5 stars3.4
.fdsNintendo FDS ROM1.5 stars1.5
.fldYSFLIGHT Field File2 stars2
.foxFurcadia Art File1.5 stars1.5
.fpidFPS Creator AI Wizard Data File2 stars2
.fpkCivilization 4 Data File2 stars2
.fpmbFPS Creator Mab Buffer File2 stars2
.fpmoFPS Creator Map Overlay File2 stars2
.fpopSpider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game4.5 stars4.3333
.fppFPS Creator Prefab File1.5 stars1.5
.frcFS Recorder File2 stars2
.freecellsave-msMicrosoft FreeCell Saved Game2 stars2
.frmFallout Graphics File2 stars2
.fsgFreeCol Saved Game File2 stars2
.ftlFaster Than Light Mod File3.5 stars3.5
.fxtGrand Theft Auto Fake Text File4 stars4
.gameApple Chess Saved Game4.5 stars4.3333
.garFarming Simulator Game Archive File3.5 stars3.5
.gblorbGlulx Blorb Game File2 stars2
.gcdFallout 2 Character Profile File2 stars2
.gciGameCube Save File2 stars2
.gcmGameCube ROM4.5 stars4.5714
.gczCompressed GameCube/Wii ROM2 stars2
.ggSega Game Gear ROM2 stars2
.glaGhoul 2 Animation File3.5 stars3.5
.glbGlulx Blorb Game File2 stars1.8
.glksaveZoom Game Save Package2 stars2
.gmeDexDrive Game Card File4 stars3.75
.godGore Game Data File2 stars2
.goomodWorld of Goo Add-on2 stars2
.gpfGecko Patch File2 stars2
.grfTransport Tycoon Graphics Resource File2 stars2
.grpStarCraft Graphics Group File3.5 stars3.6667
.gs0Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File3.5 stars3.5
.gsbaGame Save Backup Archive1.5 stars1.5
.gsxSega Genesis Emulator Saved State File2 stars2
.h2oBattle Realms Game Data File4.5 stars4.3462
.hamDescent 2 Resource File3.5 stars3.5
.he0Humongous Entertainment Game Archive2 stars2
.he1Humongous Entertainment Game Archive2 stars2
.he2Humongous Entertainment Game Archive2 stars2
.heartssave-msMicrosoft Hearts Save File2 stars2
.hiMacMAME High Scores File2 stars2
.hogDescent Mission File2 stars2
.hpkTropico Game Archive2 stars2
.hwdHedgewars Demo File2 stars2
.hwmapHedgewars Drawn Map File2 stars2
.hwsHedgewars Saved Game2 stars2
.ideGTA Item Definition File4 stars3.8889
.ifpGTA Animation File4 stars4
.inpMAME Replay File1.5 stars1.3333
.intUnreal International Localization File2 stars2
.intFallout Compiled Script2 stars2
.invINVedit File2 stars2
.itrIcy Tower Replay File2 stars2
.jaJet Archive3 stars3
.jagJagex Data File3.5 stars3.6667
.jamPS3 Unreal Tournament 3 Mod File2 stars2
.jcrNonogram Puzzle File2 stars2
.jkbJedi Knight Bot File3.5 stars3.5
.kagKing Arthur's Gold Map File2 stars2
.karKarel Function Dictionary2 stars2
.kclMario Kart Collision File2 stars2
.kf2Max Payne Resource File2 stars2
.kfsMax Payne Model File2 stars2
.kv6Ace of Spades Model File3.5 stars3.5
.langMinecraft Language File4 stars4.1765
.ldbMax Payne Level File3 stars2.8333
.lglLeechGet Download List2 stars2
.lipReal Virtuality Lip Sync File2 stars2
.locTrackMania Locator File2 stars2
.lockMinecraft World Lock File2.5 stars2.5
.lodHeroes of Might and Magic 3 Graphics File2 stars2
.lpbLaserTank Replay File2 stars2
.lvlxExtendable Level File2 stars2
.madElectronic Arts Madcow Movie File2 stars2
.mapLeges Motus Map File1.5 stars1.5
.mapFurcadia Dream File3.5 stars3.6667
.mapFallout Map File3.5 stars3.5
.maxAction Replay Max Save File4 stars3.75
.mcgameMinecraft Game Backup File4 stars4
.mcmetaMinecraft Animation File4.5 stars4.52
.mcrePSXe Memory Card File3.5 stars3.5
