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File TypeBabylon Glossary File
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CategoryData Files
File Format Description

Glossary file used by Babylon, a program that supports online translation in many different languages; contains terms and definitions that can be loaded into Babylon; can be translated on-the-fly into different languages by the Babylon application.

BGL files can be generated using the Babylon Glossary Builder, which can be used to create custom glossaries.

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Mac OS
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Updated 4/28/2010

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File TypeFlight Simulator Scenery File
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CategoryGame Files
File Format Description

Data file used by Microsoft Flight Simulator, a flight simulation game; contains scenery data for flying locations and airports; small locations require a single BGL file, while more complex locations and airports may use multiple BGL files.

BGL files included with Flight Simulator should not be modified. However, custom BGL files can be created to create custom flying location and airports. These files should be saved in the following directory:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X\AddOn Scenery\scenery

They can also be stored in a custom directory within the main Flight Simulator folder, such as the directory below:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Custom\scenery

Custom BGL files can be created and compiled using a third-party program like FSX Planner. Once a custom BGL files is placed in the appropriate directory, it will be available in the game.

Program(s) that open .BGL files
Updated 6/10/2011