Glare Technologies Indigo Renderer

Version4(as of 1/12/2023)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
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Main Features

  • Realtime editing and rendering environment
  • Light simulation tools that can create spectral, refraction, reflection, and caustic effects
  • Bump mapping for accurate bump scaling of models
  • GPU accelerated for quick rendering without image loss
  • Dark UI mode, light layer thumbnails, and interactive material previews

Software Overview

Screenshot of Glare Technologies Indigo Renderer 4
Screenshot of Glare Technologies Indigo Renderer 4

Glare Technologies Indigo Renderer is a cross-platform 3D rendering application for creating photorealistic images. It is available as a standalone application or a plugin for other 3D CAD programs such as Blender, Revit, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and SketchUp.

Indigo Renderer features a real-time editing and rendering environment that allows you to tweak materials and get instant results. You can choose from various tools, such as bump mapping, atmospheric simulation, and aperture diffraction, to create realistic images. Also, the program provides physically accurate camera optics to create effects such as Depth of Field and bokeh.

Indigo Renderer is GPU accelerated, which provides significant speedups without image loss. If you need to render even quicker, the application allows you to harness your network and the application's built-in animation and render queue support to use all the computers on your network to render an animation.


Inigo Renderer is a professional tool for simulating light flow to create natural-looking images. It produces lighting effects, such as refractions, reflections, caustics, and spectral, to make your images come to life. Glare Technologies Indigo Renderer is a high-quality application that will help you create images that can fool even the sharpest eyes.

Primary File Type

igs icon.IGSIndigo Renderer Scene File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.IGSIndigo Renderer Scene File
.IGIIndigo Image File
.IGMIndigo Renderer Material File
.IGMESHIndigo Renderer Mesh File
.IGQIndigo Queue File
.PIGMPacked Indigo Renderer Material File
.PIGQIndigo Queue File
.PIGSPackaged Indigo Renderer Scene File
Updated 1/12/2023