.mdSharkport Saved Game File1.5 stars1.5
.mdSEGA Mega Drive ROM3 stars3
.mddbsManic Digger Database2 stars2
.me2modMass Effect 2 Modification File3.5 stars3.5
.memVirtual Game Station Memory File2 stars2
.mfGameplay Multifile4.5 stars4.4167
.mineMinecraft Map File4 stars3.8333
.mixCommand & Conquer Data File4 stars3.8333
.modNeverwinter Nights Module2 stars2
.mommaOffspring Fling Replay File2 stars2
.mp2Heroes of Might and Magic II Map File2.5 stars2.4
.mpkProject64 Memory Pack File3.5 stars3.3333
.mpsMax Payne Saved Game2 stars2
.mpzRed Eclipse Map File2 stars2
.ms1VirtualBus Map File2 stars2
.msgFallout Message File 3.5 stars3.5
.mulDeus Ex: HR Multiplexed Audio File2 stars2
.musElectronic Arts Game Music File3.5 stars3.25
.mx2Heroes of Might and Magic II Expansion Map File2 stars2
.n-gageN-Gage Application2.5 stars2.6667
.navId Tech 3 Bot Navigation File4 stars4
.nazTotal Overdose Game Data File4.5 stars4.25
.nbtMinecraft Named Binary Tag File2.5 stars2.6667
.nfoAge of Empires Player File2.5 stars2.6667
.nfs11saveNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit Save File3 stars3
.ngcNeoGeo Pocket Color ROM2 stars2
.ngsSteins;Gate Game File2 stars2
.nkmMario Kart DS Track Data File2.5 stars2.5
.nlelemNoLimits Track Element File2 stars2
.nmlNSMB Editor Exported Level File2 stars2
.nsbvaNintendo DS Visibility Animation File1.5 stars1.5
.nvMAME NVRAM File2 stars2
.ogzCube 2 Map File4 stars4
.osuOsu! Script2.5 stars2.5
.ovlRollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data File2.5 stars2.5
.p2mGameshark PlayStation 2 Cheats file2 stars2
.p2sPCSX2 Saved State4.5 stars4.4
.pakSimutrans Object File4 stars4.2
.parFMS Aircraft Parameters File4.5 stars4.3
.pb2mapPlazma Burst 2 Custom Map file4 stars4
.pboPacked Bohemia Object3 stars3
.pcdPokémon Wonder Card File2 stars2
.pceTurboGrafx-16 ROM3.5 stars3.5
.pcfValve Particle System File2.5 stars2.3333
.pcsxstatePCSX Saved State File2 stars2
.pegPeggle Replay File3.5 stars3.6667
.pegnPeggle Nights Replay File2.5 stars2.5
.perAge of Empires Personality File2 stars2
.pgfPokémon Mystery Gift for Black & White File2 stars2
.pgtPokémon Gift File2 stars2
.phzAlgodoo Phun Compressed Phunlet4 stars4
.pigDescent Texture File3.5 stars3.5
.pjProject64 Saved State File2 stars2
.pk3ZDoom Package3.5 stars3.6
.pk6Generation 6 Pokémon Save File4.5 stars4.4
.pl1Adventure Maker Plug-in2 stars2
.pnachPCSX2 Patch File4 stars4.2
.popTeam Fortress 2 Population File2.5 stars2.5
.pqProgress Quest Save File2.5 stars2.5
.prisonPrison Architect Saved Game1.5 stars1.5
.profilePandemic Studios Game Player Profile3.5 stars3.5
.propertiesMinecraft Properties File4.5 stars4.3967
.prxPSP Plugin File3 stars3.0909
.ps2PCSX2 Memory Card File4 stars3.9412
.psdlMidtown Madness 2 City File3.5 stars3.5
.psuEMS PS2 Memory Adapter Save File2 stars2
.pzlTibo Jigs@w Puzzle File2 stars2
.pzpTibo Jigs@w Compressed Puzzle File2 stars2
.qdpMPQDraft Plugin File2 stars2
.qvmQuake 3 Virtual Machine File4 stars4.1875
.rasRemedy Archive System File3.5 stars3.5
.rasunsoftRasunsoft Game Replay File4 stars4
.rbjXRK Compiled Redcode Object File2 stars2
.relRelocatable Module File3.5 stars3.5
.rfaBattlefield 1942 Game Package4 stars3.75
.rfgs_pcRed Faction: Guerilla Saved Game File3.5 stars3.5
.rgss2aRPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive2 stars2
