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LMHOSTS Sample File

Developer Microsoft
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What is a SAM file?

Sample of the LMHOSTS setting file used by Microsoft Windows; contains mappings of IP addresses to NetBIOS names of remote servers a computer will communicate with over TCP/IP;

More Information

Windows automatically loads the first 100 entries of the LMHOSTS marked with "#PRE" at startup. This number can be changed in the system registry but may be limited by computer performance.

Both the LMHOSTS file and the sample file are located in %windir% on Windows 95, 98, and Millenium Edition. They are located in %windir%system32driversetc. on Windows NT 4.0 through 7 and Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2008 R2.

NOTE: The LMHOSTS file is not used by Windows 8.

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Programs that open or reference SAM files

Microsoft Windows 7

Samurize Package

Developer Samurize
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File used by Samurize, a program used for customizing the Windows desktop; similar to a Windows .GADGET file and saves images, configuration information, and scripts; used for distributing Samurize packages.

More Information

SAM files are .ZIP files with the ".zip" extension renamed to ".sam." You can install them by double-clicking them (assuming that Samurize is installed).

NOTE: Samurize only supports Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 operating systems.

Programs that open SAM files


MOD Edit Sample File

Developer N/A
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Audio sample format used by the MOD Edit audio editing program; contains signed 8-bit raw audio data.

Programs that open SAM files

SAM <-> RAW/VOC/WAV utility

Ami Pro Document

Developer Samna
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A SAM file may also be a word processing document created by Samna Ami Pro, an early graphical word processor for Windows. It may contain formatted text, images, tables, and other page formatting. SAM files may be encrypted if an Ami Pro user protects them with a password to secure their contents.

More Information

Samna Ami Pro was a Windows word processor in the 1980s that Lotus Software acquired in 1990 and later converted to Lotus Word Pro. Ami Pro saved documents as SAM files by default. After saving a document, Ami Pro users could close the document and then re-open it to continue editing it.

After Lotus acquired Samna and replaced Ami Pro with Word Pro, it replaced the SAM format with the .LWP format. Although Word Pro no longer saved documents in the SAM format, the program still supported the format until IBM acquired Lotus and discontinued the software.

How to open a SAM file

You can open a SAM file with Samna Ami Pro and IBM Lotus Word Pro in Windows. However, both of these programs are discontinued. You can also open SAM files with Corel WordPerfect in Windows, but the program may not support the document formatting.

Since SAM files store document text in a plain text format, you can open a SAM file with a text editor and view the text. However, the text will not appear as the author formatted it, and images embedded in the SAM document will not appear. Also, if the SAM file is encrypted, you need to open it with Ami Pro or Word Pro and enter the correct password to view the document.

How to convert a SAM file

Corel WordPerfect can convert SAM files to various formats, including:

  • .DOCX, .DOC - Microsoft Word Document
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format
  • .HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
  • .ODT - OpenDocument Text Document
  • .RTF - Rich Text Format
  • .TXT - Plain Text
  • .EPUB - Open eBook
  • .WSD - WordStar Document
  • .WP - WordPerfect Document (Legacy)

Programs that open or reference SAM files

Samna Ami Pro  —  Discontinued
IBM Lotus Word Pro  —  Discontinued

SAM Studio Project

Developer SAM Labs
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A SAM file may also be a project file created by SAM Studio, an online, block-based coding platform. It contains plain text that defines a program's inputs, outputs, and behaviors. SAM files are used to install programs on devices built using SAM Labs course, starter, and maker kits.

More Information

Screenshot of a .sam file in SAM Studio
SAM file open in SAM Studio

SAM Studio is a program STEM and STEAM teachers use to teach students how to code. SAM Studio contains two sub-applications, SAM Space and SAM Blockly, that save students' coding projects as SAM files.

When loaded in SAM Studio, SAM files appear as interactive, block-based coding projects that students use to create simple programs. However, SAM files are actually plain text files. If you open a SAM file in a text editor, you can view the project's title and the workspaceData that defines how the project appears in SAM Studio.

If you need to determine whether a SAM file was created by SAM Space or SAM Blockly, and you do not have access to SAM Studio, you can open the file in a text editor and view its "type" setting. SAM Space SAM files have the type samspace, while SAM Blockly files have the type beepboop.

After a student finishes creating a SAM Studio program, they can install the program on a corresponding SAM Labs device. To do so, the student must open their SAM file in SAM Studio and pair their device with the application.

How to open a SAM file

SAM files are meant to be opened in SAM Studio (Web, Chrome OS). To open a SAM file in SAM Studio, select the gray Import icon that appears on the program's right-hand side. Then, select Import file.

If you do not have access to SAM Studio, or you want to view your SAM file's plain text contents, you can also open the file in any text editor.

Programs that open SAM files

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