Mojang Minecraft

Version1(as of 4/21/2014)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
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Rating:4.1  |  3000 Votes

Main Features

  • Build your own world in a completely constructible and destructible environment
  • Craft equipment to use in the game including armor, weapons, and tools
  • Fight off hordes of monsters in survival mode
  • Play with your friends on a local area network or player-hosted server

Software Overview

Minecraft is a popular construction game that is available on a wide range of platforms. The game allows you to build anything you can imagine using the blocks that exist in the world.

The game world is made up of blocks of different elements like sand, rock, and wood that you can destroy to harvest their resources. After destroying blocks, their resources get added to your inventory and you can place the blocks wherever you wish to make your own creations. Besides blocks of resources you can also harvest plants and animals and craft different things with items obtained from them.

Minecraft can be played in survival, creative, adventure, and multiplayer modes. In survival mode, you must collect resources in order to craft blocks and items to prepare for monster attacks that occur at night. Creative mode provides access to most of the resources and items in the game and allows you to place and remove them instantaneously. Adventure mode is similar to survival mode, but enables you to experience other players' worlds. Multiplayer in Minecraft utilizes player-hosted servers, making it possible to play simultaneously with other players.

Minecraft is a great game for those who enjoy using their creativity. If you liked playing with Legos when you were a kid, there's a good chance you'll like building your own worlds in Minecraft as well.

Primary File Type

file  icon.MCAMinecraft Anvil Region

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.MCAMinecraft Anvil Region
.DAT_NEWMinecraft World Level File
.DAT_OLDMinecraft Level.dat Backup File
.LANGMinecraft Language Localization File
.LOCKMinecraft World Lock File
.MCGAMEMinecraft Game Backup File
.MCLEVELMinecraft Map File
.MCMETAMinecraft Java Edition Resource Pack Configuration File
.MCRMinecraft Region File
.MCWORLDMinecraft World Backup
.MINEMinecraft Classic World
.MUSMinecraft Music File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.DATMinecraft Data File
.DAT_MCRMinecraft Level.dat Backup File
.NBSMinecraft Note Block Studio File
.RSAMinecraft JAR Codesign File
.SCHEMATICMinecraft Schematic
.SETTINGSiConomy Settings
.SFMinecraft JAR Signature File
.UPDATRiConomy Update File
Updated 4/21/2014