.rimBioWare Resource Image File3.5 stars3.25
.rmfHammer Rich Map Format2 stars2
.romKilling Floor Map File3 stars2.8
.rosBattleScribe Roster Editor File4.5 stars4.25
.rotHomeworld 2 Graphics File2 stars2
.rpfGrand Theft Auto 4 Data File3.5 stars3.5
.rplSpecial Force Replay2 stars2
.rpyRen'Py Script3 stars3
.rpyTouhou Project Replay File3.5 stars3.6667
.rpycRen'Py Compiled Script3.5 stars3.5
.runRune Map File2 stars2
.rwdMicrosoft Flight Simulator Rewards File2 stars2
.rwsRenderWare Stream File2.5 stars2.5
.s10Brasfoot Saved Game File1.5 stars1.5
.s2mStronghold 2 Map File2 stars2
.s2mThe Settlers 2 Map File2 stars2
.s2mhStarCraft 2 Map Header File2 stars2
.s4mSWAT 4 Map File2 stars2
.s5xHeritage of Kings: The Settlers Map File2 stars2
.sa1Game Boy Emulator Save File2 stars2
.sabSaber File2 stars2
.savFallout 2 Map Archive3 stars3.1111
.sc2SimCity 2000 City File3.5 stars3.5
.sc2sceneStarCraft 2 Cut Scene File2 stars2
.sc3SimCity 3000 City File3.5 stars3.5
.sc6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario File2 stars2
.scfSimTown Sounds File2 stars2
.sclvlScritter's Nest Data File3.5 stars3.5
.scmStarCraft Map File2 stars2
.scnOpenTTD Scenario File3.5 stars3.6667
.scoOMSI Scenery Object Configuration File2.5 stars2.5
.sdfWorld in Conflict Game Map3.5 stars3.25
.sfbPlayStation 3 Disc Data File4 stars3.9231
.sffM.U.G.E.N. Sprite File4 stars4
.sfsKerbal Space Program Save File2 stars2.2
.sgbSuper Game Boy ROM File2 stars2
.sh2Stronghold 2 Saved Game3.5 stars3.5
.shaderQuake 3 Engine Shader File1.5 stars1.3333
.sims3.backupThe Sims 3 Game Save Backup File4 stars4
.skdMax Payne Skin Data File2 stars2
.skseSkyrim Script Extender Save File3.5 stars3.3333
.slstGame Data File2 stars2
.smdSega Mega Drive ROM4.5 stars4.5455
.smpdSc2gears Mouse Print Data File2 stars2
.smsSega Master System ROM2.5 stars2.5
.snaNO$GBA Snapshot File2 stars2
.sodSpear of Destiny Data File2 stars2
.soeStar Wars: Shadows of the Empire Save File2 stars2
.solitairesave-msMicrosoft Solitaire Saved Game2 stars2
.soundsQuake 3 Engine Sound Definition File2 stars2
.spaNintendo DS Particle File1.5 stars1.5
.spidersolitairesave-msMicrosoft Spider Solitaire Saved Game3 stars3
.spkDeer Hunter Map File2.5 stars2.6667
.spsQuake 3 Engine Speaker Definition File2 stars2
.spsSharkport PS2 Save File2 stars2
.sslFallout Script2 stars2
.steamstartValve Steam Start File4.5 stars4.3913
.stsDuoS DSEMU Saved State File2 stars2
.sv5Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Saved Game2 stars2
.sveFallout 2 Video Subtitle File2 stars2
.sveSimutrans Saved Game4.5 stars4.25
.svgSaved Game File2.5 stars2.6667
.svtTorchlight Saved Game File2.5 stars2.5
.td6RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design File2 stars2
.tdtSim Tower Game File2 stars2
.tedTribes 2 Game Data File2 stars2
.tkrTinker Custom Level File2 stars2
.tlkBioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table File3.5 stars3.5
.tplWii Image File2.5 stars2.5
.trkPacific Fighters Offline Track File2 stars2
.ttlAGT Game Title File1.5 stars1.5
.uclKilling Floor System File2 stars2
.ulxGlulx Game File2 stars2
.uopUltima Online Patch File2 stars2
.utwUnity Whirld File2.5 stars2.5
.vdfGothic Game Data File2.5 stars2.375
.vehVehicle File2 stars2
.vivNeed for Speed Car Data File4.5 stars4.3846
