Lemkesoft GraphicConverter

Version9(as of 4/17/2014)
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Main Features

  • Opens nearly 200 image file formats and writes close to 80 image formats
  • Provides basic and advanced image editing tools and filters
  • Imports pictures directly from cameras
  • Utilizes AppleScript for image processing automation
  • Available in a dozen languages including German, English, and Spanish
  • Supports direct integration with Google+, Flickr, and other photo services

Software Overview

Lemkesoft GraphicConverter is an image viewing program with editing capabilities. It also serves as an image file browser and organizer. GraphicConverter is available for the Mac and has been bundled with different versions of OS and OS X.

GraphicConverter is more than just a flexible image conversion application, it also provides you with a decent selection of image processing tools. Some of the image editing capabilities you can use are express picture enhancement, stamping, brightness/contrast, sharpen, rotation, and distortion. There are also many different filters you can apply to your images. You can expand this program's functionality with support for must Adobe Photoshop plugins.

GraphicConverter is a good program for batch processing graphic files and making minor edits to images. If you need to organize and batch process many image files on your Mac, you will find this a very useful tool.

Primary File Type

jpg icon.JPGJPEG Image

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ARRAmber Graphic
.CUTDr. Halo Bitmap Image File
.CVGCalamus Vector Graphic File
.DD Source Code File
.DPXDigital Picture Exchange File
.HDRHigh Dynamic Range Image File
.HPGLHP Graphics Language Plotter File
.HPLHP-GL Plotter File
.IC1Low Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.ICOIcon File
.ITHMBiPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File
.J2KJPEG 2000 Image
.JP2JPEG 2000 Core Image
.JPCJPEG 2000 Code Stream File
.JPXJPEG 2000 Image File
.MACMacPaint Image
.MBMMulti Bitmap File
.PACSTAD Graphic File
.PBMPortable Bitmap Image
.PC1Degas Elite Low Res Image File
.PCTPicture File
.PGFProgressive Graphics File
.PI1Degas Low Resolution Image File
.PICTCLIPPINGPicture Clipping File
.PMUnix XV Graphic File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PNTMacPaint File
.RASSun Raster Graphic
.SFWSeattle FilmWorks Image
.SPCSpectrum 512 Compressed Image
.SPUSpectrum 512 Image
.T2BCyBook Thumbnail Image
.VFFSun Visualization File Format
.WPGWordPerfect Graphic

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.IC2Medium Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.IC3High Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.PC2Degas Elite Medium Res Image File
.PC3Degas Elite High Res Image File
.PDBPalm Desktop Database File
.PI2Degas Medium Resolution Image File
.PI3Degas High Resolution Image File
.PICTPicture File
.PNTGMacPaint Graphic File
.RSSun Raster Graphic
.SUNSun Raster Graphic
Updated 4/17/2014