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.HEX File Extension

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File TypeHexadecimal Source File
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CategoryMisc Files
File Format Description

Contains settings, configuration information, or other data saved in a hexadecimal format; may be stored in either a binary or text format.

NOTE: Binary hex files can only be opened with hex-editing programs. Text-based hex files can be opened and edited with a text editor.

Program(s) that open .HEX files
Microsoft Windows Logo
Icon Heaventools FlexHex
Icon Hex Workshop Hex Editor
Icon Cygnus Hex Editor
Icon HHD Hex Editor
Mac OS X Logo
Mac OS
Icon HexEdit
Icon HexEditor
Updated 2/20/2008

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File TypeBinHex Encoded File
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CategoryEncoded Files
File Format Description

File encoded with an early version of BinHex (binary-to-hexadecimal) encoding software; used for converting files to a text format that could be sent via e-mail without being corrupted; typically takes up more space than the original file.

The BinHex program is only available for the Mac. Newer versions of the program save BinHex files with a .HQX extension rather than ".hex."

Program(s) that open .HEX files
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Icon UUDeview
Updated 5/5/2008