.vmxValve Map Backup File2 stars2
.vpVolition Package File2 stars2
.vvvvvvVVVVVV Game Level File2 stars2
.vwpVehicle Weapon File2 stars2
.wa2Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventure File4 stars3.8
.wbfsWii Backup File System File3.5 stars3.7143
.wdfWiimm Disc File2 stars2
.weapQuake 3 Engine Weapon File2 stars2
.wl6Wolfenstein 3D Data File2 stars2
.wldSMBX World File2 stars2
.wldxWorld Map File2 stars2
.wmoWorld of Warcraft World Map Object3 stars3
.wolfquestWolfQuest Saved Game2 stars2
.wplGTA Binary Item Placement File4 stars4
.wpmWarcraft 3 Path Map File3.5 stars3.5
.wscWonderSwan Color Game ROM2 stars2
.wxFlight Simulator Weather File2 stars2
.wxnWaixing Famicom Game ROM2.5 stars2.5
.xanWorms Map File2 stars2
.xbsavMass Effect 2 Xbox Saved Game2 stars2
.xp4KiriKiri Package2 stars2
.xvmconfWorld of Tanks XVM Configuration File2 stars2
.y3aYu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Avatar File2 stars2
.y3dYu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Deck File2 stars2
.yfsYSFLIGHT Mission File2 stars2
.z8Z-machine Z-code File3.5 stars3.25
.zadCarmageddon Game Data File3.5 stars3.6667
.zlbZ-machine Package Game File2 stars2
.00The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 File4 stars4.093
.555Black & White Weather Settings File4 stars3.8
.8ldOverlord 2 Language File4 stars4
.absAB SuDoKu Saved Game2 stars2
.agbGame Boy Advance ROM3 stars3
.aiBattlefield 2 Artificial Intelligence File3 stars2.75
.alrADRIFT Language Resource File1 star1
.an2Croc Legend of the Gobbos Animation File1 star1
.arsCarmageddon Saved Game1 star1
.ashKoLmafia ASH Script1 star1
.atmPSP Game Audio File1.5 stars1.5
.bgzBlood Frontier Map File1 star1
.blpSpeedy Eggbert Game Data File1 star1
.bmgNintendo DS On-Screen Text File3 stars3
.breffWii Effect Controls File 1 star1
.breftWii Effects File 1 star1
.brlytWii Textures and Material Lists File1 star1
.brnGabriel Knight Barn File1 star1
.brsarWii BRSAR Audio Package1 star1
.bsdiffBSDiff Patch File1 star1
.busVirtualBus Board Parameters File3.5 stars3.5
.bwaBookworm Adventures Player File1 star1
.cbsCode Breaker PS2 Save File4 stars4
.cemChildren of the Nile Model File1.5 stars1.5
.chesstitanssave-msMicrosoft Chess Titans Saved Game2.5 stars2.6667
.chr0Wii Model Animation File3 stars3
.clr0Wii Color Swapping Animation File1 star1
.cmdM.U.G.E.N. Character Commands File4.5 stars4.2727
.cmlCrazy Machines Lab File1 star1
.comfycakessave-msComfy Cakes Saved Game3.5 stars3.5
.cprCPC Plus Cartridge3 stars3
.cpxRise of Rome Campaign File3 stars3
.craftKSP Spacecraft File3.5 stars3.7273
.crysisjmsfCrysis Saved Game3.5 stars3.6667
.crysispsfCrysis Warhead Saved Game1 star1
.da2AGT Game Data File1 star1
.da6AGT Game Data File1 star1
.dayDay of the Zombie Map File1 star1
.defM.U.G.E.N. Character Definition File2 stars2
.dn1Duke Nukem 1 Game Data File1 star1
.dn2Duke Nukem Episode 2 Game File1 star1
.dn3Duke Nukem Episode 3 Game File1 star1
.dnhDanmakufu Script1 star1
.dsgDecker Saved Game1 star1
.dwpDarwin Pond Save File1.5 stars1.5
.dzLand of the Dead Level File3.5 stars3.5714
.eclTouhou Stage Script3.5 stars3.6667
.eepfEmuOS Exchangeable Packet File1 star1
.eixMetin2 Game Data File3.5 stars3.25
.encCabal Online Data File3.5 stars3.3333
.epcDoctor Who Game Data File1 star1
.excBlack & White Zone File1 star1
