Thomson Reuters EndNote

VersionX7(as of 6/30/2014)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
Rating:3.3  |  67 Votes

Main Features

  • Import PDFs of references into your library
  • Annotate PDFs with notes to easily find references later
  • Save time by having EndNote automatically update your library
  • Organize your references into groups sharing a related topic
  • Search your library to find references with advanced search features

Software Overview

Thomson Reuters EndNote is a reference management program used to manage sources cited while writing essays and articles. There is also a web-based version of the program called EndNote Web that integrates with the academic citation indexing service Web of Knowledge.

EndNote allows you to build a library of bibliographical references that you can use to simplify some of the workflow of writing an essay or article. It can search your subscriptions and full text online resources and automatically attaches the PDF to the reference in your library. EndNote also gives you the option of importing your own PDF sources into your library.

When handling a large amount of sources, EndNote has features that make searching through them a lot easier. It allows you to make annotations and notes on your references and organize them into groups of related topics. You can also use advanced searches to query your reference library and even search based on the notes that you have added.

If you write a lot of articles, essays, or academic papers that require you to manage a large amount of references, you might want to look into EndNote. With its reference managing and search capabilities, it will make finding and citing sources a much simpler task.

Primary File Type

enl icon.ENLEndNote Library

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ENLEndNote Library
.ENLXArchived EndNote Library
.ENSEndNote Style File
.ENWEndNote Import File
.HTMHypertext Markup Language File
.RISResearch Information Systems Citation File
.RTFRich Text Format File
.TXTPlain Text File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ENPEndNote Preferences File
.ENQEndNote Search Options File
.ENZEndNote Connection File
Updated 6/30/2014