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Kingsoft WPS Office

(as of 8/1/2019)

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Supports popular Microsoft Office file formats
  • Provides document, presentation, and spreadsheet editing capabilities
  • Allows conversion of PDF files to DOC/DOCX files

Kingsoft WPS Office is an office suite used to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The office suite consists of three productivity applications:

  • Writer
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheets

These programs, which are installed separately, are similar to the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications provided in Microsoft Office.

Writer is WPS Office's word processor that supports various documents such as .WPS, .WPT, .DOCX, .DOC, .DOTX, and .RTF documents. You can create documents from scratch or choose from one of their many templates. Writer features rich text editing and document formatting capabilities and comes with several tools including spell check, word count, thesaurus, and add-ins. Writer also supports .PDF files, enabling you to split and merge them or convert them to DOC or DOCX files.

Presentation is WPS Office's application for creating presentations. it supports .DPS, .DPT, .PPT, and .PPTX files and allows you to create a presentation from scratch or from one of Presentation's templates. You can design a slide by applying themes, choosing fonts and colors, and inserting images, video, audio, charts, tables, equations, and shapes. You can also add transitions, make speaker notes, and rehearse slide timings for presenting purposes.

Spreadsheets is WPS Office's program for working with spreadsheets that supports .ET, .ETT, .XLS, .XLSX, and .CSV files. The application comes with several invoice, tracker, budget, calendar, business, and finance spreadsheet templates to give you a jump start. You can insert a variety of charts, shapes, symbols, equations, and tables. Spreadsheets also enables you to insert a variety of financial, logical, date and time, lookup and reference, math and trig, and text functions.

WPS Office is available for free but can be purchased as a premium or business version with more capabilities. It is also available as an app for Android devices. The suite is a quality alternative to Microsoft Office that supports popular Office XML formats and provides an interface similar to Office. Also, Kingsoft WPS Office is available for free, which is rare for the functionality that it provides and makes it a good option for Windows and Linux users looking to create, view, edit, and save popular office formats.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.WPS – Kingsoft Writer Document

Other file extensions used by Kingsoft WPS Office 2016

Supported File Types
.CSVComma Separated Values File
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.DPSKingsoft Presentation File
.DPTKingsoft Presentation Template
.ETKingsoft Spreadsheets File
.ETTKingsoft Spreadsheets Template
.KUIPKingsoft Office Personalization File
.PPTPowerPoint Presentation
.PPTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.RTFRich Text Format File
.WPTKingsoft Writer Template
.XLSExcel Spreadsheet
.XLSXMicrosoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
Additional Related File Formats
.DSCKingsoft Design Science Equation File
.STRKingsoft Strings File

Updated: August 1, 2019