.ffdFATE Saved Game1 star1
.filaAleph One Replay File1 star1
.flashFrictional Games Flashback File3.5 stars3.4
.fntaAleph One Font File1 star1
.gamedataSandlot Game Data File3 stars3
.gcGalactic Conquest Saved Game1 star1
.gcsGameCube SharkSave File1 star1
.gctOcarina Cheat Code Manager File3 stars3
.gdwJaws Unleashed Data File1 star1
.gjdThe 7th Guest Media File1 star1
.gmvGens Game Recording1 star1
.gnpGenePool Save File1 star1
.godPopulous II Player Progress File1 star1
.hhslHockey High Score List File1 star1
.hmpWorms Height Map File3 stars3
.hsLaserTank High Scores File1 star1
.hxmDescent 2 Resource Modification1 star1
.i3packPoint Blank Game Data File4 stars4.1489
.ib2IncrediBots 2 Saved Challenge File1 star1
.ib3IncrediBots 3 Saved Challenge File1 star1
.ibroIncrediBots Robot File2.5 stars2.5
.imgaAleph One Image File1 star1
.insAGT Game Instruction File3 stars3
.itkScummVM Game Data File1.5 stars1.5
.ivtInternational Volleyball 2006 Data File3.5 stars3.6667
.japJapanese Nintendo 64 Game ROM3 stars3
.jigsawJigsaw Explorer Save File3 stars3
.jrcPCjr Cartridge ROM File1 star1
.jrzPSP Game Data File1 star1
.k2sKaiser 2 Saved Game2.5 stars2.3333
.kmpMario Kart Wii Course Description File1 star1
.l3dBlack & White Graphics File1 star1
.labyLaby Level File3 stars3
.ltgLaserTank Graphics File1 star1
.manmVietcong Game Data File1 star1
.matoAtomic Combat Saved Game1 star1
.mazHover! Maze File2.5 stars2.3333
.mclevelMinecraft Map File2.5 stars2.6667
.mcworldMinecraft World Backup File2.5 stars2.6667
.mdlLuigi's Mansion 3D Model File2.5 stars2.3333
.mdl0Wii Model File 1.5 stars1.5
.mdmMario Dash Map File1 star1
.missionVega Strike Mission File1 star1
.mixMotoGP Game File3.5 stars3.2857
.mm6Might and Magic 6 Saved Game2 stars2
.mm7Might and Magic 7 Saved Game1 star1
.mm8Might and Magic 8 Saved Game1 star1
.msbtNintendo Wii Galaxy Dialogue File1 star1
.n3dSuper 3D Noah's Ark Data File1 star1
.namG.E.C.K. Mod Data File3.5 stars3.6667
.ncgrNintendo DS Title Graphics File1 star1
.nclrNintendo DS Color Palette File1 star1
.neosaveNeopets Save File1 star1
.nlpxNoLimits Package1 star1
.nscrNintendo DS Title Screen File1 star1
.odfBattlezone Object Definition File1 star1
.optAGT Game Data File1 star1
.patKega Fusion Cheats File1 star1
.pat0Wii Texture Pattern File 1.5 stars1.5
.phyaAleph One Physics File1 star1
.pigPirates of the Burning Sea Data File2.5 stars2.5
.pkmPokémon Saved Game Data File3.5 stars3.5556
.plfMr. Bean Game Data File1 star1
.plt0Wii Color Palette File 1 star1
.pofDescent Robot Definition File1.5 stars1.5
.pogDescent 2 Texture Modification1 star1
.ppfPlayStation Patch Format File1 star1
.prefsMMORPG Tycoon Preferences File1 star1
.prgCommodore Program File2 stars2
.ps2Sharkport Saved Game3 stars3
.psxPlayStation Save File1 star1
.psysZEQ2 Lite Particle Effects File1 star1
.purblepairssave-msPurble Pairs Saved Game4 stars3.75
.purbleshopsave-msPurble Place Shop Saved Game3 stars3
.pvpfPet ville Save File3 stars3
.rdaAnno 2070 Data File2.5 stars2.6667
.resStar Wars KotOR Save Resources File2.5 stars2.6
.rfdEmperor: Battle for Dune Data File1 star1
.rgpRealArcade Game Package1 star1
.rkgMario Kart Wii Ghost Data File1 star1
.rkpRockchip MP4 Player Game1 star1
.rlThe 7th Guest Audio Data File1 star1
.rleGolly Simulation Pattern File1.5 stars1.5
