Trimble SketchUp

Version2022(as of 6/17/2022)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Main Features

  • Create 3D models with an easy-to-use interface
  • Push and pull surfaces to turn 2D images into 3D forms
  • Export models to many 3D formats, including DWG, 3DS, and FBX
  • Turn models into drawings and export them as PDF, CAD, and image files
  • Import many formats, such as DXF, DWG, 3DS, and KMZ
  • Present projects in virtual reality via Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus, or HTC Vive on a phone or tablet

Software Overview

Screenshot of Trimble SketchUp 2022
Screenshot of Trimble SketchUp 2022

Trimble SketchUp is a 3D modeling program utilized in architecture, interior design, film, urban planning, video game design, and mechanical engineering industries. It supports a wide range of 3D and 2D formats, provides many advanced tools, and allows you to access thousands of professionally pre-designed models from its 3D Warehouse.

SketchUp supports many 3D formats, including its default .SKP document type, .IFC, .DWG, .DXF, .STL, .DAE, and .3DS. It features an intuitive interface and provides access to many advanced modeling tools without overwhelming newer users (like other top-end 3D applications). When starting your design, you can begin from scratch or one of the thousands of pre-designed models in SketchUp's 3D Warehouse.

Beyond modeling, SketchUp provides many other features to help with your workflow. For example, you can create detailed tabular reports based on the metadata stored in your models and run area and volume calculations of individual or groups of surfaces and models. Finally, when you are ready to present your designs, you can provide a virtual reality (VR) walk-through to viewers via Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus, or HTC Vive on a phone or tablet.


SketchUp is a capable 3D application for a wide range of modeling needs — from architecture to video game design. In addition, the software supports many 3D formats, provides a wide array of tools, and is much more affordable than other top-end 3D programs. These factors and more make Trimble SketchUp a great 3D modeling option.

Primary File Type

skp icon.SKPSketchUp Document

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.SKPSketchUp Document
.3DS3D Studio Scene
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.DAEDigital Asset Exchange File
.DWGAutoCAD Drawing
.DXFDrawing Exchange Format File
.EASMeDrawings Assembly File
.FBXAutodesk FBX Interchange File
.IFCZIPCompessed IFC File
.KMZGoogle Earth Placemark File
.MP4MPEG-4 Video
.OBJWavefront 3D Object File
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PSDAdobe Photoshop Document
.SKMSketchUp Material File
.STLStereolithography File
.STYLESketchUp Style
.TGATarga Graphic
.TIFTagged Image File
.WEBMWebM Video
.XSISoftimage XSI 3D Image

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.IFCIndustry Foundation Classes File
.LAYOUTLayOut Document
.RBRuby Source Code
.RBWRuby Script
.RBZSketchUp Plugin
.SKBSketchUp Backup Document
.TIFFTagged Image File Format
Updated 6/17/2022