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File TypeGame Boy ROM File
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CategoryGame Files
File Format Description

Read-only memory (ROM) file containing Game Boy game data; contains an exact copy of the data from a Nintendo Game Boy cartridge; can be played on a Mac or PC using Game Boy emulation software.

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Updated 5/15/2008

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This file is saved in a plain text format.
Therefore, you can view the contents of the file in a text editor.
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GenBank Data File
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CategoryData Files
File Format Description

Scientific data format used to store DNA sequences and allow users to closely examine the genome information; often contains a single sequence but may contain multiple sequences.

To create a GB file using Genome Compiler, select "New Project" by clicking the document icon with the "+" symbol. Then, select "Export" by clicking the arrow symbol on the icon with two floppy disks. Finally, select "Export as GenBank", name the file, choose the save location, and click Save.

NOTE: The GenBank format was developed by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). GenBank Sequence files commonly appear with the .GBK extension.

Program(s) that open .GB files
Updated 3/9/2015