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This file is saved in a plain text format.
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VBScript File
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CategoryExecutable Files
File Format Description

Script written in the VBScript scripting language; can be executed in Windows using the built-in scripting support; may run directly from the operating system or within Internet Explorer.

NOTE: VB files can contain viruses or other malware. Therefore, do not open VB files if they are an unknown e-mail attachments.

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Updated 2/19/2014

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File TypeGrand Theft Auto Audio File
DeveloperRockstar Games
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CategoryAudio Files
File Format Description

Audio file used by Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 3 and GTA: Vice City games for PlayStation 2; stores multiple audio clips and includes radio station clips, radio news clips, and cutscene audio; used for audio playback during gameplay.

VB files can be converted to the .WAV format with MFAudio by setting the following program options:

  • Frequency: 32000Hz, or 16000Hz for the talk stations (e.g., POLICE.VB, KCHAT.VB, and VCPR.VB)
  • Samples: 16 bits
  • Channels: 2
  • Interleave: 2000 Bytes
  • Offset: 0 Bytes
  • Output format: WAVE
NOTE: VB files are saved in the \AUDIO\ directory on the PlayStation 2 GTA disc.

Program(s) that open .VB files
Updated 6/14/2011

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File TypeVirtual Boy ROM File
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CategoryGame Files
File Format Description

Game ROM created from a Nintendo Virtual Boy video game; contains data from a Virtual Boy cartridge saved in a read-only file; can be played on a PC using a Virtual Boy emulation program such as Red Dragon.

Virtual Boy was a portable game console developed by Nintendo and released in 1995. It included a headset that provided a 3D experience for gamers.

Program(s) that open .VB files
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Updated 3/11/2008