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Mozilla Firefox

(as of 4/7/2020)
LicenseOpen Source

Software Overview

Screenshot of Mozilla Firefox 75
Screenshot of Mozilla Firefox 75

Main Features

  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Spell Checking
  • Incremental Find
  • Live Bookmarking
  • Firefox Lockwise
  • Smart Bookmarks
  • Firefox Monitor
  • Download Manager
  • Private Browsing

Mozilla Firefox is a widely used open-source web browser that is compliant with web standards set by the W3C. It is comparable to other major browsers but is considered to be the most customizable.

Firefox is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and also has a mobile version that is available for Android and iOS. It has many features standard among popular browsers like tabbed browsing, built-in spell checking, and password management. It also has a large developer community and provides many developer tools and support.

The web browser boasts a variety of security features, such as enhanced tracking protection that shows you the number of data-collecting trackers being blocked. Firefox Lockwise allows you to sync passwords used in the browser across all your devices and Firefox Monitor notifies you if your confidential information has been compromised by a company's data breach.

Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser for users who like customizing their web browsing experience and are looking for a secure browsing experience. It is one of the best web browsers available and a great alternative for those who don't want to use Google Chrome.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.HTML – Hypertext Markup Language File

Other file extensions used by Mozilla Firefox 75

Supported File Types
.BAKBookmarks Backup File
.CHMCompiled HTML Help File
.CSSCascading Style Sheet
.JP2JPEG 2000 Core Image File
.JPXJPEG 2000 Image File
.JSJavaScript File
.JSONJavaScript Object Notation File
.JSPJava Server Page
.MAFFMozilla Archive Format File
.MARMozilla Archive
.MFLMozilla FastLoad File
.MHTMHTML Web Archive
.MJPGMotion JPEG Video File
.MNGMultiple-image Network Graphic
.OGGOgg Vorbis Audio File
.PARTPartially Downloaded File
.RSSRich Site Summary
.SESSIONMozilla Firefox Session File
.SLTMozilla User Profile Folder
.URLInternet Shortcut
.VTTWeb Video Text Tracks File
.WEBPWebP Image
.XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.XPICross-platform Installer Package
.XPTMozilla Firefox Component
Additional Related File Formats
.CERInternet Security Certificate
.CPCCPC Compressed Image File
.CRTSecurity Certificate
.DERDER Certificate File
.DTAPARTDownThemAll! Partially Downloaded File
.DUMPGoogle BreakPad Crash Log File
.EXTRAGoogle BreakPad Crash Log Extra File
.HTMHypertext Markup Language File
.IIMiMacro Macro File
.JBKJuno Backup File
.MDDATAiPhone Backup File
.NMFArcGIS Explorer Map File
.ODCOffice Data Connection File
.ODOOnline Operating System Write Document
.OWCOutWit Catch Database
.OWGOutWit Gear Database
.OWMOutWit XML Mashup File
.PACProxy Auto-Config File
.PDBProtein Data Bank File
.PHPPHP Source Code File
.PLUGINMac OS X Plugin
.QRMQworum Message File
.RDFResource Description Framework File
.RSARSA Certificate File
.SEAMSeam Framework Java Servlet File
.TMPTemporary File
.WEBMWebM Video File
.WOFFWeb Open Font Format File
.XHTMExtensible Hypertext Markup Language Document
.ZULZK User Interface File

Updated: April 7, 2020