.rle.gzGolly Compressed Simulation Pattern File1 star1
.rp2RetroPlatform Player Program Archive1 star1
.rs2RailSim2 Saved Layout File1 star1
.sc4RollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario File3 stars3
.sc5Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Scenario File1 star1
.sceaAleph One Map File1 star1
.sceneAntibody Level File4 stars3.75
.scn0Wii Texture Animation File1 star1
.settingsMinecraft iConomy Plug-in Settings File3 stars3
.sfcCreatures Saved Game1 star1
.sgaaAleph One Saved Game1 star1
.sgrSimCity 4 Graphics Rules File4 stars4
.shpaAleph One Shape File1 star1
.sims3.badThe Sims 3 Failed Game Save File3 stars3
.skeinSkein XML File1 star1
.smoSumotori Dreams Arena File1 star1
.sndaAleph One Sound File1 star1
.sowDescent ARJ Archive1.5 stars1.5
.sp2Super Ball 2 Level File1 star1
.spoSpore Saved Game3.5 stars3.3333
.srkSub Rosa Client File3 stars3
.srt0Wii Texture Animation File1 star1
.ssaChildren of the Nile Campaign File1 star1
.ssfsavSuper Smash Flash Saved Game File3.5 stars3.625
.sstChildren of the Nile Textures File1 star1
.stlSuperTux Level File2.5 stars2.6667
.strBFME2 Strings File3 stars2.8889
.stsgSuperTux Saved Game1 star1
.stwmSuperTux World Map File1 star1
.subSubTerra Level File4 stars4.2
.sv4RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game1 star1
.sv6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game3 stars3
.sveCarmageddon: TDR 2000 Saved Game1.5 stars1.6667
.swvMicrosoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings File1 star1
.swwAnno Saved Game1 star1
.sybSyberia Game Data File1 star1
.systemVega Strike Virtual System File1 star1
.szsGameCube Data File2 stars2
.tafADRIFT Text Adventure File2.5 stars2.5
.tapTap Tap Revenge Tap File1.5 stars1.5
.td4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track File1 star1
.tdbTranscendence Game Data File3 stars3
.tex0Wii Texture File1 star1
.tfrTIE Fighter Pilot File1 star1
.tjaTaikojiro Song Map File2.5 stars2.3333
.tjcTaikojiro Song Map Sequence File1 star1
.tp4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture File1 star1
.tscCave Story Script2 stars2
.ttmTower Toppler Mission File1 star1
.tutChildren of the Nile Tutorial File1 star1
.ucmCrazy Machines Model File1 star1
.updatriConomy Update File3 stars3
.uqmThe Ur-Quan Masters Game Data File1 star1
.ut8Ghost Master Language File1 star1
.vbfCity Interactive Game Data File1 star1
.vgiVista Game Explorer Editor Game File1 star1
.vhvValve Source Lighting File1 star1
.visVisibility Image File2.5 stars2.5
.vivPlayStation Video File4 stars3.8
.wdfWonderland Adventures Media File1 star1
.wgfWidelands Game File3 stars3
.wl1Wolfenstein 3D Data File1 star1
.wmfWidelands Map File1 star1
.wopWonderland Object Preset1 star1
.wptCube 2 Waypoint File1 star1
.wrplWidelands Saved Game File4 stars4.2
.wrpl.wgfWidelands Initial Saved Game File3 stars3
.xpXPilot Map1 star1
.xp2XPilot NG1 star1
.xtlVietcong Data File1 star1
.ydtYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Data File3 stars3
.z1Z-machine Z-code File1.5 stars1.5
.z2Z-machine Z-code File1 star1
.z6Z-machine Z-code File3 stars3
.z7Z-machine Z-code File2.5 stars2.6667
.zooZoo Tycoon Saved Game1 star1
.zsdDave Mirra Freestyle BMX Data File3.5 stars3.3333
.zzzBlack & White Game Data File2 stars1.8